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K Sep 12, 2018

Hi, i bought Suzuki swift, MA3ZC6B15FA732440, Engine K12MN1458004, making year 2015 from Lebanon Dealer, since i bought it i have facing problem with it,
1- after 2 months, Driver chair was making noise i went several time to dealer to fix but nothing happen when i discover that the base of the seat is broken all what they do in the dealer service they rapped it with metal line!!!????
2- after one year i have problem with the right chair of the engine, they changed it in the dealer service for free, which was good.
3- Recently The AC is not working well its work only during the night and stop during the day, my question is this normal that a car is almost 4 years old brand new from factory, The AC has these problem... does its AC work for 4 years only!!!?????
now i am having a serious problem where the heater core is totally damaged and stopped because a small metal hose is rusted, i went to the dealer he blames me on using normal water for the car radiator, lets say i have used some normal water does this make this metal hose be damaged like this !!!?????? (see attached photos) its 4 years old !!! which kind of metal Suzuki are using !!! do respectful manufacture like Suzuki accept these defect in a brand new car !!!????????????
my father car is toyota corolla 2001 he is using normal water for years and thats doesn't happen,
it will cost me to much money for servicing the car because they will remove the whole dashboards to change the heater core, its 2 days labor work ...!!! i paid 15500$ ...

I am totally disappointed from this Suzuki swift and i had very bad experience with it.

Thank you

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suzuki swift
suzuki swift

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