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I tried to access my free account that I've had for more than a year with on July 1, 2019. When I entered my password an alert popped up on the screen telling me that because of "suspicious activity" my account had been blocked. "For my protection" they asked me to change my email account password. I tried to do that but the system refused the password. The system said the answers for the security questions were incorrect. I contacted customer support and all I received were pre-written messages that told me to take the same actions the advisory message on the screen did. Nothing worked. When I contacted customer service after 2 days of trying to access the account their response changed. They said they didn't have record of my account. They asked for all kinds of information to prove it existed in the first place. blocked my account. Now they can't even find it. This platform is not secure and there is no customer service. They are better, more secure free email platforms. Avoid

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