Louis Vuittonboca raton louis vuitton supervisor very bad service

J Dec 06, 2018

Hello there !
I am come to sake fifth Ave LV shop by 12/03/2018, I want order one bell $385, but there worker name is heather shaw put wrong order number order wrong item $545 then this morning supervisor calling me say, the worker put wrong price you ask me should pay more money . I close my business drive total 1 hour to come boca raton shop, then this supervisor bring the wrong item to me, I say " this bell is not I want one, you worker just make big mistake order wrong item to me "
Waste my time for I close my business come to this shop, I asking this supervisor why you never say "sorry to me ?" This lady say "sorry " but I don't take it
Also I say I need complaints supervisor and worker heather shaw too, this supervisor say " go ahead "
I am so shock, who give to you power and any right ? Treat clients like that
I really don't understand how this supervisor treat me like that ? Because I am chineses ? Or because you work Louis Vuitton very powerful ?
This shop service very very bad and supervisor is such service
Just let anyone know, please don't coming this store anymore
Jianping Liu

boca raton louis vuitton supervisor very bad service
boca raton louis vuitton supervisor very bad service

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