LG Refrigeratoranyone who bought an lg refrigerator has run into this problem

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Last September, I thought I was buying the most expensive appliance in my lifetime and that I would love it. Sorry to say, that was not a reality. The freezer which is supposed to be frost-free has not been working as a frost-free. I had made calls to the dealer TOM'S APPLIANCE, Grand Ave., Chatham, Ontario and in March one of their employees came and took a look at the problem. He said he will tell the owner of the shop and the repairman, and then he left. One month later still heard nothing from them so I called the store and left a message with the owner's wife. She said she would speak with Mike who had come and seen the problem. Three or four days later, still had not heard from anyone. I stopped by the store and spoke with the owner's wife, personally, and she told me she had left Mike a note, which she showed me, and it had a note on it that they were going to do something about it the next day. Eventually, Paul, a serviceman, came and supposedly adjusted some hose and said that that might fix it. He chopped away at the ice in and around the bottom and helped me clean all the broken ice. Two months later I call them again to let them know that the problem is not solved. This is now July and I don't know what to do. I am wondering if I should ask them to replace the refrigerator as I obviously got a lemon, but I just can't make lemonade with it.

I am wondering if anyone who bought an LG Refrigerator has run into this problem. I know of someone who had bought another brand and had a similar problem with a brand new item. They did change the thermostat for them and it was fixed.

The dealer told me they had never heard of my problem before, so they don't know how to repair it. I can't even open the ice cube drawer because of the ice forming around it. It's frustrating on a hot day when I can't get an ice cube from my fridge freezer. An item I paid over $1,600.00 for.

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    12 days not 112 wont let me edit it sry

  • Updated by utsuk dutta · Sep 18, 2017

    my LG ac is not cooling properly and desktop monitor is not responding .I need the service of an LG authorize personnel at home.

  • Updated by Aspk han · Mar 14, 2018

    Sir my lg g3 cat6 doesn't support 4g network .pllease help me about it.it is "kitkat"version

  • Updated by Gopal Chakravorty · Apr 15, 2018

    LG AC not working since 1 Year No cooling, the trust has been broken .

    After the company free service this problem has arrise


  • Am
    A M Wright Feb 19, 2007

    Do not buy an LG refrigerator. I have had bad relations with customer service, as did my appliance man and am afraid I paid for parts that I did not need to fix a solenoid problem.

    I also had a frozen area in the unit. Please beware about trying to fix these items it seems they look good upfront but fail and are a bear to repair.

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  • Pr
    Pratap Kumar May 02, 2007

    Ya!!! My fridge also having the same type of problem in refrigerator compartment, after 9 months of buying the refrigerator problem started. I am also suggesting that not to buy anything by brand name!!!

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  • Vr
    V.Ramanan Jun 24, 2007

    I bought an LG Refrigerator 2 years before and i also have the same problem. I haven't had this problem before with other brands.

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  • Jo
    john liu Jul 13, 2007

    LG Refrigerator water tube leaks water and damaged my hardwood floor. It also has so many defect parts. It should recall the product.

    The quality of the refrigerator is very bad!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Haylock Calder Sep 08, 2018

    @john liu Mine also leaked and ruined my floor 2 months after the warrany expired. What a scam. Will never by LG again, life is not good with them.

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  • Ge
    Geosmama Sep 16, 2018

    @Michelle Haylock Calder I may have the same problem. How did you get it fixed?

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  • Ge
    Geosmama Sep 16, 2018

    @Michelle Haylock Calder I think I have the same issue. How did you get it fixed?

