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I have been a loyal user for approximately TEN years. I have so much information and important correspondence saved in this account and then suddenly I am unable to login. During that time I am trying to contact customer service with no response and I realize the account is no longer receiving incoming mail and everything is bouncing back! It takes them 6 days to respond to me and this is what they say

Dear user,

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with your inquiry as we do not own
or manage that domain nor do we know where you can go for assistance as
we are simply discontinuing support of a domain we don’t manage.

Regards, Julio M

Can this be for real? They just dump one of their novelty (choose from hundreds) domains one day and the whole thing just disappears with no access or forwarding information!?!? What am I supposed to do to retrieve my information!?

Update by hmahadeo
Jun 11, 2011 2:51 am

Sorry you shared my experience Rinky & Mike. I cannot offer you any optimism of a resolution. I never got one anyway. I had to just start fresh at a new email. I lost a lot of important things as well. Fortunately for me it happened shortly AFTER my wedding where I had TONS of important contact info and correspondence with wedding vendors I would have been LOST if the account had died one month earlier. It also died right BEFORE I booked all of my travel for our honeymoon so at least I can be thankful for that.

Forums like this seemed the best way I could lash out. I couldn't find any official kind of way to bring a complain against them being a free service and all.

Update by hmahadeo
May 26, 2011 4:31 pm

I have given up honestly. I just said goodbye to all of it and opened a gmail account. Definitely been some moments already where I realize CRAP I no longer have all my out of state relatives email & phone numbers. Or DAMN where is that macaroni salad recipe my mom sent me three years ago? But I'm sure I'll recover them somehow. All except the last meaningful emails between my decease father and I :(

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Yes I suffered a similar experience, I had several accounts and now they have disappeared, I can’t gain access to my Instagram account and now I’m left here in the dumps.

Mar 15, 2020 11:33 am

I used for about 4 years. They deleted both my accounts. Terrible!

Oct 27, 2019 2:43 am

I have never signed up for this service but I am being billed and money is being withdrawn from my bank account.

Jul 30, 2019 6:52 pm

This just happened to me too. I also lost important correspondence and contacts going back almost a decade. I'm furious.

Jun 04, 2019 5:49 pm

Two days in a row. I receive a Nigerian-type scam e-mail. I have attached a screenshot of today's BS. It is being sent to [email protected] Please make it stop. If it does not, I will report you to the FCC/FTC.

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Nov 22, 2016 11:39 am

Don't waste your time with this free junk email site mail. com, because, here is my story, I found the site from google and I opened an account 2 days ago, a couple logins but NEVER sent or received any mail at all, and all of a sudden my account is blocked.
I filled a form reporting my case with reply saying it remains blocked by their team.

STOP WASTING your time! If I could give (-) MINUS 3 stars to mail. com, I would!

Nov 26, 2014 12:32 pm

Hello. I have just received an email response back from the support team (at my alternate email address) after failed attempts to receive replies from them for months. The email informed me that my email account was deactivated due to "inactivity" which I found hard to believe since I have even made sure to log in to my account at least within 3-6 months and it wasn't even that long ago that I was able to actually log in to the account. After about a month later of successfully logging into my email account, I was unable to log in. I even changed the password but the account still would not let me in. I contacted the support team about the issue and I didn't get a response except a seemingly automated reply that it confirmed that I did have the email account and to change the password. I tried again repeatedly for a couple of months along with contacting the support team but still no response. However, after the umpteenth time of requesting help from them, I received an email from them giving me options on how to successfully get into my email account. I tried the options but no success and emailed them back with my report. The next day (today) they sent me an email to tell me that my account was deactivated because of inactivity and that they could not reactivate it. They told me to just sign up for a new email account as if it were so simple and that my years of important emails meant nothing to them. Why would I even want another account with them after they just gave me crappy service?! Seriously? WTF! The only reason my email account was inactive was because the email account itself would not allow me to log in at all and of course, and the support were dragging their feet to assist me! I told them that I cannot sign up for a new email account and asked them to find a way to reactivate my email account or I will file a complaint, thus bringing me to this website. *Smh*

Contact your local FBI Cyber Crimes: illegals hired by US Corporations and foreign ones are stealing USA citizens personal information. Time to prosecute. And if they are on USA soil they will be visited by all those whom have had our personal information stolen: thus that particular individual won't be doing a repeat...

V lost me a job. I send my potential employer important emails and none of them reached them. I tested it out by sending an email to my wife, and it never got to her either. So now I'm wondering if any jobs I applied for through even reached anybody. Looked for a number to call but none exists. I have 2 little kids at home counting on daddy to support them, I hope is happy. I'm sure they could care less, STAY AWAY FROM MAIL.COM! I have other email accounts, and they are by far the very worst.

Oct 27, 2011 12:51 pm

Thursday 27.10.2011

I signed up for a free account yesterday afternoon as I'm fed up with
Gmail and "[email protected]" failing to recognise known email
addresses including mine when I do Cc. And forcing me and other Gmailers
to use Basic HTML which's hopeless and their Standard version hardly loads,
when it does, it's still forcing people to use Basic HTML, it rarely works.

