Liberty Mutual Insuranceroadside assistance

L Oct 01, 2019

Beware! There are terrible telephone reps at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for roadside assistance. Unprofessional and a disgrace. They don't understand that when you call roadside assistance, it's because your car broke down and you need help.

I called on 9/29/19 and provided all of the information requested and the telephone rep (girl) that I spoke with kept getting my policy number wrong, my name wrong, my phone number wrong, my location wrong, and the address wrong where I wanted the vehicle to be towed to. While I was repeatedly correcting her, she thought it was funny. I really believe that she was enjoying taunting me. I was very upset about not only the vehicle breaking down, but I also had to deal with this (evil) person at Liberty Mutual.

I was on the phone with her for over an hour resulting in me practically begging her to dispatch a tow truck!! It was getting dark and the car was in an unsafe area. I told her to dispatch the tow truck first and then I wanted to speak with a supervisor second (to report her and to confirm that she had dispatched the tow truck since I didn't trust her. I didn't tell her this). Instead of dispatching the tow truck immediately, she placed me on hold for a very long time (I believe purposely). When she came back to the call, she told me that she was transferring the call to a supervisor, "like you requested" she said in a snickering tone. I asked her if she had dispatched the tow truck first and she said "no".

The supervisor, after more discussion, did finally dispatch the tow company and told me that it would take 1 hour to arrive. That's after spending 1 and 1/2 hours on the phone!! I immediately called a local towing company myself and they arrived in 5 minutes! I cancelled the Liberty Mutual tow. After this experience, I am done with Liberty Mutual Insurance and I'll be switching to a new insurance company.

Poor customer service is happening on David H. Long's watch. My understanding is that David is the CEO of Liberty Mutual. He is ultimately responsible for what is happening at Liberty Mutual or those that represent Liberty Mutual.

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