Lightintheboxdamaged item, poor packaging

H Nov 17, 2017

Order of 2 Nov 2017
Order # [protected]
Women's Wool Crushable Black Fedora Sun Hat Jazz Hat
Tracking # LW158856298DE

I must take exception with the concept that this hat is 'crushable'. Yes, it's crushable (what hat isn't unless it's a metal military helmet) but in order for it's crushability to be of any use to anyone it would need to restore itself to it's proper shape. However, this hat is crushed beyond repair and looks like it has been run over by a car. It is unwearable. But then it is going to arrive crushed beyond anything reasonable when it is despatched in a plastic bag without a box!! How is the hat supposed to retain its shape shipped like that? The hat is beyond disappointing, it's a joke and I want a full refund for the hat and the postage associated with this part of the split order. Please.


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