Yesterday not long after signing up for my email I'd "MAILER-DAEMON, etc"
and again this morning, it also failed to recognise known email addresses,
their button icons dissapered, above my email window, leaving the wording, their
"Save" and "OK" buttons weren't responding yesterday afternoon, last night and it
started again this morning. are as much rubbish as Gmail and I regret
signing up with both. All we want is a decent free email service that doesn't
develop these issues. With Gmail they've no "Contact us|" button or "Link "within
Gmail and expect their users to sort out problems. had this yesterday
afternoon but not this morning. It also says "Check your Internet connection, etc"
when I'm online as I've other labels that work.

Anyone got any ideas as to what website gives people a decent, fully working and
reliable free email in the UK?


Sep 13, 2011 2:20 pm has discontinued the services of without any intimation to the user. This is totally ridiculous that we have some important information which is official and personal in the E-mail. I totally dis agree that this should not happen. Can any one please tell me how the legal action can be taken against the domain owner who discontinued the services with out any intimation

AOL has ruined just like they have everything they touch. You have to be a darn fool to ever use anything from AOL. It is not worth the cost, even if it is free. You will definitely pay with aggravation, disappointments and outright being ripped off for services that are not provided. AOL slams in their pop-ups, spam and other useless crap that only serves AOL. It breaks the paid for functionality, then you can write as often as you want, but will only get automatic responses and the problem will go on and on, until you get fed-up and find another services. The best approach to AOL is file a complaint with your credit card company and with the BBB until AOL wakes up and stops ripping off their customers.

Jun 24, 2011 11:35 pm

I, too, have been a customer for over 10 years. This last "upgrade" is the "final straw".

Nothing works consistently. That is unless you consider consistently broken. The 'home page' is completely useless! I have no need to ever see that screen, and yet no way to shut it off.

The latest aggrevation is an ad window that pops up during username login. Are they really TRYING to lose users? WTF?

Sometimes I have to click 3 or 4 times to get a message to open. Then the links in the message usually don't work. I have even gotten the header from one message, and the body of another message! Holy s**t, Batman! Who would consider this a 'service'?

And they don't care. All complaints & suggestions are only robo-answered. I, too, gave up. I am now looking forward to being just another happy camper on GMail. That service has been fine on my IPhone for the last year and a half. No reason to suffer any longer!

Yeah, 10 years of info. But I'm cutting a MAJOR AGGREVATION factor associated with dealing with this BS on a daily basis. Once again, all good things come to an end. I can't say I'm getting what I paid for, since I'm paying no more for GMail.


Jun 24, 2011 11:26 pm closed my account in March 2011 apparently because they were discontinuing the domain, but did give me about 10 days' notice before deleting the account. Prior to that, friends and colleagues told me they were getting "unknown user" bouncebacks when attempting to send me email. That happened intermittently for about two weeks before informed me they were closing the account. I'd had the account over ten years. I opened a new account with gmail, and signed up for pop and mail forwarding from to my new address at gmail for $3.99 per month. After closed the account, they kept billing me the monthly $3.99. I've had to dispute the charge with my credit card company 3 times now, and's online contact form is useless. I can't get a response, can't sign into the account they decided to close, and will not pay for a service that isn't being provided. Wrote them a real live U.S. mail letter today. Hopefully I won't have to dispute the charge every month for the rest of my life. Sorry to read the other stories here. Good luck to you!

Jun 11, 2011 2:19 am

I've been a customer with for 10 years. I have thew same problem - no service! My inbox does not receive e-mails and always registers a zero account. I know it is their servers because I have another account that works just fine. All I have ever gotten from is an auto response. One of them told me that repeated queries would only delay getting the problem solved. This has been going on since February. Today is the 10th of June.
I don't think they care but they have lost my account I had to go to another provider just to do business. I could no longer wait for them.
Mike B.

Jun 09, 2011 10:03 am

Dear All,

I have been a loyal user for approximately 2 years. I have so much information and important correspondence saved in this account and then suddenly I am unable to see all this.EVEN THEY DELETE MY FOLDERS WITH ALL OLD EMAIL.This is! During that time I am trying to contact customer service with no response and I realize that has No customer Service.Anyone Help me please.

Can this be for real? They just dump one of their novelty (choose from hundreds) domains one day and the whole thing just disappears with no access or forwarding information!?!? What am I supposed to do to retrieve my information!?

Customer support will not help. They will not talk to me. My complaint e-mails have bounced back. I also have been a loyal customer for many years. What can we do?

Now two days without my e-mail with Still no response from them.


Jan 10, 2018 10:35 am
Replying to comment of IJRinky

they DUMPED you and all your info and there's nothing you can do about it !


Now four days without my e-mail with Still no response from them.


I have had the same problem. I have not been able to log in for two days. Customer support will not help. They will not talk to me. My complaint e-mails have bounced back. I also have been a loyal customer for many years. What can we do?

May 14, 2011 9:29 pm

I have been a user for the last two years and have had similar issues. I have been unable to log-in at times or other times it kicks me out when I finally get in. I have also not received emails from people and receive the same response when I have TRIED to speak to "customer service."

Apr 11, 2011 9:04 am

This has happened to me as well. is complete garbage and when I first signed up for it, it was more user friendly until they adapted AOL style and now all of a sudden it looks closer to yahoo! Total junk. I feel your anger. My email addresses have disappeared, the ones for Ridiculous!


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