Light In The Boxwomen's ballroom shoes

B Aug 17, 2018

I bought a pair of Ballroom shoes online from light in the box website. My size in UK is 6 so I ordered for UK-6 but they are small for me. I was shocked to see that they are not fitting me. Its been 3 days I received the order so I contacted the customer services and they are saying I cant exchange them I ordered from Made to order. Its the first time I ordered online from their website and there was nothing mentioned as mada to order on it. I was just requesting for an exchange but it seems like there is nobody to understand that its my first order and I didnt know that there is no exchange facility. I would never buy anything on their website if it was telling me there is no exchange. I asked for a refund at the end but they replied to me saying I need to go on a website. But when I clicked on the website there is nothing mentionef on it for a refund. I am really dissappointed with the service and I dont know what to do with those shoes.

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