Long Island Rail Road [LIRR]seating/ luggage

K Aug 01, 2018

the 522 to ronkonkoma, car 7193. 8/1/18
2 women boarded the train with luggage in penn on this very crowded train and because it didnt fit on the overhead placed them on the seats
I explained to them the train is always full. one of the women put her bad under the seat the other left it on the seat saying where should I put it then. both another regular commuter and I said by the luggage area. needless to say she ignored this.
there are 5 people standing in this part of the car, one of whom could be sitting.
the conductor/brakeman came through the car at 6 but said nothing
should customer comfort be a prime concern?
announcements and enforcement should be consistent but rarely is.

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