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I signed up for this got sent the wrong size canceled subscription but still getting charged

I don't even know when or how I signed up for this. And I know for sure that I do not wear a small. I have been charged multiple times for this after canceling. I have also sent my products back. But still not refunded.


Be aware of them advertising on facebook

I have multiple payment of 49.99 taken out of my account as well as other charges

being charged when I didn't buy anything!!!

I have been charged $4.99 3 different time on August 8th 2018 back to back and then today August 24th I was charged $49 and $7.99!!! An it has made my bank account overdrawn!!! When I never made any purchases at all!!!

I want to be refunded!! As I haven't bought anything and have no clue why they are charging me so much money!!!

I have attached pictures of the charges from lotus to my bank account. Yet I've never ordered or made a purchase!

being charged when I didn't buy anything!!!
being charged when I didn't buy anything!!!
being charged when I didn't buy anything!!!
being charged when I didn't buy anything!!!

Lotus Leggings

a lotus legging charged my mastercard

[protected]@gmail.com Card ending 2665 I want my 49.99 BACK to my credit card immediately. I was only...

Saint Paul Online Scams

I cancelled my subscription a month ago and it wasn't cancelled

I called and cancelled my subscription and he said he would give me a confirmation email that never came. i just recieved another pair of leggings in the mail i dont want and i cant afford. i dont want the money taken out of my account because i cant afford hence why i cancelled in the first place!!! i am pregnant and these dont fit me and i cannot afford due to having a child coming! they also told me when i signed up that this was 4.95 a month and the first month a week after i was charged i got charged $50. this happened for two months i then called and asked and he told me the subscription is 4.95 but its $50 for the leggings. umm i am not going to pay 55 a month for some leggings that arnt great and nobody told me about the 50 and now i am trapped in this damn subscription!

charging credit card

Today is Monday august 20th 2018
My bank has alerted me that a charge to my account of $49.99 is to be taken out of my account .

This not okay . I would like to have this account for Lotus Leggings be
unsubscribed .
There was nothing stating that I would be charged this amount at any time .

Sheryl Hodges

PS. If the clothing needs to be returned, so be it .

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my checking account

Merchandise has already been paid for and you are trying to take more money from me. I haven't even received my first order. If this continues my bank will take steps to ensure that you are reported. I ordered these products with the premise that this company was legitimate. Please dont disappoint me. I really would like to refer others to your beautiful leggings. My name is Sinovia Kirkwood.

unauthorized payments off my card

My name shanaee gunn im upset because i am getting a 49.99 charge on my bank statement for something i didnt purchase and i need them to put it back or cancel what ever they charging me for .Im a single parent that dont have money to throw away to some company i think this is really unfair...I was supporting them buy getting the ones for 4.95 and thats it

charges on my debit card

I was charged multiple times for 4.95 and then for 49.99 on the 5th of August and have still not received any...

Lotus Leggings


I ordered a pair of leggings for $4.95, I just got recharged $4.95 again and have never received my leggings... I am requesting a full refund. I ordered them because it sounded like a good deal, but I do not want them now.. I am very angry that I never even received the leggings, and getting charged again was the last straw! So please fix this problem and get me my money back!

the way you are handling business

My name is Becky Willson at 6633 Peppergrass Lane Abilene, Texas 79606. I bought a pair of leggings. I have never gotten anything, but a 49.99 charge on my account, so I called yesterday and the girl informed me that I had not called within the 16 day trail period which starts the day you order them, she said well you got them on the 25th, I said you understand my complaint, my 16 day tail period was over before I ever got the leggings. I said I want my 49.99 back. She said well, like I said you didn't call before the trail period ended, I said because I had not received them yet. Who is going to say, Hey hook me up I don't know if I like them or not but I don't want to miss my trail period and I would love to give your company my hard earned money. I called back and talked to another girl and said, Honey I am so fighting mad right now, but not at you. I explained to her the issue, Oh yes Ma'me I understand. I can extend this and when you go home and if you don't like them call us back and we will get your refund to you. I did just that, but apparently a large means a large Barbie so I will have to give these to my 13 tear old granddaughter. But oh no, the 49.99 still stands. I said how can it stand when I didn't get the product until the trail period was past. I also told her, by the way are yall aware there is a Facebook site, that warns people not to buy from yall because customer service is terrible and you take peoples money without a legal time period. I said I guarantee any judge would not side with your policy, because it is fraud. I was at work this whole time and she said well I can give you 1/2 of it back, if she can give half she could refund the full amount to my account. I said ok whatever I am at work and have to go. It does show you are not a member of BBB. If you are a true blue company I can expect a full refund.

