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I am writing this complaint based on my horrible experience in Louis Vuitton at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, on 13th November 2008 around 6.30pm.

I went into the shop and was hoping to purchase a bag. I stood in front of the counter for 15 mins but no one came to assist me, even though some of the sales associates were idling.

I waited patiently for another 10 mins and finally i managed to stop a sales associate to help me with my purchase.

I gave her the model number of the bag (Manon MM Model no: M95619).

She brought it out after a while and i told her that i will get it, but requested her to hold on to it for awhile as i wanted to go to their 2nd level to see other bags as well, but she did not follow me.

After 5 mins, i went down and wanted to pay for the bag. The sales associate who served me earlier was serving other customers, and so i waited for her or reckon that she will at least get another sale associate to help me to settle the payment.

I stood at the counter for 15mins and once again no one bothered about my existence. At the same time, some Caucasians walked in, and they were being served immediately.

I finally managed to grab a sale associate who walk passed me. I told her that I wanted to pay for the bag which I have requested her colleague to hold on for me, but without asking me or her colleague for the model number, she gave a snobbish look and said she doesn't know and the bag was sold.

Hence I asked her to show me other bags instead, but she refused to.

She said all the bags are on the display so i can just look at it from afar! After insisting her to show it to me, she started to bang on the drawers

containing wallets; since the bag i wanted to see is a Speedy model, how can it be in the drawer of wallets?

So i told her again that i wanted to see the Speedy bag, but she simply walked away and talked to the security guard.

I was speechless; and when she came back to me, she opened up the same drawer again and brought out a wallet to show me.

I don't understand her angry attitude towards me and it is not that she does not understand English, so why did she refuse to show me the bag that i wanted to see?!

Again, i told her that i wanted to see the Speedy bag, and finally she brought it out and together, she also brought me the bag that i wanted to purchase earlier.

I asked her: I thought you said this bag was sold?

and she replied saying I don't know! and walked away.

Why will i get such treatment from Louis Vuitton when you have such good reputation, and shouldn't your staffs be service-orientated as well?

Or could it be because i am an asian and your staffs are being racist?

I am really upset by this incident, as i felt so discriminated and am truly disappointed by the rude service rendered to me.


  • Li
    Linman Feb 24, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All of their stores have jerks working as SA. Years ago the Copley store and the Fifth Avenue store were wonderful. Not anymore, Rude ignorant classless people.horrible customer service. Most of their bags are made in the US now, assembly line bags. Nothing but junk. Stopped doing business with them. They don’t even know their product.

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  • Na
    NaomiAM1 May 14, 2018

    To start off, this review is my honest horrible experience with AMANDA and the entire staff at Louis Vuitton Garden City Roosevelt Field Macy's location New York. LIZ also added to my unpleasant experience.
    After owning my pochette metis for a short 2 months, with gentle use mostly on weekends, the wax on the edge of the shoulder strap started to peel off. I was shocked and upset since i'm gentle with my items, especially high end "luxury" ones. I went in to LV and explained to AMANDA the issue and she said it's no problems & that this style bag has been having these problems and she will put in a complimentary replacement strap order free of charge. I asked for a confirmation receipt or paper, and she guaranteed i did not need one, just my name/last name. I asked one last time and she said not to worry. I took her word for it. She mentioned 6-8 weeks, and honestly, i wasn't in such a rush that i did not call or bug anyone, thinking i would get an update eventually. (that was Nov 2017) Months pass & having not heard from them, i stopped by confident that they just forgot to call me since it was already March 2018.
    I asked the first available associate and she said she can't locate any order in the system with my name. As she way saying this, i saw AMANDA walk out. When i explained to her, she also looked like a deer in headlights. She could not explain to me why the order "she placed" was not coming up. Now that i think about it, i wish i didn't stay so calm and act so kind. Others would have caused a scene. I calmly waited for her to place me another complimentary order. This time i demanded a receipt. No sorry, nothing.
    Weeks later i decided to call and see what the update was... and this is when everything hit the fan. I looked at the receipt she gave me and it showed $210.00 charge that was NEVER mentioned to me. I wanted to speak with her to clear this up since it was complimentary. I have screen shots (proof) that i tried to get in contact with AMANDA 24 times. Every time i called the store, different employees told me AMANDA will call me right back, i called from morning to evening, spoke to a minimum of 5 different people (one name i can remember is George). HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT YOU GET 24 CALLS TO A STORE AND CAN'T CALL BACK????
    I ended up in disbelief calling a customer service line that got in contact with (a manager?) named ROSA who guaranteed AMANDA would call me. N E V E R H A P P E N E D. Weeks went by and some other employee called to say my strap is finally ready.
    I went in, and had the displeasure of meeting LIZ. She brings the strap and tells me my total it $210.00 (HAHA) i told her i'm not paying a penny and tried to quickly explain my situation... instead of her saying Sorry for your experience... ANYTHING they teach people working sales, ESPECIALLY high end luxury companies. If someone is paying $$$$ for handbags, we expect and deserve to have a pleasant experience and top of the line customer service, especially with simple requests such as these.
    In the end, i hope people like AMANDA and the rest of the staff gets contacted from someone higher up and is given a lesson in basic customer service and general common sense. I would expect this type of service from cheap stores "fast fashion" but not LV.

