Marlin Travelyour senior agent in victoria @broadmead shopping centre.

M Dec 01, 2018
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Dear Sir/ Madam. This email was written to Viking cruise and is now shared with you

Recently I contacted a travel agency whose name is Marlin Travel, Broadmead, Victoria BC Canada and their primary agent Ms.Voula Christou to arrange a cruise. This cruise that she suggested was a holiday cruise aboard one of your ships. This ship is the "Viking Star". The cruise was out of Las Angeles through Panama and ending up in Miami. I have never seen the brochure advertising this cruise but have seen the reverse cruise of this same ship out of Miami to LA. These cruises are not entirely the same as to stops and excursions. In my first contact with this travel agent, I said that I did not wish to visit Cuba and I have a long history of disagreeing with the Communist government of this country along with their murders and prison terms carried out on their citizens. She said that that would not be a problem as I could stay aboard the ship for the day that the ship was in that country. I said fine. She then left on a 10 travel trip to the Mediterranian and my deposit was made in her absence. Later I found that the ship was to be in Cuba for three days not one as she promised.
Also, I asked to leave 2 days prior to the cruise and remain in Miami for 2 days after the cruise in Miami. Because of this I was charged $100 x2 and deigned ground transport to my hotel and then to the ship on the day of departure. I also refused your paid airfare for my return flight from Miami to Victoria and then was charged, I and my wife, another $100 x 2 for refusing to use your free flight.
Marlin Travel agency and the penalties charged to me because of airfare problems and ground transport denials are unfair and should be looked at by your company.
I have had many (17) cruises varying from 40 days to 7 over the years but never on Viking. I was looking forward to an upscale River Cruise Company that had recently taken to ocean cruises. The experience to date has not been as I would have expected. There is a fault here with my agent which I will deal with but there are also problems with Viking Cruises that I suggest you deal with.

Thank you for your attention. We leave Victoria for LA on December 11, 2018 at 07:00 and have been allocated cabin #3039


Michael Barry Lusk.

your senior agent in victoria @broadmead shopping centre.

  • Updated by Michael Barry Lusk · Dec 01, 2018

    Marlin Travel and the service rendered to me was unacceptable. Very unacceptable

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