i’m getting charged for 3 months worth of something I have not received

My Name is Sunny Lynn n I am not happy at all because I didn't order anything and I am being charged on my bank statements from your company and I need my money back ASAP I AM A Single Mother of 3 children and I cannot afford for anything for myself let alone something I'm being charged for NOTHING So put my money back on my card ASAP Thank you and I need a phone number for you to speak with your manager about this problem my number is [protected]

hidden charges and trial before product arrives

I recently signed up for the $4.95 lifetime 50% off discount code for lotus leggings . Fourteen days after...

customer service

I never received my trial pair of leggings so I cancelled my membership within the trial period however my bank account was charged for shipping and again for the membership fee for $49.99 which was cancelled 2 weeks ago within the trial period. Please refund my money to my bank account immediately and confirm that my membership has been cancelled.

Robbin Reed

  • Updated by Robbin Reed · Jul 15, 2018

    I never received my trial pair so I cancelled my membership 7 to 10 days ago within my trial period however my bank account was charged $49.99 for membership fees however that was cancelled. Please refund my bank account immediately and confirm my membership has been cancelled.


    Robbin Reed

  • St
    Stacy Klebenoff Federlin Jul 16, 2018

    I have the same damn effing problem they took 4999 out of my account I had no idea that it’s a subscription service and I never received my pair leggings that were supposed to be $4.95

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  • Lo
    Lori Howard Jul 16, 2018

    how did you cancel your membership? i got charged 49.99 this morning and i have never order anything.

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debiting my account for vip membership but I don't get my purchases!

I have emailed and phoned so many times and nobody answers or responds to my emails.

I have paid for 4 months for a VIP membership yet I don't receive any parcels so basically have been paying for a service I do not receive. I have asked for a refund and for cancellation of the membership but I get passed off and told that they cannot help me.

I have tried to get a refund for the purchase that for 4 months has not arrived!

They dismiss me and give me an international contact number to call on which nobody answers and there is just hold music. I have tried the option of giving my phone number for them to phone but this option does not work. I suspect there is nobody on the other side to answer at all.

I want to be refundedfor my previous purchases that have not arrived and refunded for the VIP payments I have made as I have not been able to benefit from this VIP membership, none of the items arrive.

Shocking service, regret signing up.

  • Updated by Janislr · Sep 21, 2018

    Who can you file with??? I want to do the same.

  • Mi
    Michelle Jean Leaman Sep 20, 2018

    DO NOT ORDER LEGGINGS FROM THIS SITE, THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. This was terrible service, I was suppose to get charged 4.95$ for leggings, I look a week later and they have charged my card for 49.99$ one day, then the next day they charged me 49.89$. they took my money out of my bank without my approval. I CALLED TO GET A REFUND AND SHE OFFERS ME 25% OF MY MONEY BACK! I SAID NO, SO THEN SHE OFFERS ME 50% I SAID NO, I WANT IT ALL BACK, I DID NOT APPROVE ANY OF THESE PURCHASES. SHE KEPT TRYING TO SAY I WAS TO LATE TO CANCEL IT, IM DONE AND AM FILING CHARGES IF I DONT SEE THE MONEY IN MY BANK WITHIN 3-10 BUSINESS DAYS.

