Long & FosterBad advise, and did nothing except take a big commission


HARRIETT CHARKATZ was our selling agent for our lovely home in Owings Mills, Maryland beginning in January 2010. We were purchasing a Condo and moving to the Condo in Sept. 2010. HARRIETT CHARKATZ refused to put our house on the selling market until the spring. She told us to ask a higher price so we could have "wiggle room." Our home was in pristine condition, with lots of updates, etc. During this time, the government was offering a $8000 stimulus for buyers. Finally, in March of 2010, we asked her to put our house on the market so we may get a buyer. She did not bring anyone to view our home. Meantime, she was the agent for the new Condo we were purchasing. She was supposed to help us with the purchase of this Condo, and be the "go between". HARIETT CHARKATZ DID NOT DO ONE THING TO HELP US WITH BUYING OF THIS CONDO. MY HUSBAND AND I DID EVERYTHING. She never sold our house, but she did receive a whopping $11, 000 in commission for "helping us with the Condo". I WILL REPEAT, SHE RECEIVED NEARLY $11, 000. FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. WE FEEL LIKE WE GOT SCREWED. WE ASKED HER TO SPLIT HER COMMISSION WITH US, BUT SHE DID NOT EVEN RESPOND TO US, after contacting her several times. She did not even show up at the settlement of our new Condo. We gave her name to several folks that used her services, and she made more commissions from them. HARRIETT CHATKATZ certainly disappointed us!!!

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