Live Nationgeorge amphitheater september 15, 2018

M Sep 16, 2018

We attended the Avett Bros concert at this beautiful venue. Music was wonderful -
Concession choices and concession staffing were both equally awful. Waited in line for about 1/2 hour while watching our server attend to everything but taking orders - we were eventually told that what we wanted was out. M and M ‘s- out. Bottomless popcorn - out. Pulled pork - out. Credit card machine busted.
Equally below standard were the bathroom facilities. Multitudes of porta potties. Again long lines. And one sink for hand washing. With all the $ we pay for tickets, not to mention $13-$17 for a can af beer ( no cup)$10 for a styrofoam cup of noodles. Live Nation can do better than this.
Parking within 1/2 mile of the venue -$70.

Add in the cost of the ticket. Likely average $150 per person. The venue holds 20, 000. You can do the math.

Likely the last visit for me.

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