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I have been with Lincare in North Wilkesboro NC for at least two years. They were wonderful for the first year, then it started going down hill from there. In 2018 my pulmonary Doctor ordered a Home Oxygen Concentrator for me and they brought it out to my home. I haven, t had any problems with it whatsoever. In 2019 he ordered a portable Oxygen concentrator and I kept waiting for them to bring it out and they said they were working on the paperwork. I kept calling back until finally they told me I owed them a Bill and they couldn, t bring it out until it was paid. They had never sent me a bill, so I didn, t know I owed it. I finally found out that it was my MEDICARE Deductable. So six months later they finally brought out an Oxygo Portable concentrator. I had it for several months and they came out and replaced the colloms on it. It worked good for a while but less than four months they had to replace the colloms again. In July of this year they replaced the colloms again but it still didn, t work. It kept telling me low oxygen. They came out and put colloms in again and I tried using it and I couldn, t get any oxygen to come out and all the display would show was a solid white panel where the information should have been, but it wasn, t even giving me a code of what was wrong. I had them pick it up on July 14th 2020 and I told them it didn, t work. They left me 8 small portable air tanks. If I was a big person they would be ok, but I am a woman and I weigh 85 pounds. I have to lug it around on my shoulder when I go anywhere. I, m 71 years old and I had a much better quality of life when I had the Qxygo portable. I don, t understand why they can, t fix it and bring it back. Its been over 3 months since they picked it up and when I called their represenative Brian told me I burned the unit up because I used it going to the grocery store and out to eat and when I was watching TV sometimes. He said it was only meant for use when going to the Doctor and nothing else. I called again two weeks ago to see if they were going to bring it back. I was told they would check it out and call me back in 2 days. Those 2 days never came. I have let this go for so long because I, m not a complainer. I don, t like saying negative things about people, but this company has no treated me right. I deserve a better quality of life, but they don, t care. I have my Medicare explanation of Benefits showing they have been paying for a portable oxygen concentrator for months when I haven, t even had one. They have billed them $250.00 amonth for 4 months that I haven, t even had it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please get them to bring me another Oxygo portable out. Thank you for hearing my complaint. Sincerely, Sharon Wells

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Apr 08, 2021 12:17 pm
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I also have an Oxygo portable unit for about 2 years. It just started to show a warning that the columns need replacement. I contacted the local office, expecting it would only be a 15 min replacement at my home. However I was told they needed to pick up the unit - turn around time was expected to be 3 weeks plus! Naturally they wanted to start tank O2 delivery, naturally at an additional cost.

I was told they do not have the replacement columns in stock, and have to order them but only after they pick up the unit.

It is clear this is just a way for them to do additional billing on their high profit tank O2 business.
As for Medicare, they only allow them to bill for the portable units for 3 years but they need to support them for 5. Naturally at around the 3 year mark they will need service, but once they get the unit they have no financial reason to repair them (at their cost) and get them back to the user. Instead they can replace them with the tank O2 service which they can bill for.

Bottom line, while a cost, it is a simple matter to replace the columns yourself. They can be purchased for around $100. While I hate to pay for something Lincare should be doing, it is the only way I can be sure that I can keep my portable with me as opposed to having it sit for weeks / months at their service center


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