Logo Sensationdid not listen to my logo needs, very rude customer service

N Aug 02, 2018

I engaged Logo Sensation to design a logo for my business, I had sent them a very clear brief and also sent them example logos to give them an idea of the type of logo I was after. The first round of logos that came back were not what I was after so I provided feedback.

Round 2 of the logos came and they were no better, each time I sent a response it took them 3-4 days just to reply, not sure if they were outsourcing overseas but the English in their emails were very bad.

I had sent them another response with changes I needed, I was very specific but yet they had failed to get anything close to what I was after. This had been going on for 2 weeks for just a simple logo so I requested a refund as on their website they mentioned they offer 30 day refunds, when I requested a refund this is when they started to ignore my calls and emails, I have not heard back from them since.

I guess they have taken my money and run, do not use logo sensation.

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