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This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Animal Control Services in King County, WA after visiting her "cattery" that tells my story:
Sent: Monday, July 08, 2013 11:15 PM
To: Pets
Subject: BYB/ Puppy & kitty mill in Duvall, WA

To Whom It May Concern:

Late last year I was in a process of finding a suitable Persian kitten as a pet for my family. I contacted and visited several advertised breeders. I feel guilty for not contacting you earlier about a breeder in Duvall, WA.

However recently I noticed her advertising again. The breeder has several litters of Persian kittens as well as several litters of Australian Shepherds puppies available. I visited her establishment late last year (approx. October 2012) with my husband and was appalled by the conditions of the breeding animals as well as babies available for sale. The breeder was not interested in screening us as potential buyers but actually being very pushy in trying to get us get any kitten she had available. Even though we felt like rescuing the kittens, the breeder failed to produce any health certificates for the breeding cats and she had no proof of her cats/kittens receiving any veterinary care at all. Breeder couldn't produce any CFA certification of her breeding cats/kittens even though she advertises them as CFA registered/registerable.

The cats were being housed in a barn like outbuilding in small, two-story cages: 4 adults + kittens per cage (one litter box). Persians are famous for their long, lush coats. Her cats were matted at the skin and dirty. Kittens had feces stack to their feet and faces caked in dried up food. The breeder also had older kittens available that were loose in her home.
To get to the outbuilding that housed the cats we had to go thru her fenced backyard full of loose 'breeding dogs' (approximately 20 +/- dogs).

I would encourage Animal Control Services to look into this and see for yourselves the conditions that all her animals are kept in. Her facility is beyond the description of a backyard breeder. It looked exactly like a puppy/kitty mill where animals are bred excessively and with no veterinary care. The breeder claims to be licensed. If you would like a full tour with her full cooperation you could always pose as a customer.

Below, I provide a copy of her advertisements I found on

link to the add:

Advertiser Details Username: sarahmcphee9
Joined: Sep 21, 2010
Ads Placed: 142

From: [protected]
Subject: [protected]
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 16:18:37 +0000

Thanks for sending this. I have it in as case number [protected], the officer will be out working on this. Thanks again.

Nothing happened to this day and no info from Animal Control if my concern was correct or not in their eyes.

Now I see more adds from the same person. Please do not support this establishment. Feeling sorry for the kittens and buying them will only enables her to create more babies that will need to be rescued.

Here are the links to her current ads:

Advertisement Details Ad Id: [protected]
Location: Duvall, WA
Created: Oct 30, 2013 Expires: Nov 13, 2013
Views: 179
Advertiser Details
Username: sarahmcphee9
Joined: Sep 21, 2010
Ads Placed: 165 - See more at:


  • Da
    DanielNewport Sep 18, 2021

    I know for a fact first hand that Leisa severely abuses animals and even prematurely kills kittens and puppies. Nowadays one of her tricks is to hide the over count of the dogs and cats she is legally allowed to have in a trailer on the property across the street and down one (it has the turnaround in front usually w 1 or 2 pickups and or a quad outside. Her daughter was married with kids and lived there. Anyway I have witnessed more than one family member there abusing the animals. Leisa is a lying drug addict and to this day I still question whether her religious behavior is all an act. She sells and pushes painkillers and suboxone on addicts. She is one of the most untrustworthy scumbags I have ever met in my life. I feel very sad for her husband Lee who gave up his career and basically whole lifestyle to do this stuff with her. She screams at him and verbally abuses him as well. I have witnessed his rage issues when he snaps. And even he sometimes does messed up stuff to the animals, but honestly I blame most of that on Leisa bc she just abused him day in and day out and sometimes a person can only take so much before they just snap. Anyway. If anything actually ever comes of these complaints make sure to point out my tip. Check the trailers on her property and the one across the street and down one, also the horse stable. She likes to load up some of the animals into a trailer right before inspections and what not, then move the trailer. Then afterward she just unloads them back to her little huts spread around the property. I've seen them leave these animals outside for days in the summer without enough food and water, witnessed severe food aggression from some, and in the winter the little huts w cages are not kept as warm as they should be. Some of them actually pose a serious fire hazard with the portable heaters and all the hay they have around. I seriously hope something comes to Leisa that she deserves for all the years of lying, taking advantage of people, abuse of animals, and just all around scum-baggery.

