Lotus Leggingscancelling the membership

B Sep 26, 2018 Review updated:

I called this company they told me and exact date to call for cancelling my membership which is absurd that they couldn't do it the day I called to begin with. So when I called on the date given they said they would refund the money. Two weeks later still no refund which I shouldn't have to call and remind them how to do their job but unfortunately they said because I disputed the charge there is nothing I can do to refund my money now. Lotus leggings is a complete [censored]ing joke. Do not order anything from them ... it's a scam to just get your money. I was scammed into thinking I get two pairs of leggings for $10... ending up costing $60 and I never got a second pair of leggings. This company is a rip off.


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