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  • Li
    Linman Feb 24, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @NaomiAM1 They won’t this is all trickle down effect. Upper management is worse than they are. LV has gone to the dogs.

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  • Fa
    FAQfrys Jun 11, 2017

    Woman at the San Jose store leaves me hanging to sell a belt to a kid and then goes on to help a couple. Got up and left. I'll be getting my bags at the Palo Alto store from now on..

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  • Zg
    Özge Sağır Yıldırım Oct 15, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought a neverfull bag from LV 2 years before and it has started to paint shoulders of all my clothes.After wash, the fleck still appears on most of them.I have given my bag to LV shop in Nisantasi/Istanbul/Turkey and informed them on this issue, but after several days they have told me that''LV bags can make painting after a while''which is NOT a logical and consistent explanation since this is my last bag that i have bought from LV and since several years i have bought 3 more bags from you and although they are older than this one they never made painting or i did not have any other complaints.If the others would make the same problem in several years i could understand and accept this explanation, but while bags that i have used since 6-7 years do not make this painting, if only this 2 year bag is making this-then i can NOT accept this response.I would appreciate if you resolve my grievance, otherwise i will apply to consumercourt . Ozge YILDIRIM ([email protected])

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  • Sy
    sylsyl Jul 05, 2015

    I purchase a speedy 30, The lock look cheap alone with purse. I took it back to Neiman Marcus, and was told they have a 30 day policy and there was nothing they can do. The cost of the purse $970 plus tax and delivery. $1070.00. I want to return this purse and credit my account back. I will never order a purse from Louis Vuitton ever again. I was told I can sale my purse on Ebay to get some money back.

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  • Ar
    arrj May 02, 2015

    purchased a monogram canvas belt from their store they explained all features n asked me to be so careful as if i were buying a show piece ...later on after a day i wore it on a special occasion just for a duration of 4 hours o so n when back home n removed d belt saw marks on it on the back side...i complained regarding this they were not willing to exchange n explained that this product does develope marks even with a finger ...i mean do we buy this to keep as a showpiece o to wear? they made me exchange with a damier ebeny belt which i dint like but i compromised when back home i removed n saw the belt n it reads made in france i was worried a bit as all online stores n authentic vedio say made in spain does this sound good from a lv store inside taj lands end?

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  • Si
    Silk1 Jan 01, 2015

    My husband purchased a Neverfull Pm for me and nearly 3 days later while on vacation we returned it to the Bal Harbour shops for what I thought was the Speedy 30. Soon after we left, I looked at the receipt and realized we were charged for the Speedy 30 Bandoulierre for over $500 the price of the classic speedy 30. I immediately packed the bag back in the box and called customer service, who assures me I will have no trouble returning the bag. A day and a half later while in the Orlando area I stopped in to the Millennia Mall where I'm told there are handprints on the handle and they would not accept. LV customer service have done nothing to fix the mistake of their classless sales rep who gave me and charged me for the wrong bag. When purchasing from a high end brand, and spending over $1500 for a purse, as a consumer you do not expect to be greeted by slimy sales people who are looking for a few extra dollars. Louis Vuitton sure could take a lesson from Apple's customer service team.

