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A Aug 02, 2018

A friend of mine was sexually assaulted and molested here where I was an employee and because I reported the incident after my friend told me what had happened. I was then fired by the manager, Nadine Mohammad. My friend was traumatized and informing the manager what had happened not only was she unempathetic to my friend, the victim but she was very rude and screamed at me how this was such a huge deal and suggested that my friend was not telling the truth. This was such a unbelievable response from someone who I originally looked up to for her professionalism and work ethic. So I went my way, lost my job here but still did what was right the massage therapist who did this to my friend was fired since the report as well as myself. Women I suggest you all get massages by a female therapist and men I suggest you all get massages by male therapists to lessen the chances of inappropriate sexual conduct situations being created.

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