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I think a lot of people who used should be aware that most of the women are schizo mind game players and using the site can be traumatizing, there is now a term known as traumatic dating disorder. My own experiences of have driven me literally to drink, being hoodwinked into thinking someone actually likes you and then they turn out to be a mental patient or they start talking to you, then stop and play mind games by staying offline or being online and ignoring you. The last three people ive met online have all been formerly committed to a mental hospital, now whats the odds on that ?. My advice to anyone using online dating is to be very cautious and especially were so called big time sites are involved as if its not bad enough that half the profiles on are fakes with people listed as uk residents but in fact all their photos are in another country and mtach them selves do nothing about fake profiles as it generates revenue .


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      Nov 21, 2017

    "most of the women are schizo mind game players"

    Do you have evidence that this is the case for "most of the women?" Are you a trained psychologist? Saying things like this does not reflect positively on you and it makes one wonder what type of behavior you might be introducing to the online dating scene. That being said, you can meet just as many awful people in real life as you can online, but fake profiles are something you need to watch out for.

    Most importantly you need to take care of your own physical and mental health. If you consider yourself to be experiencing post traumatic stress, you may want to consider meeting a licensed therapist and/or no longer participating in online dating.

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