Lightintheboxmicro sd memory cards


Lightinthebox are suppliers of fake/faulty micro SD memory cards. These have been deliberately hacked/manipulated to show a higher capacity than they contain so the customer is conned. I purchased two 32Gb Class 10 micro SD cards but when tested, they could only hold 7Gb of date. Also their write speed was much slower than the Class 10 standard. It therefore looks as though these are poor quality 8Gb cards which at first glance are 32Gb but are slow, and corrupt all data beyond a 7Gb capacity. Despite being supplied with all the diagnostic reports showing that they have been tinkered with to dupe customers they insist on operating their unfair returns policy. Consequently, I have to pay £6 postage to return their fake items because of their fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, because they are based in China they can continue such practices with impunity.
So, the only remedy is for all potential customers to avoid this supplier. Just google their name to view all the other problems buyers are facing.

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