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  • Sh
    Shelly W. Jul 10, 2021

    We came under false pretenses of advertising. I am having trouble sleeping after what I experienced and saw there. We bought the puppy only because we couldn't leave her there. It was so sad. She fell asleep in our lap and was shaking every time Liesa walked back in the room. My boyfriend and I have shed many tears over how our sweet puppy seems happy one moment, then stares off depressed and whines at a later moment. We are looking into what legal action can be taken against her for it is truly abhorrent and am fearful what genetic and behavioral issues we have in store for ourselves.

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  • Te
    techjockey May 19, 2021

    The first & only time we bought a kitten was from this insane woman. The cat lived until he was 3, then died horribly from a heart condition he was born with. Her pets are rife with bad genetics & inbreeding. This was about 8-10 years ago & it seems like the problems with this nut are only getting worse. Animal control needs to step in now.

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  • Co
    concerned about the animals Mar 05, 2021

    How was this resolved?

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  • Ka
    kakjlkjdflkj Dec 09, 2019

    Ahh, Liesa's "kitty mill" makes perfect sense now...this since we bought 2 cats from her, at 2 different times. We hated to see these beautiful creatures kept in small cages, and we "rescued" 2 from her. One, a female tuxedo breed was and is a wonderful cat, healthy and happy. But the other, a male chinchilla Persian was feral from being caged and terrorized by his experience. He hid in our closet for months terrified of everything, including my wife's voice. I assume it reminded him of Liesa's screechy voice, which terrorizes me too. This beautiful male cat took 2-3 years to socialize, but we read up on feral cats, and slowly, gently brought him to trust, eat and eventually sleep near us on the couch. Liesa vaguely mentioned her "problems" with K.C animal control. K.C animal control is only capable of collecting exorbitant $$$ for pet licenses, and useless for "animal control" in any sense of the word.

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  • Ja
    jamiejoanne Oct 20, 2019

    I bought a persian kitten from this woman 2015. After 24 hours the kitten became deathly ill. After taking it to the vet I found out the kitten was only 6-7 weeks old and positive for feline leukemia. She sufferred for 3 days while a gracious vet went above and beyond to try to save her. My dear kitty is alive today and she was lucky. I found out later all her littermates died shortly after i bought my kitten. She is the sweetest cat but is positive for feline leaukemia and needs a lot of vet care. This woman should not be able to have animals.

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  • Li
    Liesa is a animal killer Oct 22, 2018

    October 2018 A person I know bought a puppy from her which when he was brought to the vet she was told he was blind in right eye and suffering paralysis on his right side which involved his jaw. He is under weight and very dehydrated and received intravenous fluid at the vet visit. He also acts very scared of everything as if he was abused severely. the witch told my friend that the pup was 6+ months old and had not been vaccinated or altered. the witch gave him a shot after my friend paid her for the pup but the witch was not going to do that unless someone bought him. I was just informed 1 week after she purchased the poor pup - after reading the above complaints I know this witch liesa nelson who resides at 16207 30-9th ave ne in duvall wa 98019 must be shut down but I am having a problem understanding why King County Animal control has not stopped her as she has complaints going back many years. I wonder how many animals are buried on her property, poor little ones which she could not sell. She keeps them in sawdust which was the reason my friends little pup's blind eye was also infected and he also had a cut on his inside leg which the vet treated for infection as well. He also smelled of urine. I am researching her business license which I cannot verify - which indicates she does not have one, and I am sure the department of revenue would be interested as I doubt if she is paying sales tax for the outrageous fees she charges for these poor little fur babies. I do not know what King County's problem is but at this point they are going to have a bigger problem now that it is obvious they are not doing anything - there are many organizations who I am as we speak contacting regarding this batshit crazy witch and her horrible abuse of so many animals. King County better wake the f k up because it is ON NOW

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  • Gr
    Gretel Grant Dec 19, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    She's at it again with Persian kittens, she needs to be stopped!

