LiveCareer.comthis site is a scam, avoid at all costs


This site is a scam if they did not have a link to click to agree to the upcharge it is illegal. Call you credit card company. Scam scam scam.


  • M
      Apr 03, 2013

    If Live Career was a honest business, they would not have to trick you into if you dont cancel in 7 days you will automatically be enrolled into there 34.95 a month service.
    If you wanted that service, they should have it available seperatly to sign up for.

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  • A
      Dec 02, 2013

    Highly unprofessional company. Very poor communication, ambigious terminology on Web site and, from other comments across the Web and Better Business Bureau, apparent fraudelnt activities regarding recurring charges to customer credit cards. DO NOT USE this company. Better idea: borrow a resume writing guide from the library.

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  • Y
      Jun 26, 2014

    I totally agree. Could we find any body to sue them together?

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  • Y
      Jun 26, 2014

    Cannot agree more. The company is horrible and I do not think it just for them to continue their business.

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  • D
      Oct 30, 2015

    The automatically withdrawal after 14 days trial is not clearly stated on the term page. They kept going back and forth about "it is written all over the webpage and clearly stated". No, it is not. I never agree and allow them to automatically withdraw from my credit card and never agree to pay the $40.00/month. I only agree on the 14 days trial to learn about their products. If no radio button that says "You authorize us to automatically withdraw from your visa/mastercard if not cancel within 14 days", it is illegal.

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  • C
      Apr 23, 2016

    Every other company that I have a subscription with will send an email before charging your card: Amazon, The Honest Company, Birchbox, etc. I can't believe this business is so dirty and unprofessional to charge for a download and then sneak in a subscription fee that the consumer is just supposed to remember to subscribe! And it sounds like some people have trouble with cancelling their subscription and getting charged anyways. I asked for a refund, but if they do not send one, I am going to call my bank and see if I can get a refund there.

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