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11824 W HOPI ST, United States

What does it feel like to hear "I can't help you" well if you sent me products I did not order, then it is your responsibility to take care of the problem. It has taken months to resolve an issue, because I requested to be removed from auto delivery, (CPAP supplies). A week later, I'm I got notification of a shipment that I did not order and requested to be stopped. They told me from AZ that I have to contact the warehouse, wait who's company is this and who is running it... not me. First didn't order, had to wait to receive it and then wait another-4-6 weeks for a label. The box came smashed, so I had to find a box and then take it to the UPS store. Wanted 4 months and still no credit, just nasty letters. My insurance just ordered me a new CPAP machine and they didn't want to deal with them, so going with another company. SAD, I work in customer service everyday and if I told my customers, I couldn't help them I would not have a job and their would be no company. I dealt with American Home Patient for over 4 years and they were easy to deal with, but when the parent company Lincare took over and said AHP couldn't ship to me anymore, funny coming out of the same warehouse. I told them once they credit my account and it is the correct balance I would pay, but not until then. Horrible, Horrible customer service. Glad this chapter is over.

Apr 29, 2019

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