Mangopurchased product / rejected refund

T Oct 09, 2019

NOT RESPONDED case number mn2019980650

Dear Customer Service team

thank you for your prompt reply.
For Your records - enclosed scanned - defect part on the belt, purchased in Mango Store Na Prikope on Sunday the 8th of Sep 19, bill and tags - both with price and size.
if needed English version complain re Mrs / Miss Gudova (I just believe she provided correct name) Simply saying being impolite was already mentioned but she did not identify herself being at cash point, so I believe she advised her family name correctly.
If necessary, I am write you the same complain English version and ready to share further my personal experience in your store Mango, Prikope 8, 110 00 Praha - yesterday 22.9.19 afternoon
Question that came to my mind on later stage being surprised an unexpected behaviour was before blaming customer that belt might be used that's why is defected I would rather to ask:
- how is possible that other belts had not price tag stick on the belt
- how is possible that check - quality control was absent placing on the rack belts only good quality
- how is possible that cash lady introducing her as responsible not even made a effort to check in belt was used, that can be easily visible I believe so same on Mango product or others belts from different shop
Simply saying that would not happen I believe in the UK, US where I used to stay and had never experience such an unprofessional approach as 22.9.19 in your shop in Prague

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Best Regards
Tatiana Harajdova
Head of Sales and Development
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Fax: +44 [protected]
Address: Kalisnicka 18, 130 00 Prague 3 (CZ)
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