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LiveCareer Customer Service


LiveCareer Ltd

51 E 42nd St Rm 1610
New York
New York
United States - 10017-5404

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 758 391(Australia)
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+1 800 652 8430(USA and Canada)
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+1 415 839 6413(Headquarters)
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+44 808 189 0354(United Kingdom)
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+64 800 005 198(New Zealand)
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+1 866 279 6742(Headquarters)
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Mon8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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LiveCareer Complaints & Reviews

Livecareer / taking money in going from card they are fraud

Doug2019 on Jan 6, 2019

Ok they pop up on line when searching for a free resume builder. They act like they are completely free until you do a couple hours work in a resume and then tell you that the resume you just made is going to cost you. So you pay and get you resume sent to you though email. After 2 week...

Livecareer / unauthorized credit card charge

Emma Slater on Dec 3, 2018

Hi, I created an account to do a resume and paid for the service on 27th November twice - possibly my error. I was charged Resume (via Bld) 1800758381 initially for $1.00 and then again for $0.95. I know that I cancelled the subscription the same day since I had printed and emailed the...

Livecareer / continued unauthorised subscription fee

Lisa John on Nov 9, 2018

I used the service in the summer of 2016 to revamp my CV. In order to download the CV I needed to agree to a monthly subscription. In October 2016 I sent an email to customer services for Live career to cancel my membership/subscription, I was absolutely disgusted to find that in October... / building resume

Jimmy1988 on Oct 14, 2018 is a scam and they have ripped me off for 70$ I just wanted to use some free app for building resume. I went to and it was claimed to build up your resume for free, so I continued making my application and when I wanted to download the file I was asked for...

Livecareer / free resume builder

Evander Williams on Oct 14, 2018

I completed a google search for a free resume builder and Live Career was in the search results. I entered all my information however could not save the file until I provided a credit card for a $2.95 payment. It did not say my card would be charged every four weeks. I have one resume for...

Livecareer / resume builder

Davina Myburgh on Sep 21, 2018

I logged onto live career for their free CV template. After completing the full CV for my husband I couldn't use it unless I paid so I paid to download it once. What I did not realize was they would charge me R400 to do nothing on their website as they automatically subscribe you and renew...

[Resolved] Livecareer / subscription scam

Mariana Lopes on Jul 3, 2018

Good Afternoon, I have purchased a 14 day trial for 1 gbp to have access to creating a CV from Live Career UK website, in September 2016. Then they keep making charges to it monthly, to a different value, of $15, 45. When I contacted them they told me that I should be aware of their...

[Resolved] Livecareer / ongoing charges

Jarrod Harrison on Jul 2, 2018

This site charges huge money for an ongoing service for a one off product. In Australia the fee is I excess if $50 per month. I just happened across this recurring payment in my bank accound by good luck. I did use their service for a cover letter and maybe a resume. It was so long ago low... / livecareer have taken money from our account monthly - do not use them

JaneBel on Jun 23, 2018

Our child needed a CV. The "free CV" service has been charging us over £13.00 per month ever since (twice in January). They justified this by saying they had sent emails to our 13 year olds account and we should have seen the terms and conditions. They refuse to return our money. I am absolutely sickened. Do not use them I have lost over £125 so far

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / refused to refund

Kendr on Jan 11, 2018

I tried this "free" website and signed up for their "free" trial. I never used the website again after the "free" trial. They began charging me 34.99/month. I canceled my subscription on their website, but they continued to charge me. I called them. They refused to refund my money, even...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / unauthorized charges - I will sue this company if the money is not refunded.

Kadie28 on Dec 19, 2017

Why am I being charged for something I don't use? My card is being charged every month by this site and I don't even use it. I was wondering why my money is going down and decided to check my transactions only to realize this resume site is taking my money and wasn't authorized to do...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / unauthorized listing of resume

Jan Hal. on Nov 2, 2017

Note: seems to be a Resume Builder Website. On November 2, 2017, at, Livecareer is listing resume templates including my personal resume in my role as a Chief Product Officer at CloudCities Enterprises, which is missing...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / hidden fees

Monica Fadul on Oct 18, 2017

So terrible to realize you have been charged for something you didn't use. Well. according to their term I did, I just had no idea about it. It happens fast, without any notification. You pay 20 dollars and they charge 60. I was impressed in a bad way, felt cheated and scammed. Worst of...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / little liars

Kevin Hare on Sep 22, 2017

Hey guys, why do you lie about free resume builder? confess it's a huge lie. Maybe it's free when you fill it out, but if you want to save it, you have to pay for it. Then it's just a trick. I am not sure it's fair enough. Your website looks nice, but I still don't understand why you...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / professional resume

Nini976 on Apr 30, 2017

I pay a professional resume service for 199 $ on 20 december 2016. I've enter all the informations asked to active the service, and then noting else happened. I call the 2 numbers : 1 844 485 4050 and 1 800 652 8430. Last time, i'vetalked with a manager, she told us that she will send an...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / unauthorized credit card charges

chiranjeevi Vegi on Apr 16, 2017

First off, what you guys did was shameless. Like most, subscribed for a week but somehow or whatever reason they kept charging me without any notifications. Not a single information or bill to my email but they kept taking away my money for almost nine months.!!! Change your company's name...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / resume

Lasbery Alozie on Mar 10, 2017

I used this company 12/19/2016 to build a resume, I paid $1.95 fee only. I noticed today that my account had been charged $24.95 on the following dates 01/02/2017, 01/30/2017, 02/27/2017, that is $74.85. I have filed a dispute with my Credit Card Company and wish to state clearly that I...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / company

Lily Ankerson on Mar 8, 2017

I used this company April 2016 to build a resume I remember paying a small fee (only a couple dollars) to build a resume. February 2017, I noticed that my account had been getting charged $30.07 every month, that is $300.70 that I gave to this account to build a resume ONE time. Not to...

Livecareer / very disappointed with livecareer

Greg on Nov 11, 2016

Hello. I used LiveCareer in the past and was very satisfied with this service. Everything was fine, I received proper service and enjoyed my time on LiveCareer. Problems began when I cancelled my account. I contacted LiveCareer customer service and their rep said that my account wa...

LiveCareer / MyPerfectResume / unauthorised charges to my credit card

Leone Arendse on Sep 15, 2016

Good day On August 20, I paid an amount of R13.11 for a 15 day subscription. On the same day another amount of R13.11 was deducted from my credit card. On September 10, an amount of R370 was deducted and I sent an email on the same day enquiring what it was for. I was informed by someone in...