Malindo Airwayslack of professional conduct from staff members

S Jul 14, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to officially made a formal complaint in regards to the service I received from your staff at Malindo Air.

- Flying from HKG (11/07 - 15:15 / Malindo Air 606), connecting at KL (11/07 - 22:00 / Malindo Air 9112) and arriving for Chennai, India.
- Even though I had a valid visa, I was rejected from entry into India and was order to return.

- It would be 24hrs later before I would be able to fly out, before making my 10-hour journey home.
- Your staff members never explained to me what was happening and the procedure of the trip
- They withheld my passport and rather than explaining the reason why, they lied by saying at the next leg of my trip so-so will give it to me. This continued on 8 or so times.
- During my those 24hrs I was left waiting at Chennai airport, I got no assistance from your company, whether it was in terms of food or checking in on me. In contrast, to another poor traveler in the same situation, except they checked on him and provided him food. On contrast with your airline, the ground staff laughed at my misfortune and found it entertaining.
- You staff never provided any assistance, any way of contacting someone or even their names.

Having my trip cancelled was heartbreaking, costly and the how I was treated by the staff made the experience that much worst. The other airline tried to make the best of a bad situation and treated their customer with respect and kindness.

Before I start to make my experience with Malindo Air more public, I hope to hear from you directly. Yet I expect this will be brushed off and under the carpet. I hope I am wrong.

Vi Young

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