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  • Ja
    Jackie Hanson Sep 26, 2018

    @john liu YES!!! DON'T BUY LG! HORRIBLE customer service and my problems with ice and water dispenser started just 2 months after I purchased it at Home Depot! I called in and first time I did I got a repair person out. Problem kept happening and so called them again. Got the run around and then they stalled me so long my warranty ran out!! I purchased an extended warranty and the LG rep sent me to the warranty company and they don't understand the problem! We have ONE repair person here that handles LG and they are thinking of quitting as they never get paid! All other repairman quit LG because of the poor service they receive from them AND not getting paid for a year or more! The product isn't worth it!!! Looks good, but that is IT! Water dispenser leaks constantly, ice maker never makes ice, and when it might, it makes four cubes for the day! Giant piece of crap!!! Paid $1, 800 for it! STAY AWAY FROM LG PRODUCTS! How they stay in business I don't know. Never had this problem with our 14 year old Kenmore!!! Should have stuck with that! NEVER AGAIN!!! I should have read all the reviews BEFORE I purchased it! Should have listened and researched better! There's too many lemons out there!

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  • Vi
    VIPUL SHAH nadiad gujarat Aug 05, 2007

    Before two months we have purchased freeze and after seven visit of their service engineer at our house the issue is not resolved. Very bad experience about service. even after lodging complain to customer care center on 31st July nothing is done by their engineer.

    vipul shah.

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  • Jo
    Joyce Patton Sep 14, 2007

    LG refrigerators are very very bad. We've had nothing but problems... including the frost in the freezer. Now the freezer has quit working entirely. I wish I had googled "lg sucks" before buying.

    DO NOT BUY LG PRODUCTS! My husband is going to take a sledge hammer to our practically new fridge. I'll be posting the video on youtube. Stay tuned.

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  • Ba
    Bad LG Fri.. Sep 17, 2007

    I bought an LG French door bottom mount, after 1 year I heard loud scraping noises coming from the bottom freezer. after disassembling the inner back panel I found that a "HUGE" chunk of ice formed on the electronics. It appears that the drip hose for the ice maker was leaking onto the electronics inside the back panel and began to freeze forming near the condensation fan. I defrosted the ice wiped down the wiring and reassembled the back panel as it was. I noticed that the drip hose for the ice maker has a slit in it (probably to allow for expansion and contraction) NOTE: IF YOU FIND YOUR HOSE LEAKING JUST FLIP IT SO THE SLIT IS FACING UP! This should prevent drops of water from forming at the back of the freezer.

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  • Be
    Ben Nelson Sep 28, 2007

    I ran into the same problem with ice forming in the back of the freezer. It got bad enough that it blocked the vents that lead to the refrigerator compartment, so the fridge stopped working.

    I called the closest appliance repair place that is an "official" LG repairer and was told that this problem is really common.

    She said I was lucky the ice hadn't built up enough to damage the fan and motor in the freezer.

    I was told the problem is the main board. There is a circuit board on the back of the fridge under a panel held on by 3 screws. This controls the defrost feature and everything else on the fridge. I was told they manufactured a big batch of these that were essencially defective - the defrost feature eventually just gives out.

    The last digit on my board part number is "A". For the replacement part, they are now up to "J". That means they have already updated this part over a half dozen times.

    I am currently fighting with LG about getting this covered under warranty. My fridge is 1&1/2 years old, and only came with a 1-year warranty (should have bought it in Canada - they get a two year warranty)

    It is obviously a manufacturing defect. A circuit board has no moving parts, and is not easily accessable to damage the way a handle or hinge is. it is not a "maintenance item".

    There is no reason why the board shouldn't work, and that they shouldn't replace it if it doesn't.

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  • Ka
    Kapil Oct 30, 2007

