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Live Nationticket sales rip-off!

Online, I opted for the VIP seating and parking and paid (what they led buyers to believe) an extra $10 per ticket for the VIP upgrade. So for $50 per ticket I thought I had a cool seat and VIP parking.
When we got there, FIRST they tried to charge us $20 to park in the VIP section, but my quick thinking and mouthpiece avoided a situation in the parking lot. (lol!)
When I gave them the tickets I bought online, they said it was NOT FOR THE EVENT. WTF?! At the top of the ticket, it said…”This IS your ticket”, then in very small print at the bottom, it said, “This is not your ticket.” and some other ### about it being for parking and seats in the front. WHY would anyone pay $50 JUST to park? And HOW in the HELL can I get a seat in the front if the ticket doesn’t get me INTO the event? Oh, I’m raising hell with Live Nation and I wish I could shut their whole operation down! Whatever you do, please pass this on….keep passing it on and DON’T BUT ANYTHING from Live Nation EVER!!!

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