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Our about 100-ft cedar wood fence extension (above block wall) was severely damaged during a storm. Each section of 12, 8-foot long sections interconnects to each other like links in a chain thru common posts. Several of these posts were broken at their bases. One section fell off; several others are very loose. Dry Southwest climate. The entire fence must be replaced. LMI claims total replacement cost is $265. 84. With our $500 deductible, Liberty Mutual (SafeCo) refuses to pay. $265 will not even pay for just the cedar of ONE section (must be special-ordered, trucked in). I found LMI claims adjusters, Katherine Weinberger and Kristina Aguirre, are terrible to deal with: Both were condescending, evasive, deceptive, manipulative. They refused to consider all losses, insulted me with corporate BS spiel mantras, and refused to provide me their chain of command and LMI's Registered Agent info. Also, they claimed that LMI did not deny my claim, implying that if LMI assesses losses at $1, it could claim non-denial. Simple fact is: LMI clearly loves to DENY PAYING CLAIMS. Katherine Weinberger and Kristina Aguirre even refused to justify how LMI derived its $265 figure. They both clearly have absolute no credibility regarding anything.

The sole purpose of insurance is to protect you from catastrophic financial losses should the covered item be damaged, destroyed, stolen - what your premiums pay for. If a claim arises, you rightfully expect it to be reliably, fairly, totally and quickly paid, less deductible. Insurance companies which delay, nitpick, resort to technicalities, ultra low-ball, refuse to fully consider losses, refuse to itemize settlement figures are crooks. Period. Our experience LMI. Check out LMI yourself.

Your hard-earned premiums are not intended to pay for multi-million dollar compensation packages + golden parachutes for about 10 of its execs, fleet of 5 long-distance luxury corporate jets, state-of-the-art hangar, lavish resort stays, etc. LMI. You expect your claims to be evaluated and paid fairly, quickly, fully based on your coverage, losses - not based upon some arbitrary low-ball formula contrived by MBAs. Again, LMI. Nor expect their claims adjusters to be financially rewarded for denying or low-balling you. Again, LMI. Nor tolerate bad employee treatment: LMI clearly has history of not paying overtime, for paying much smaller salaries and bonuses to its female employees, and with a firmly intact glass ceiling. Out of LMI's 54 Operational Managers, only 2 have identifiable female names! Clearly, LMI abuses its female employees by making them futureless stupid fools providing its big boys with lavish lifestyles paid for by policyholder premiums.

Out of about 100 insurance companies, LMI ranks about #8 from the bottom - many LMI bad faith and breach of contract complaints. "Soaring greed at Liberty Mutual" (Brian McGrory, Boston Globe). "Liberty Mutual tries to squirm out of every claim" (Bill Shaw, 2016). LMI uses the "pure premium" criteria (basically, the % of total premiums used to pay total claims) to measure LMI's profitability, to evaluate its claims adjusters and for their bonuses. The less paid out in claims, the lower the pure premium, the better the evaluation and the bigger the bonus. You get the picture.

Worse thing that any American corp. can do is to betray, demean and disrespect our Country. A big deal to me; I honorably volunteered and served our Country during time of war. LMI runs disgusting and despicable TV ads which show The Statue of Liberty - sacred American symbol - at left. At right is usually a person acting or looking bizarre and crazy - clearly implies that The Statue of Liberty (ie: America) makes people act and appear bizarre and/or crazy. In many of LMI ads (eg: emu ads), a yellowish color is prominent, which appears to closely match the color of the Chinese flag stars and some Chinese cultural symbols (eg: Chinese Lantern). DOD says China is enemy of the USA. LMI appears to be only "American" insurance company allowed to operate in Western China; meaning that China controls some, if not all, of LMI. If LMI substituted its Statue of Liberty image with the image of Chin Shih Huang, for sure, LMI would have zero China market share - if not sued to the hilt.

Also, there are clearly disturbing complex dealings involving China (ie: Fosun International Ltd), LMI and its Ironshore subsidiary, Wright & Co. (previous subsidiary of Ironshore; bought, later sold by Fosun), Starr Companies, Lloyd's China platform, and CoverWallet. Wright USA writes most of the liability insurance policies for Federal workers, including the CIA. The personal, private, financial data of 1, 000s of CIA employees and their families are at grave risk of compromise.

Liberty Mutual owns many insurance companies eg: SafeCo, Ironshore, American Fire & Casualty, Ohio Casualty, Peerless Insurance, etc). Always inform everyone you care about.

Oct 09, 2019

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