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  • Ju
    Justin L. Mar 04, 2015

    We bought an austrailian shephered from this lady without even knowing what was going on. The puppy is a littile over a year old and she is deffinately strange. She is not the same size as any other austrailian that i have ever seen. She wont stop pottying in the house and we have literaly done everything we can. Everytime she knows shes in trouble she turns right on her back and starts peeing. She is great with the kids but doesn't act like a normal dog and definately not worth the 900$ we paid for her without papers. When we went to pick out the dog she had so many puppies and dogs on her property I dont know how those dogs done end up inbreed or over breed. This lady needs to be looked into by Animal Protection. Please do not buy anything from this lady she is definately a puppy mill and not your normal breeder.

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  • Bd
    bd42 Nov 20, 2014

    Craigslist ad.


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  • Bd
    bd42 Nov 20, 2014

    She is also selling dalmatian puppies.

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  • An
    AnimalMommie Nov 13, 2014

    Another picture from post


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  • An
    AnimalMommie Nov 13, 2014

    Picture from post


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  • An
    AnimalMommie Nov 13, 2014

    Thank God I found your postings above!!! I googled her number and was linked to all this GREAT information!!! I will NOT be buying from this cat mill!!! I was going to see her cats this weekend, but NOT anymore.

    Here is the Seattle Craigslist ad that I just saw November 2014 that made me interested.
    CFA Registered Persian Kittens (Duvall)

    "Purebred, Registered, Persian Kittens. !00 % litter box trained, health and vet checked guaranteed. Very socialized, purr when you pet and hold them. We have two litters, one with whites with blue eyes. The other litter are rare chinchilla silvers with green eyes. We have other kittens that are almost ready to go. Land line
    show contact info leave a message if we don't pick up."

    Here is the email where she doesn't answer ANY of my questions:
    On Nov 12, 2014, at 10:35 AM, "craigslist [protected]"
    "Hi, we have a few ready now and more that will be ready in a few weeks. You should come see them if you're close. Please call for details and appointment. Land line [protected] Lisa

    On Tuesday, November 11, 2014 6:44 PM
    Hi, do you still have persian kittens available? How old are they? What colors and gender?"

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  • Ke
    kevin43 Jul 27, 2014

    stop puppy mills

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  • Fa
    Farmer jean Jun 21, 2014

    Have any of you reached out to pasado's safe haven? They may be able to help, as they get aid from actual law enforcement in abuse cases. Their work to rescue animals in such circumstances. They may be able to shut her down.

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  • Gi
    Ginnyraay Jun 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too bought what she said was a Persian and today 13 months later found out she is a Himalayan and she is a mini because she is only 5 lbs. she has an under bite and is just so small, thank God healthy and sweet but I to was lied to. I was told 400 with papers but then when we got there with 400 she said 200 more for papers which we didnt have and so we bought ziazia anyway and now i find out all this information. I wish myself and more can get her shut down. Yes she acts religious and I was confused because I had a headache that day and she offered me a pain pill which I refused...This lady is sketchy to say the least.She needs to be shut down and the poor animals placed in good clean safe homes...I seen sick hurt animals and questioned myself is this legit but thought well she advertises so shes not hiding, not knowing that means nothing. Please someone shut her down...

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  • Da
    DanDanDa Apr 23, 2014

    I just saw her ad on craigslist. What I found fishy was her description of Australian Shepherds:

    "Quick to train, calm in the house, don't shed much, not big barkers, chewers or diggers. They get along great with other dogs, cats and small kids. They do well in condo/apartment homes."

    They are NOT calm in a house, and they don't do well in condos or apartments. They need to be active and need metals and physical stimulation. They will become destructive if they are not exercised or played with. So I googled her number and found lots of complaints about her.