    I gave my microwave for repair to LG service centre in Noida little over couple of weeks back with problem: whenever power goes down and comes back, the microwave will either start right away or after few hours.
    They said they are going to call me with problem and estimate in 24 hrs. I had to call them up twice in two weeks and after around 10-12 days I got a response that Microwave is ready (no problem/estimate call in betweens) and a part (PCB) worth some 1070 Rs. was replaced (of course with full ONE MONTH warranty) and some 200Rs. labor charges (To put a PCB? anyways) and some tax so overall charging 1250Rs. and two weeks of microwave-less life.
    Wow!! I was so glad and happy to see a glass of water which was heated in front of me at the service centre. So I brought it back home just to find out that once I put the tray with roller in the microwave and put anything to heat it doesn't heat up (1250 Rs. for heating a glass of water??? that too not for me???)
    So I had to take it back the very next day, again assuring me a problem/estimate call in 24 hrs. Today I had to call them up after 3 days to figure out that the microwave is ready with new Magnetron (Wow!!) as the old one was not working so they replaced it (without bothering to call me for problem/estimate) for just 700Rs.
    So tomorrow I'm going to get that Microwave back (Now worth 2000Rs more) with my fingers crossed and hoping things work out this time. It's been loooooong I've cooked anything on it. And as I had become so lazy due to it, past several days had been really really hard for me :-(
    Best of luck buying a LG (life's good with LG or maybe life's gone with LG)

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  • Mo
    Mohan Kshirsagar Dec 21, 2007

    I am also suffering from service given by LG.
    I really do not know wheter posting the feedback like this our our experiences or complaints really have any effect on the thick skinned managemament.
    This sites may be just to show that the management is caring and is transperant in administration.
    Enjoy the current prodct


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  • Ti
    TIMIRGANDHI May 06, 2008

    I had persue one refrigerator from BHAVNAGAR, gujarat(INDIA)before 2.5 months, n then after within 1 month it started malfunctioning

    then after 1st service i was suffering with same problem.

    Then once again i given it in service still since last month i didnt get any reply from ur company about my rfgertor status.

    So its my humble request to u that pls u guide me about the formalities and proper approach for complain.


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  • As
    ASHOK May 06, 2008


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  • Jb
    JByron May 22, 2008

    LG refridgerator LFX model, bottom freezer, was defective in the box and continues to be defective. LG should refund all monies that they have aquired from an over priced lemon which they know about, yet will not replace, an or issue a refund. Do Not Buy LG anything!

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  • Do not, do not!!! Buy any lg products. Lg does not stand behind their products, they have the worst customer service and they do not care if you have a problem with their products. I purchased an lg refrigirator lfd25860 for almost $2, 000 at best buy this was my first lgproduct and it will be my last. I have had problems with it since the first day it was delivered to my home. I have had many repair men that have been unable to fix it. I havehad problems with the freezer, with the water dispenser with the ice maker and now after a year and a half it completely broke. I came across this website looking for lg parts because no one carries the parts and my repair man now is having a hard time finding the part to try and get this lemon working. " do not buy anything lg" it will be the biggest mistake you have made, i know it was mine.

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  • Mc
    MC Jun 19, 2008

    file a complainte with the Attorney General office in you state, you paid for it when you pay your taxes.

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  • Jm
    j martin Jul 11, 2008

    Our new refridg. was purchased from Sears as a Kenmore . (made by LG). We noticed television interference on the lower channels ( below 7). We have an antenna on the roof. Those with cable or satelite may not notice this. It appears as diagional rows or curves of dot throughout the picture. The interference seems to be caused by the digital electronics in the fridg. T he Sears repairman verified this and Sears is in the process of replacing it with another Kenmore made this time by Amana. We have pur fingers crossed. The new one is due today. Sears said that the first refridg. was made by LG. I called the FCC and discussed their Part 15 rules . They said that tvi is an increasing problem with refridg. The cause is all the digital electronics and poor design. We have 3 tv's on different circuits ...no matter, TVI on all.

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  • Sc
    Scott Aug 07, 2008

    We have had the same type of problems. First we had the ice build-up behind the freezer against the fan. Then we find that no one fixes LG products. Well after popping a few screws and running a hair dryer for an hour I got it all defrosted and it worked great. 4 Months later now the ice maker doesn't work at all. This is a piece of junk and will be the last LG product I buy. I own rental homes for a living and we purchase used standard refrigerators for about $100 and they work great for 3-4 years then we replace them. I paid 20 times that for this crap.