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  • Ti
    Ticopo Dec 17, 2014

    My husband purchased a $1200 purse with the $900 wallet. 9 months later the corners of the bag are torn. This is not my first LV (definitely the last) and was surprised with this. Took it in. The sales people (they do not seem to realize that that is ALL THEY ARE judging by their attitude) treat you like they are doing you a favor, instead of understanding they are paid by idiots like me that thought LV strived for quality. Her response (just like the poor guy with the wallet) was that the purse had been "heavily used" in this 9 months so they were not responsible for a repair. I asked if the shelf life of their purses was now 300 days...clearly they do not recruit the sharpest knives in the drawer - especially at the Cherry creek mall in Denver - so she looked blankly at me whilst she repeated they did not stand by "heavily used products". That are getting away with robbery by not honoring a return/repair policy. Unacceptable - and that is leaving aside their horrendous corporate culture of arrogant ignorant employees. They lost their quality/class on behalf of mass production.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Burke Oct 31, 2014

    Purchased an LV bag back in 2009. After 5 years the strap broke. Today went to the flagship store on 57th Street & 5Th Ave., NYC to inquire about repairs and i was told there is nothing that they can do. First at hand for almost $800 I do not understand why my strap broke within 5yrs. Secondly why are they unable to repair a bag of this quality is beyond me. I'm not giving up, will do my research. As for purchasing another LV bag that will never happen ever again. Quality I think not.

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  • Ch
    CharlesPaul Mar 05, 2014

    Dallas Galleria is just as bad. Operation manager Noel George is a worthless manager and needs to take a few customer service classes. Never purchasing another LV product again! Take your money to a company who backs up their product and quality.

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  • Ru
    rubberbaby67 Nov 17, 2011

    to whom it may concern :
    i live in nyc, i was at the 5 th ave in location, and i was very hurt and
    disappointed at their services, i have a headache right how !!
    i feel like crying, Louis Vuitton sales people had me waiting for
    30 min or more just waiting for customer service while they, serviced white people
    and chinese people only, asking them as soon as they walked in the door,
    hi, how may i helped you . It has made me feel that their products are racist, prejudice
    items, and is it worth buying . Help, and ideas on how i can take care of this matter !!
    Just to let You know I still didn't get service . And so i never did get to purchase my bag !!
    Any information at all on what i can do, my e-mail is [email protected]

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  • No
    Nooooo More LV Aug 17, 2011

    I'm also was totally disrespected by FATIMA CARDOSO-MONAHAN of the LV Store at Riverside on tonight, 8/16/11. I purchased a Delightful bag as a gift for my 22 years old daughter on 8/10/11. Upon her return from her BDay vaca, 8/16/11, I presented her with the bag and she didnt care for it (the Delightful) since it doesnt close. I attempted to return the bag, and before I could get the bag/receipt out, rude and obnoxious FATIMA said, I cannot exchange because bag is not resaleable. What????? It has never been used and purchsed 6 days ago!!! Yes, she was discriminating, because I am African American.
    The worst experence ever in LV retail store in Riverside Square in NJ.
    The operation manager name Fatima Cardoso-Monahan is so terrible. She immediately comes off like "Why did you spend this kind of money, now you are stuck with the product because I am not taking it back!!!"
    She is by far rude, incompetent and an ignorant person.
    I am making a formal complaint to [email protected]
    I will NEVER buy LV again..Sticking with GUCCI and my new designer, MICHAEL KORS, both much better quality.