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  • So
    sota2 Apr 01, 2014

    I also went looking for a silver chinchilla Persian which led me to Liesa's house. I drove a great distance with cash in hand to see the kittens that she had told me were "eating well enough to be ready to go". Once I got there she would not let me and my sister into the house. She had us wait by the large dog area where there were many Australian shepherd's that appeared dirty, wet and unkempt. she walked us through the side yard and there was a small barn style building that she kept some dogs in and then to the next barn style building where she housed the cats. it is exactly as the woman above describes.. a small shed like area turned into a caged breading/birthing area for the cats. there are about 3 different cages, with adult cats and then the kittens on the bottom half. She had litters of varying ages and the one I picked from was a 6 week old litter. (Yes very young... but she was one of the only kittens that looked clean and healthy). My sister and I exchanged looks after seeing the condition of one of the calico colored Persian adults in the far left kennel, which Liesa tried to hand me an older kitten from that same kennel that appeared to be having eye issues as well. She tried to convince me to take the older (sick looking kitten) and told me that if I took the younger one she would not guarantee her health. well, from what I had seen it didn't matter which cat I choose, she didnt have Veterinary paperwork for any of them. All she gave me was a hand written paper from her stating the breed, dob, type of food they are eating and the price i paid for her. I did ask to see the CFA papers for the kittens parents, which she showed me but who knows if it is really her parents or not. she acted very religious, pushy, and odd. I feel bad for those animals. I saved the one kitten I thought had a chance.. and she is doing great thank goodness. hopefully she gets shut down.

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  • 92
    92025 Feb 06, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These horrid people are running no more than a legal puppymill in Duvall, Wa. I spoke several times to King County Animal Control today and filed a written complaint. Today on Craigslist, she has FIVE puppy litters advertised. I called her and Leisa told me she gets $900.00-$1500.00 per puppy(tax free). Not even a hobby breeder of legit AKC breeder has this many puppies at one time. She even offered to sell me the "mama dogs" who have puppies at their sides.
    Below are some of her pics on CL


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  • Ru
    rustywilding Jan 22, 2014

    I, unfortuately adopted one of Liesa's dogs a couple years ago through craigslist. The original buyer had only had him a couple days and their landlord told them they couldn't have the dog. Before agreeing to buy the dog (he was 9weeks), I inquired about the breeder, her name, etc.. I googled her and couldn't find any information on her business so I called the veterinary office that was closest to her.. They confirmed she took her animals there and that she was a good breeder and cared greatly for her animals... So, I bought him.. Initially, he seemed fine, but quickly started to show signs of food agression with my other dog and a few other anxious traits i felt were troublesome..
    I contacted Liesa to ask about his litter (how many pups, his behavior, etc..).. I explained his behaviors to her and she assured me that he was "an only pup, " and that maybe i should pray about the other issues.. I also asked about his papers and she told me that she wouldn't send them until he was neutered.. Well, he was neutered and I never received any papers..
    His behaviors got worse.. I took him to dog training, and even went as far as to "rehome" him to a person in the Chicago area whom my dog trainer suggested because she worked specifically with aussies. I was clearly in over my head with this guy and didn't know what else to do. He was so much for her, that after 6 weeks, she sent him back..
    While he is the most loving dog, he has several behavioral issues and I've come to the conclusion that he is probably inbred.. His wires, somewhere are crossed. He currently lives with my father and another dog and my father enjoys him, but he still has his ticks.. I just feel so sad because I can only imagine how some of these other pups may have been abused by people who were just too frustrated to deal with them.. Since getting my dog, i have seen numerous ads for this woman and her wonderful pets.. I too would like to contact King County Animal Services, but it doesn't look like they do much..
    I wish i could do more besides post on blogs.. It has been almost 4 years and I'm still angry about her and what she is doing.. Nothing upsets me more than someone abusing animals and she clearly is..

    3 Votes
  • Gi
    g in lacey Nov 23, 2013

    We found one of Lisa/Leisa Nelson's ads on Craigslist and did some Internet searching--due diligence, right?

    Well, we found this post. We found reviews on Yelp ( ). We found many other advertisements. It is November 23, 2013, and this Lisa/Leisa woman is still selling an usually high number of puppies online.

    As the original poster did, we contacted King County Animal Services, requesting feedback on the Lisa/Leisa woman's operation. All indications point toward "puppy mill", but (in all fairness) I haven't been out to see her location firsthand. All the firsthand accounts I've read, though, paint the same picture.

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