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  • Ce
    Cecilia Hernandez Aug 26, 2008

    The only thing I have to say is that what ever you do make sure you stay away from LG appliances unless you do not have anything else better to do with it. In September 2007 I bought all my appliances LG, range (LRE30955) refrigerator (LFX25980) microwave (LMVM2075) and the steam washer and drier; all over $12, 000.
    Fridge: from the start I had problems with the vegetable trays, they would not come out. This part was replaced. Ten month later the water started to flow continuously from the water dispenser, my floor were ruined. LG refused to change my refrigerator, they have the worst customer support.

    Rage: The front element stopped working after the first time I used it. The glass on the oven doors are not sealed so the grease from cooking falls in between; you cannot clean what falls between the two glass panels of the oven door. I call customer support and they told me that was cosmetic and was not included in their warranty.

    Washer and dryer; they work fine, except that they are made of cheap plastic and it breaks easily.
    Buy KitchenAid, at least their customer support is excellent.

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  • Gu
    gurnam singh Aug 26, 2008

    Our microwave oven stopped working and complaint was registered on 16-08-08. Next day technician Mr Solomon Raj came and without checking the power supply declared that pcb is faulty. He scratched the PCB and applied applied solder. He went back without repairing the microwave and without giving any feedback. My complaint no. is82302578 reg. at tel no 39010909. Thereafter I am contacting above no. daily but nobody has visited to address the complaint. Nobody is providing contact no. of senior official of LG India.

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  • Sh
    sherri stewart Sep 16, 2008

    I had problems with the LG frig not defrosting, also the motor, the computer board, the ice maker and the inside back of the frig was coming loose, I demanded a new one telling them I had a lemon, but i also had problems with the 2nd one also. the lastest and most serious is the inside lights staying on when the doors are closed, this causing all the food to warm and it melted the plastic cover, this is a fire hazard, but LG doesn't give a damm. i have written many letters, emails and contacted the BBB and LG have not called or contacted me in any way. I will continue to warn everyone NOT TO PURCHASE ANY LG PRODUCT, this includes cell phones, T.V. ect.

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  • Da
    Dave Alexander Sep 20, 2008

    I have owned an LG fridge for about 5 years and has until now worked fine, however I have started to get ice buildup on the bottom of the freezer unit. It's like a skating rink on the bottom, not a frost build up all over, just a layer of ice on the bottom. Temperature seems O.k.

    The door seal, seems to be O.k.

    The fridge temperature may not be as cold either.

    I am wondering if anyone knows what is casuing this problem. I am assuming a particular part is not working properly, given the fact that is has worked fine for 5 year.

    We did recently thaw the fridge out for a day to get rid of frost etc., and the problem seems to have started after that.


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  • Ni
    nitin Sep 28, 2008

    we bought 3 fridge last to last year and all have some problem.2 times i have to send it to service center but the problem is at is it. please take a quick action otherwise i w'll go to" UPBHOKTA PHORUM"

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  • La
    LAD Oct 05, 2008

    Our refridgerator is 1.5 years old. Not only did we experience the lights staying on and scorching the inside of the unit. We now have the Freezer Fan error at least every other day. Unplugging it worked for a while, but now the unit sits empty and off. We are at a loss on what to do with such an expensive not working appliance. We are very disappointed and will not by LG again.

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  • Ta
    T.Adaicalam Oct 10, 2008

    i purchase the split air conditioner june 7, 2008.goods not working last 2 months.i was report so many times but no one person come the spot.plz make the action, i believe you, please don't delay other wise i'll move the legal action.

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  • Ja
    Janet Oct 23, 2008

    I purchased LG lfx21960st in Feb 07. Last week I have an error message of er if . At first no one could tell me what that meant. Now I am told that they have to pull the interior of my freezer out and screw in a sheet of plastic to keep the ceiling from falling in!!! When I tried to pin LG down as to what caused that, the skirted the issue and put me on hold for 30 minutes.. (Do I have patience??) . The area of FL where I live the repair men are not very bright, that goes for sears, and Brighthouse...I do not like the idea of them screwing plastic in my freezer to stop the ceiling from falling in...This is suppose to stop the fan from freezing up as it will add more insulatiuon!! My fridge cost $2799.00 and I have a hunk of junk..No more LG for me... I was smart enough to prchase the extended warranty!!!