    Thank you

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  • Ji
    jimcho Feb 19, 2011

    I agree 120%.
    I'm asian and I was totaly ignored and discriminated by operation manager.
    I had worst experence ever in LV retail store in Riverside Square in NJ.
    The operation manager name Fatima Cardoso-Monahan was so terrible.
    I felt discriminated and ignored by this rude, incompetent and ignorant person.
    I would like to make a formal complaint to LV HQ.
    Anyone know how to file a formal complaint to LV HQ?
    If do Please email me at [email protected] ?
    I would never buy LV again..

    Thank you

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  • Dj
    DJA7 Dec 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree. I have an issue with a recent purchase and cannot get anyone from LV to return my call(s) or online complaints...not even an automated message or courtesy call. For a luxury brand, I'm appalled at their arrogance and lack of customer service. I would not recommend them to anyone and will take my business to someone who appreciates it.

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  • Lv
    LVanon Jan 25, 2010

    Louis Vuitton employees are a unique breed. By being rude and incompetent, the parent company apparently thinks they are austere enough to represent their clientele. Wrong. LVMH ought to train their personnel to be responsive to the customer, not less so than average simply because theirs is a luxury brand.

    The customer is the bottom line, nothing else matters. The New Reality is this: Our globalized system is now so interwoven at the economic level that entire economies are beholden to the lowest common denominator, which in turn can make or break personal fortunes, both large and small, faster than ever before. Hence, I predict that even high-end brands that regard themselves as "untouchable" will have to come to terms with the fact that they don't have margin for error. A brand is only as strong as the service experience. The LV name will not sell itself forever, particularly in this Internet age where the outrageous treatment many customers receive in their boutiques are accumulating. Mrs. Colson's story of having been strung along on the status of a repair when all along the item is sitting in the back room is not unheard of and is a prime example of how the Internet is "outing" the bad actors: One poor gal I read of online waited over 2 YEARS while LV boutique employees repeatedly claimed it was "somewhere else" (the handbag of her deceased family member that carried much sentimental value, no less). When at last it was found it had not been repaired in all that time — nor even sent out for repair — and the parts/colors necessary to repair it were not available because in that time span they had been discontinued while the bag sat there gathering dust. So after all that wait it was STILL BROKEN. That type of "service" could be more accurately portrayed in a police report as "grand theft". Personally, I would encourage people who have no accounting of where their personal property is after waiting 90 days file a POLICE REPORT, and if necessary go to small claims court and request a refund of the value of the item and/or a search warrant for the boutique premise. Sounds outrageous, but so is the problem hence the response must be equally forceful on the part of the customer or nothing will change. The idea here is to get the corporate execs at LVMH to wake up and improve their hiring and training practices. (Here's a tip: Don't hire people who can't read a repair ticket, who can't lift objects to check shelves in a back room and who are dishonest enough to "make up" status info. without any real effort to get to know whether there is any truth to what they are telling the customer to expect or do.)

    There's a big difference between being professional and classy and acting ignorant and too busy to be bothered by a "lowly" customer. LVMH as a corporation doesn't appear to keep tabs on their employees to really verify what brand of "classy" they've hired. Responsible/conscientious vs. narcissistic/sociopaths, the latter of which may look the part of a knowledgeable sales rep but really just enjoys the job for the opportunity to yank people's chains and watch customers squirm under the power of their "authority". There are two types of snobs in the world: People who are quiet, unemotional and reserved (the intelligent shy types who are actually good people at heart) vs. the snob who became suitable LV hiring material because he/she actually has NO PEOPLE SKILLS and despises and begrudges others for no good reason. LVMH needs to teach their managers how to discern employees who are standoffish in appearance but otherwise competent vs. new hires who are not fit for jobs that interface with the public. Once they figure that out, the tenor and ambiance of their boutiques will improve and so will their sales figures.

