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D-7 Property Management Complaints 8

11:11 pm EDT

D-7 Property Management Bob

My mom rented with you guyes she very clean person .1 she moved in it was filthy

2 she kept hallways clean and tidy

3 Bob trashed a new stroller

4 my mom cleaned her apartment before she left and looked after over flown sink she did 20 pails she asked Bob help he said no not his job or apt 5 the siding on the building it could killed someone he did nothing at all .my mom deserves her damage deposit she got housing to get me and have her babies home on her own she got 5bdiffernt people to rent good people also she deserves the money for food what got [censored]ty water on my mom food and mine now we have nothing

Claimed loss: 145 for food because of the sink she didn't no was gonna over flow onto food

Desired outcome: Want money back

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10:54 pm EDT

D-7 Property Management Mail, recycling and cleaning

Our caretaker "Bernice" keeps putting "no fliers" stickers on all the mail boxes, this is a federal offence. I have contacted the post office and they put me through to the police, I have pressed charges.
She has also removed the recycle bins, she claims homeless people stole them but everyone seen her load them in her car. The police have given me a number to call, I will call them on the morning.
I have lived here for 1 and a half years, last week was the first time she cleaned the hallways, usually it has been done by a 10 year old boy every 2 months or so. She was cursing and swearing early in the morning because the bin beside the mail box was full.
Calling your office on St Mary's Rd has not resolved anything.

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11:21 pm EDT

D-7 Property Management Urgent about tax form 2020


My name is Ilham bouaoud, I want to complaint about my return tax, I still didn't receive it, my rent was on 204 thomas berry street, I change it for now but i still didn't receive my form tax 2020 from you so I can apply to my return tax.

Please fill free to send it to me as soon as possible on my email: bouaoud.[protected]

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6:50 pm EST

D-7 Property Management Unfair eviction, safety issues

Anyone looking to rent for this company should know that and my roommate were renting at the St Boniface area, the building is run down and they will leave holes in the wall and make "temporary fixes" and if you voice your concerns they will not kick out dangerous people instead they will bully you they will also break landlord tenant privacy and tell other tenants everyone elses business and harrass you even when your only a week behind and they will ignore the phone calls and accuse you off abandoning the property we were scared and we even sent them police reports they are from understanding DO NOT RENT THERE they are a horrible rental company they will throw your stuff out without a phone call . They are not a company they a are slumlords who are far from Covid friendly.

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Update by bob 23
Nov 24, 2020 10:56 pm EST

I hope your reading this Jean everyone hates you and your horrible way of being a slumlord

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11:59 am EDT

D-7 Property Management Other

recently fell behind rent half month plus with current they would't offer arrangement never before in 10 years living here was bad tenant or late but last 2 years with illness and recently injured hamstring been off work 3 weeks got behind but when phoned them the girl was real nasty and rude basically get the hell out it's not a big sum offered to pay when go back work warning others they are jerks

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3:14 am EDT
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D-7 Property Management Carataker Service

I can't believe that the Caretaker here at 594 Agnes street is always high on meth and cocaine and always partying does not do his job even showed a unit that someone else is living in in the next building 602 Agnes is already rented out to someone else I can't believe that the best caretakers that this building left wish they would return to take over

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9:47 am EDT
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D-7 Property Management Service

I am renting from this company D7 they are not as best as they can be I really have a problem with 594-602 Agnes street has no Caretaker here for eather buildings, the caretaker got fired for not doing there job and always drunk and high on drugs and plus they allowed a hooker live in this building I am in nonthing gets done here there is bed bugs here from other people that use to live here and found a mouse here not only that some people live here steals mail from other people not safe d7 will not return ur money of damage deposit plus the caretaker that lives here d7 is still letting him live here when I asked for some things to get fixed in my and my husband place I got in trouble cause I went down to landlord and tenant act to fill out a repair form got told D7 property will find a way to evict you That's y after this year lease is up we will find another place to move to that is better looked after and the caretaker does not allow any ...go on.

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5:56 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

