Mattamy Homesaudio video bridge not installed correctly.


The builder offers an audio video bridge to hide the cable between your audio/
video equipment and your TV and they charge $475 for that. In my master bedroom they installed one and the TV power outlet is way off to one side away from the bed (and right across the window) and if i hung my TV there I will have always keep my head turned. If i moved the TV the cable will be seen. They wont move the outlet or install another one near or behind here my TV goes. In the pic my TV goes to the left of the cable outlet because thats where my bed ends. This is on the 2nd floor and installing an electric outlet shouldnt be a big deal. No matter what they must fix the mess up or refund the cost.

audio video bridge not installed correctly.


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    karthiap Jul 11, 2012

    ...Just wanted to add this...if u look at the pic you will notice that if I hung my 32"
    TV on the left side where the TV is supposed to go, the cable outlet (and the power outlet both) will show but I am concealing the cable outlet by going for a much much bigger TV...still the power outlet will show up. Apparently they did not use their common sense... the audio video guy and the electrician had 0 coordination.

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  • Ka
    karthiap Jul 18, 2016

    Thanks to Mattamy, this was fixed 4 years ago. Mattamy at the end looks like one of the best in Customer Service.

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