Maplinwashing machine repair

A Aug 01, 2018

Washing machine purchased in December broke down in June. Still under warranty and someone came out at the end of June and advised needed new part which would take a week to arrive.

On the 11th July someone came out and it turns out the wrong part was ordered and they would order the correct part which would take around 3 days to be ready.

it is now the 1st of August and the part has still not been replace! I telephoned on the 30th July for update and was told the part was still not ready and I would be phoned back once an email was sent about this.. Still had no response.

I have a son who is autistic and I need constant access to a working washing machine. I would like this part fitted asap as waiting over 3 weeks is unacceptable never mind the correct part not being ordered in the first instance.

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