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I bought a mazda cx-5 secondhand in july 2018 with 49757 km on the clock. It had the standard mazda 3year/unlimited km warranty and the service plan ended at the end of september 2019, at which time it had 72300 km on the clock. With the car came the owners manual and the "warranty and service booklet", which records the 15 000 km services. The car was duly serviced on 7/1/2019 at 60327 km under this oem plan.
With the car I also purhased a service plan from liquid capital (fully paid) for 36 months / 45 000 km which started end september 2019 (or so I thought) as per the policy wording :
"the contract months according to the plan will start on the date on which you purchased this plan, or on the date on which your vehicle reaches the kilometres on which the existing or oem plan ends, whichever happens last." [my capitals].
They paid for the 75k and 90k services, but then claimed that the contract had ended as it started on 45 000 km (?). My take on it says it should be end of september 2022 / 72300+45000=117 300 km, so at least the next service at 105 000 should be paid by them.
All my emails to them asking for their reasoning have been in vain, they only ask for the original service plan. I sent them the aforementioned booklet, but that's not sufficient. I enquired from mazda, but they don't seem to have such a document.
My next service is due in 2 000km, so I need an urgent answer.

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Update by Francois P du Toit
Sep 03, 2021 8:00 am EDT

I'm not in the USA - I am from Pretoria, South Africa.

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