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cheapest is the dearest

Don't buy on their ow prices. You will lose more. you know this saying: cheapest is the dearest. It's about...

money charged and almost a year later still no delivery

Placed an order in 26th November 2016 for 4 pairs of leggings. Parcel dispatched email t curved in December. After 2 months I emailed to chase up. Again in March still nothing had arrived and my emails were getting me no-where and to be honest the responses have been exceptionally rude!

Another parcel dispatch email I received on June 14th RU734303693CN Was the tracking number And yet again my order had not been delivered.
This unsurprisingly has now disappeared.

As far as I am concerned I have now been robbed and I demand my money back in full!

  • Ra
    Rachelle1 Aug 29, 2017

    Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your problem. I, too, experienced problems with this company. Check out the other complaints about Lotus Leggings. You can find detailed information about the company, along with contact details of the person who sends orders out, including a telephone number.

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I ordered 4 pairs of leggings all the same size (Xl). They were advertised as quality products however, firstly I was surprised that my package came from China.
The quality is so poor. Items feel cheap and for all being XL they are ALL different sizes!!
The material feels uncomfortable and there is NO WAY you would wear these to work out!
I asked for return details and was given an address in America - so to return my package will cost £19!!! I will also be charges $5 per item so with 4 pairs of leggings this is $20. The order itself was only just over £40 so what is the point.
I have tried to resolve this on their Facebook page only to get generic responses which do not answer my concerns. Avoid this company at all costs. The products are made in china and very cheap! The customer service is non-existent!! I'm now out of pocket and no one will help!! The leggings will be going straight in the bin - they are so bad I wouldn't even donate them to my local charity shop

scam, ripoff

Firstly, as you can see in the pictures I placed the order 11 FEB 2017 and I received it June 14. I contacted them 8 of May and they told me the address I have sent them it's wrong and they couldn't ship the items. That's a lie as I double checked my email and I sent the correct address. They just needed to stall. I have sent them my address again.

Now, the fun part. I got my order today. Confusing... as on the package is mentioned a wrong name, not mine, and it says that inside it's only a pair of leggings and it's actually 2. I ordered 3. They cant even get that right. And it's all shipped from China.

Anyway, I am excited to see my leggings, size M as you can see in my order. What did I get? 2 pairs of completely different leggings, size XXXL.

They are not even close to what I ordered! I can't even wear this huge size! I will make sure I will report LOTUS LEGGINGS on every website and to consumers rights. This is outrageous.

Please see the pictures and judge for yourselves. I would be ashamed to deceive people like this.
If you go online and google "Lotus leggings scam" you will see that the internet is full of reviews just like mine.

PS I need my refund!

scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff
scam, ripoff

Lotus Leggings
  • Ro
    Robinhuffman Nov 22, 2018

    They have charged me 49.99 and the leggings haven’t even come in. They give you 16 days to try them on or they charge you again for the next month. Then he caught himself and said well it doesn’t matter if they haven’t come in we charge you for the next month on the 16th day. ScAM SCAM

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  • Do
    Dorothy S Bovee May 13, 2019

    Why is it you can't get a phone number to this company to cancel a pair of leggings you didn't order

    -1 Votes
  • Do
    Dorothy S Bovee May 13, 2019

    @Dorothy S Bovee Just a big scam scam scam scam!!!

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unethical behaviour / lies / no company at return address provided

About two months ago, I ordered two leggings (order #1). No problem. However, I was surprised to see the...

Lotus Leggings


I have received the athletic muscle leggings and they have been made the wrong size there clearly a small not a medium not to mention the stiching is falling out. I contacted and the first customer service assistant told me I would need to send them back and pay postage I explained they were fualty and took pictures. So then another rep said we will re ship and give you £5 back. So I thanked them. But then they couldn't find my order number I checked all my emails and there was nothing which I think is because they were ordered through an email because they were a free pair. I sent a photo of the packaging to proof I had been sent them. But still been told I need the order number but I haven't been given one. This is clearly your mistake. I have been emailing for a day now, sending the same stuff I am told to and going round in circles. All I want is another pair in the right size and not fualty. This is terrible.

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