D-7 Property Management Bed bugs

Looking on kijiji I came accross a 1 BR apartment for $470/month which was right around my budget. My boyfriend and I went on a Sunday to go and view it while the current occupant was still there. After going to take a look I specifically asked the caretaker if they had ever had any issues with bed bugs in the building and he replied with a very insured "no". I was approved for this apartment owned by D7 Property management. A week after I was approved the previous occupant moved out (dec.1st 2012)and any day I was able to move in and would receive my keys as soon as I payed my first months rent ( December) which was paid on the 1st. My boyfriend and I went to the apartment with intentions to clean before moving in. I had brought my 6 month old son along.He got hungry so I then made him a bottle and sat on the living room floor and observed the baseboards which I then noticed that there were little insects crawling on them. I went and took a closer look and then realized they were bed bugs! I called my boyfriend over and immediately took everything off the carpet in the living room. I showed my boyfriend what I had seen and we then called the caretaker to come and take a look for himself! The caretaker had said that he had never seen them before and he insured me that he would contact the property management and have them call the exterminator (low-cost). I then went ahead and called the health inspector the next day just to make sure all necessary actions were taken and the problem was being properly taken care of. The bed bug hotline, which contacts the health inspector, informed me to document everything that's been going on and to take pictures as proof. They also let me know that if I wanted to, I was allowed to even go as far as knocking on other occupants doors and ask them myself if they've ever had any problems. I went to the apartment after speaking with them and took a couple photos. When I was leaving a lady from down the hall on the same floor was leaving her apartment. I said "excuse me, I was just wondering if you know if they've ever had any issues with bed bugs in the building?" She then told me that the girl that lived in the apartment that I was moving into had her place sprayed for them and she had hers sprayed too just in case. I thought it was kinda funny becaus the caretaker told me no, they've never had any issues. I made sure I was able to talk to the exterminator himself and ask what I was to do to maintain the apartment and prevent them from coming back. I also wanted to make sure they actually had someone there to spray. He informed me that I had to go to the apartment 24 hrs later and vacuum. I asked him if hes ever been to these apartments before and he said no but has been to the building. I later confronted the caretaker via telephone about what i had found out from a tenant on the same floor and his story than changed. The next day when i went back to the apartment to vacuum the caretaker informed me they had a 2 BR available now next door and it was only $540/month. My thought at that time was my son could have a bedroom and my boyfriend and I could have one as well for just $70 more a month. The caretaker allowed us to go and take a look at it and in the bathroom inside the bathtub, there, was a bed bug. I let him know I was definitely interested in this apartment but wanted it sprayed as well. Again I made sure that I was there for when they sprayed so I knew they actually did. When the exterminator was there they were spraying the apartment across the hall as well. The tenants in that suit were still sleeping when they showed up. I commented to the caretaker that its people like that that are the reason why stuff like this is an ongoing issue. Because I had to go back and vacuum the next day I traded the caretaker keys and gave him the keys for the 1 BR I was originally going to rent and he gave me the keys for the 2 BR. I let him know that by that weekend Saturday we would have the $111 difference and at the time I give him the money i will sign the lease. The following week, Wednesday, I received a call from the health inspector who asked me what happened with the situation and I informed him that they sprayed and the caretaker was taking care of the situation immediately. The health inspector let me know he was going to call the caretaker and make sure he was doing everything he was suppose to. I gave him the caretakers name and phone number. Around 3 pm that same day I also received a call from D7 property management. They immediately informed me that the caretaker received a phone call from the health inspector and suggested to me that I find somewhere else to move. They then told me that I didn't seem happy and i insisted that I appreciated everything the caretakers doing and that the exterminators are there the same day that the phone call is made.They then told me that if I was happy then they'd hate to see me mad. I had informed them that they cannot under any conditions evict me from the building for calling a health inspector and again they "suggested" that I find somewhere else to move and that there were Alot of sour faces in the office. I assured them that the tenancy board would be notified. Later that evening my boyfriend and I went to the building to pay the difference of $111 for the 2 bedroom and sign the 1 year lease. I tried knocking on the caretakers door, no answer. Tried calling, no answer. We decided we would go to the apartment and wait a few mins and try again. When we got to the door to the apartment, the lock had been changed. Cleaning products inside, no key that would unlock the door, I was furious and so was my boyfriend. We took a quick look outside and noticed that the caretakers lights were off, but were on when we arrived. We stood outside his door and called his house phone from both my phone and my boyfriends and still no answer. When we were trying to call we could hear the phone ringing inside and also heard the floor creaking as the caretaker was in the apartment but ignored our calls and the knocks on the door. I then tried calling police non emergency as to how to go about retrieving my belongings. They suggested I contact tenancy board as they could not do anything unless there was a dispute. I contacted the tenancy board the next day and explained the situation and told them I wanted all my money back. D7 was more than happy to but than gave me a hard time when I showed up for my money. Not only was I labeled "one of the ###s that come in" by an older lady working in one of the rooms in the back, but she also wanted me to wait or come back in a couple hours. I refused and demanded it immediately as I have better things to do than play along with their games and f*** around all day. After all this hassle I contacted a friend that works for the city and arranges inspections. My friend informed me that 242 Machray St. has had 15 + complaints about bed bugs in the past year. Lets just say next time I apply for an apartment i'm going to do my research and make sure there is no bad history with the property management and I get all info I need prior to applying. Also, I will NEVER rent from D7 and I will make sure that building gets inspected by higher authority as well as future and present residents are aware of the on goings that have happened.

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Len tocher
Aug 14, 2018 9:52 am EDT

Building are filthy smelly caretakers stealing from tenants jean is a slum lord tells her caretakers she want people out of suites and she doesn't care how u do it fuses are her way to hassle tenants

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