Marlboroscannable marlboro coupons


606 Dousman Street
Green Bay WI [protected]

Refuses to accept scannable MARLBORO coupons. They say only paper coupons.
I asked why and he said only paper coupons will scan at his register. I said that's ridiculous you're on the list seeing you accept scannable coupons. I huffed turn around left on my way out in another language words were spoken about me I only understood the word "loca". The store owners and employees are always inconsiderate they don't smile they don't say hello they don't say thank you they don't say good by they don't offer you help. They act like you being there is a nuisance. Only reason I go there two or three in the morning is because they are 4 blocks from my house.
Please send me paper coupons so when I have to go there at 2 or 3 in the morning I can use my $1.50 off to purchase cigarettes.
I was unable to purchase cigarettes early this morning because there wasn't another place open 24 hours that took the coupons that I could get to because the serpentine belt fell off my car earlier today. I tried to put it on in the rain so I could go further all I ended up doing is hurting myself getting mad wet and crying.
I'm a disabled 52 year old woman my disability affect my ability to walk any extended distance. I am so upset right now I'm shaking and I really want to have a cigarette but I don't have any.
Lori Belaire

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