Long Island Railroadconductor rudeness and unprofessionalism

I take the LIRR Ronkonkoma 7:21 train every morning. This morning I encounter a young, unprofessional rude conductor (not the usual conductor). Unfortunately, I was so shocked by his behavior that I did not get his employee name/number (not that it would even matter). I showed my October monthly pass today (9/30/19) because I made the mistake of thinking today was October 1, 2019. This disrespectful young conductor (maybe in his 20s to early 30s) had such an attitude. He said "well it's not October" after he commented that my pass said Port Jefferson and not Ronkonkoma (not that it matters) and when I realized I had the wrong monthly pass, I said "I thought it was October 1st and I already threw out my other pass". He then proceeded to stair me down and it was dead silence and he says "well why would you do that" and SCOFFED AT ME!!! I again said that I thought it was the first of the month. After embarrassing me and making a scene he simply walks away scoffing yet again-like it was a bother for him to do his freaking job or to have to talk to me. I am so outraged that it took every ounce of my being to not lose my temper. I pay $405/month and as a legal professional I will NOT TOLERATE that kind of behavior. This "child" should be spoken to about manners and professionalism and to not dress like a slob while working. Should I not hear back that something was done regarding this matter, I will go hire up the chain-he should be penalized by getting written up or losing a vacation/pay and then maybe he will wise up. These younger people think they are superior to the rest of us and this has to stop. God forbid we had a REAL EMERGENCY, this guy would probably run the other way. These conductors are professions and the need to act like it.

Sep 30, 2019

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