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  • Lk
    lkcwpines Oct 28, 2008

    We too, purchased an LG french door frig with bottom freezer about in April 2006. Exactly one day before our one-year warranty ran out, I called Sears to get it serviced for a noisy condition that turned out to be a build up of frost hitting the fan. Guess what! It's doing it again! I would like to sue LG! I hope there is a class action law suit and that LG has to "eat crow"! I WILL NOT BUY AN LG ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!

    Yours truly,

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  • Ka
    Karl Eisenhammer Oct 28, 2008

    I have had a big problem removing the old filter for exchange. I had to drill a hole near the top of the filter to get a screwdriver to the top to help PRY out the filter after turning it to the remove spot.

    Now I have another problem. The water comes out CLEAR but the ICE has some kind of PARTICLES in it that look like a white film dust. You can see the stuff at the bottom of your glass after a few minutes of a swirling particle dance is over. Does anyone have any Ideas about how to fix this or what the ICE is contaminated with?

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  • Lo
    lorena Nov 06, 2008

    esto me sirvio para mi tarea de ingles:$ jajjja

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  • Mw
    mwood Nov 10, 2008

    We also have the LG bottom "frost free" french door bottom freezer unit. We puchased this in 2006 and are on our second call to the store to have it fixed. Thankfully we puchased the extended warranty. The freezer is full of frost and ice, the temperature sensor was bad the first time - we'll see what happens this time. The previous models (2004-2005) were recalled for this exact issue. Why were these models not included in the recall??? If enough complaints are filed with the cpsc - they could issue a recall. Personally, I'm tired of my freezer dying in the middle of the night and losing tons of food!!!

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  • Kp
    K Paige Nov 25, 2008

    I have an LG LRTN1832 and I just had Dr. Dan The Appliance Man (excellent service) in and he said that the fridge cannot be repaired as the leak is inside the wall of the fridge! I've had a leak for the past month every couple of days.

    I have an extended warranty with Leon's (4 years) and so they said they'll replace the fridge for one of similar value. Thankfully, I just went on their site and they don't offer LG's anymore in this price range. I was always told to never buy the warranty but I'm glad I did ($175 for 4 appliances for 4 years). Thanks for all your stories. I agree with all - don't buy LG!

    K. Paige ---Windsor, Ontario

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  • Le
    Lena Dec 04, 2008

    The same problem. Bought LFC21760ST refrigerator for $2, 400 in January 2007. The temp control unit got melted and detached, exposing all wires. In addition, a lot of broken plastic parts. VERY POOR QUALITY! Never again LG product for me.

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  • Ra
    Rajesham Gaddala Apr 14, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    My refrigirator is not working. Please come to my house do repair.

    My address:
    Rajesham Gaddala
    IRIS Building
    Magarpatta city,
    Hadapsar, Pune.
    Mobile no:+919011010360

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  • Un
    unsatisfied with LG May 22, 2009

    I purchased the LSC 27950SW in September of 2007. We had to have our ice maker fixed in March of 2008. Now it is broken again. First it would not dispense ice, now it won't make ice at all. The first TWO customer service reps I spoke to just tried to dismiss me because I am out of warranty. The third gave me a couple of tricks to try. The fourth gave me another trick. And the fifth finally transferred me to a manager who once again told me there is nothing LG will do to help me. The funny thing is, I asked all six people if LG offers extended warranties, the sixth person told me NOW LG offers them, but I am too late since I purchased my refrigerator in 2007. So instead of the $99 it would have cost me to extend my warranty, now I will spend over $200 to have my ice maker fixed AGAIN and I have to pray it does not break again next year.

    You know, good companies like Whirlpool and Frigidaire send you a letter/bill when your warranty has expired and they offer you an extended warranty. I will never buy anything from LG again. My dishwasher sucks too (it smells and the dishes are never clean).