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  • St
    Stacey Colson Jan 12, 2010

    I totally agree with you and experienced a similar incident at the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY. My husband purchased the Speedy Damier 30 for my birthday last year and the handles started to unravel so we took it in for repairs. We dropped the bag off on October 18, 2009 and was told that the repairs would take approximately 6 to 8 weeks (or sooner) and that I would receive a phone call once the bag was back. I called the store on Friday, December 18th, and was told that a shipment had come in but the store was busy due to the holidays but I would receive a call before the close of business day regarding my bag. I waited for the call but it never came. I called the store again on Saturday, December 19th, to see if my bag was back and was immediately told yes, my bag was in Friday’s shipment and I could stop by the store anytime for pick up. I arrived at the store, gave an associate a copy of my repair receipt and was told to wait. The associate came back and told me my bag was not back yet. I told her I had just spoken with someone from the store who advised me that I could come in and pick up my bag. After going back and forth, I was told to speak with the manager of the store. I spoke with the manager who apologized for the miscommunication and she also told me that I was not calling her store direct but was calling the call center. My question to her was, "how is a customer to know where they are calling when they are dialing the number from their receipt?" I'm still waiting for that answer and find it hard to believe that a store as well-known as Louis Vuitton cannot keep up with repairs that were dropped off more than 8 weeks ago.


    I received a call from the store on Saturday, January 2nd, stating that my bag was in fact always in the store when I went there on December 19th to pick it up. The associate that I spoke with on December 18th, said she put my bag aside and sat it on a shelf with a message stating “customer picking up on Saturday, December 19th.” The associate also stated that she was surprised when I called back after the New Year inquiring when my bag would be in. You know I was livid and didn't even go to get the bag, my husband went for me as I told him it would be an ugly sight if I go back to that store!!! I told my husband he don't EVER have to worry about purchasing me another product from Louis Vuitton as for the price they charge for their merchandize, their customer service should be top notch!!! I also sent letters to their corporate office in Manhattan and have yet to receive a reply!

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  • Cu
    curlygurl Apr 07, 2009

    I totally agree, I stopped buying coach bags because of this exact reason. At the Hawaii airport I had a similar run in, I sent a complaint and nothing was done, I decided to take my money elsewhere!
    We pay for the superior service as well as the bags we buy from these places.
    (Japan has great LV customer service, its awesome!) Vancouver BC doesnt even come close. They'll care when other brands are making more money. Remember how Gucci went down hill before Tom Ford helped them.
    We spend a lot of money on these purchases if we get great service somewhere else go there.
    We are free advertising these bags as well, I think we should start a online petition to tell these stores to shape up.


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  • Lv
    LVanon Apr 04, 2009

    Those employees were pretty ignorant. Asians are their most loyal/profitable customers, by some estimates! I would personally TELL THEM that you feel discriminated against, and that discriminating based on religion, age, race, health status, creed, gender or sexuality is illegal. Being calm but articulate and firm will get their attention. In very serious cases where no agreement or compromise is offered, make it known that you will tell your friends, family and everyone on the Internet about your experience. That will also get their attention. More importantly, always pay by credit card so that, in the event you get home under better lighting and see a problem, boutique employees can't so easily refuse your return on the basis that it is not in perfect condition. The truth is, Louis Vuitton products rarely are in 100 percent flawless condition, and someone who looks hard enough will find one!

    LVMH's ability to arbitrarily honor their return/exchange policy will almost always give them an "out" UNLESS you pay by credit card. Why? Because with enough complaints retailers risk their charging privileges. Therefore, stating that you intend to file a credit card dispute in the event of a return dispute will almost certainly carry added weight. Before you go that far, however, you always want to make these issues known first to store management (documenting names, dates, location and time), secondly inform the LVMH hotline or website of what your intended action will be if you do not obtain resolution, next file a report with the Better Business Bureau, and if all else fails, your credit card company. If, however, you truly feel a law has been violated, contact your local consumer affairs office (State) or even Attorney General. The reason that thousands of patrons around the world experience the same problems regardless of region is because company culture/policy encourage these practices. If you cannot obtain better service in a Louis Vuitton boutique than a Walmart store, why shop there?

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  • It
    iThePenMan Mar 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's like that in most Louis Vuitton stores, that exact same incident happen to me in Atlantic City. Afterwards I vowed not to purchase any more Louis Vuitton items.

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