LongHorn Steakhousecustomer service

M Sep 16, 2018

On September 7 at 12:30 we went to Longhorn in Aiken . As we entered there was one lady ahead of us . It wasn't crowded so we thought great. The greeter didn't speak to us . Do we just stood there waiting . Totally ignoring us. The greeter was walking back and forth from her booth to the dining area. There were three of us waiting to be seated. When she came back she still didn't acknowledge us! So I spoke up and said miss there's three of us. She looks up and says twenty mins. Ok so we sit down and wait. Looking around the dining room we can't help but notice one large table on people. The restaurant only had a few tables and booths we people sitting at them. Most of the tables and booths were empty. We waited and waited the greeter left the front after telling us 20 mins. No one else came in while we waited. What could take so long? This has become a problem at this Aiken Longhorn poor customer service! Short handed I guess . Why make 3 people sit and wait when most of the restaurant was empty? This was my husbands birthday and I wanted to take him and my daughter for a special lunch ! After more than 20 mins passed we decided to leave and go somewhere else. Management and customer service should handle things better! Very disappointed!!!

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