LongHorn Steakhouseservice of manager kyle drake

R Aug 07, 2018

Called for takeout on Friday, August 3rd at around 20 after 5. Placed my order and was told 30 minutes. I ordered 2 Parmesan crusted chicken dinners with extra cheese, 1 with dry broccoli and the other with rice. I added an additional side of rice on the side. When I arrived, the bartender went through my order and I saw the extra cheese was placed on the side. I explained to her that I wanted it on the chicken and didn't want to have to take this home to now microwave my protein to melt the extra cheese. She was friendly and had no problem fixing the issue. However when I watched it be taken to the back the manager gave it to the line and they put the boxes in the microwave. I asked to speak to the manager and said to him I didn't want my food just placed in the microwave n reheated like that as I could have done that myself at home. I paid over $40 for the two meals and after having waited the time for my food, I was now waiting additional time for the mistake to be fixed which is fine, but not to have my food not be fresh now. When I told him I didn't want it microwaved he was like fine and went in the back I guess to fix it. I ended up waiting over an hour from the time I called for the order to be corrected and when I got home the broccoli was completely raw and inedible. When the bartender brought the food back out I asked to speak to the manager again as he never even came back out to assure everything was correct or even offer an apology for the mistake. I said to him I'm disappointed my food was going to be microwaved and sent back out like that was good enough, especially being that when I ordered I expected fresh food. He then tried to tell me that never happened and they were microwaving something else in my takeout boxes, but everything was wrapped separately as the broccoli and rice were in smaller Togo boxes. He walked away without offering as little as an apology, let alone anything else. It was such a disappointing meal and experience even once I got the food home because we waited all that time for it to be corrected just for the sides to be cold and undercooked. I was shocked by the fact he didn't seem to care either.

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