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Grand Miramar All Luxury Suites And Residences Complaints & Reviews

Grand Miramar All Luxury Suites And Residences / unethical behaviour

May 09, 2017

On November 14 we entered into two contracts with Legacy Centurion at the Grand Miramar. We paid $39, 500.00 USD for a 3 bedroom rental agreement [21 weeks @ $4, 900.00 per week for 5 years] plus a $2, 500.00 USD "activation fee" to DD Woodward. All of this money was sent by wire transfer...

Grand Miramar Puerto Vallarta / Legacy Centurion / Buybacks / investments

Mar 07, 2017

Do not do business with them. This program is a total fraud and scam. The buybacks, taxes, investments all of it are scams. They are no better than Johnny Montalbo, steal from people. I have had very similar experiences as many others but now cant get in contact with anyone when they are...

Grand Miramar / Did not honor any agreements

Feb 17, 2017

Nothing has been delivered as promised on their end! Whether it is Grand Miramar, Legacy Centurion or Diamond Management Group, it appears they are scamming. Richard Bounds, Vivienne Lewis, Miranda Slater, George Gastelum, no one has honored the promises made. We have done it all. We paid...

Grand Miramar, Puerto Vallarta / Buyback of contract

Oct 19, 2016

We were promised a full refund by Richard Bounds when we visited him in Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX in June 2016. First we had to pay off the lien from Diamond Management. Then we had to pre-pay 2 taxes (that of course were not owed and would be fully refunded as well). We wired all the money...

Grand Miramar / Legacy Centurion

Feb 02, 2016

I just thought I would add to this board after our recent experience.My husband and I bought at Grand Miramar in March of 2013. From start to finish the whole thing was bad! We were promised all these wonderful things and Got nothing. We paid 22, 000USD for nothing! We felt scammed! Thi...

Grand Miramar / Timeshare scam

May 08, 2013

I am a one of the growing number of people that has been deceived by Grand Miramar. They have already failed to deliver on one of their promises and are doing their best to continue the facade. I would like anyone else that has been lied to by this resort of foreward me their names and...

Grand Miramar Club & Spa / Time suckers

Jan 03, 2012

Thomas and Veronica Hart are victims of a scam orchestrated by John Monte, C.E.O. of Grand Miramar Club and Spa designed to induce Thomas and Veronica Hart to sign an $89, 552 World Luxury Destinations contract, # WLDM0000112, permitting use of a penthouse at the Grand Miramar Resort. Mr...

Grand Miramar Club & Spa / scammed

May 10, 2011

My wife and I were scammed by Jerry Forney who sold us a 4 week membership at Grand Miramar on August 12, 2010. Our contract stipulates that not only would Grand Miramar buy out our Cabo timeshare for $24810 but that if we do not return for the next 10 years, we would be guaranteed rent per...

Grand Miramar Club & Spa / Grand Miramar BIG scam!!


On May 19, 2010 we attended a timeshare presentation at the Grand Miramar Club & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During the sales presentation the salesman, Jerry Forney, told us several lies; but the one which got us into this FRAUDULENT TIMESHARE: THE ENTIRE PURCHASE CONTRACT AT GRAND...

Grand Miramar Club & Spa / SOMEONE IN PV HELP!!!


Hello, I am looking for somebody in Puerto Vallarta to help me find out if Grand Miramar is still in operation. My husband and I purchased a timeshare membership from them in May this year. After coming back home we found the contract was completely different from what we were presented at...