    I've been searching the internet and finding all of the complaints people have with LG, so I know I am ANOTHER unsatisfied customer.

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  • Qu
    Quazeymoto Aug 13, 2009

    LG Model #LFC25760SB - Best Buy is selling this junk. This model has double refrigerator doors and a lower freezer drawer. The right rail that allows the ice tray to be accessed has popped apart. The ball-bearings that make the tray smoothly move in and out scattered and are unaccounted for. I found half a dozen of them in the bottom. They are like BB's used in a gun. LG has a terrible website. You cannot get a full parts list or diagram with an exploded view to ID any of the parts. My 76 year old mother bought all new LG appliances for her new retired dream house from Best Buy. She received them months prior to the house being completed. So, it is now one month out of warranty and has not been used 6 months. The service people want $150 to come out. That probably does not include parts. I am still searching for a place that provides all the parts and some assistance for the son that has to 'do it himself'. I love my mom, but none of use will ever purchase an LG product again! All Best Buy wanted to do was sell an extended warranty on ALL her LG appliances for a hefty price. I guess the oven, washer, dryer, microwave/hood will all start to cause problems next. Amana, Kenmore, Whirlpool have always been great to us in the past. Don't be WOWED by a company that puts a TV in the door of a refrigerator (not in her model). If they can't get the basics down, why in the heck would they market a TV? Seems rather odd to me. I watch too much TV as it is. I don't need to stand in front of the fridge to watch more. Besides, fridge time is for commercial time! I am on a rant here! I will follow-up with more on the outcome of this LG disappointment. LG = Luxurious Garbage! Buyer Beware!

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  • Qu
    Quazeymoto Aug 14, 2009

    So far I have learned a lot about this South Korean product:

    1. You better purchase the extended warranty, no matter where you purchased it.

    2. LG uses only 3 known outlets for the replacement parts.

    3. LG wants to sell the Service Manual for $15.00 + shipping. I, fortunately, found a free copy on-line. Unfortunately, the Service Manual does NOT tell you the part numbers to order once you have ID'ed them via the exploded view. It states in the manual "CAUTION: Use the part number to order the part, not the position number." (In their defense, they do have a few part numbers for the electronic items, resistors, capacitors, etc. - NO help for mechanical or "appearance" parts)

    4. When you do call one of the 3 outlets, they have less info in front of them than I did. My inquiry has been passed on to their research department, along with my research: LG LFC25760SB Service Manual, page 42, position 145C in the freezer parts diagram. That is the entire assembly, LG does not sell the one part that I need out of it. The parts outlet report a 4 - 24 hour turnaround time for a response. I called on a Thursday afternoon. I am crossing my fingers.

    5. The 3 outlets have poor part descriptions and 'no images available'. I am a technical person by profession. How do the repair personnel do their jobs?

    6. LG does not have their own service department, they outsource it all.

    7. The Energy Star rating on all their lower freezer design models are way off. This has been 'government verified'; whatever that means today.

    8. I have read that a group has exercised 'the Lemon Law' on LG. I will be researching this further. I want in on this action.

    9. Reportedly, some of the models of bottom freezer/refridgerators in this line have 'caught fire' from the 60 watt bulbs not turning off when the doors are closed. This caused food to ruin and parts to literally melt. I have seen the photos. I did not save them, but search the net they are posted. Also, reports of insulation potentially contaminating food content. Hopefully, future models have overcome some of these issues.

    10. LG, actually stands for Lucky-Goldstar. They have been around a long time. In the U.S., Goldstar had some reasonably cheap appliances. I had an oscillating fan that worked fine for years. NOT a big investment! In Korea, Lucky is known for toothpaste. Popular brand to keep your teeth white, I understand.

    11. I have learned many lessons, that I will continue to pass on to help others do their own servicing of LG products. If this had been any other well known brand, I could have easily called my local appliance parts store and, most likely, had the part today. However, I do like Kenmore, but LG makes some models for them. Kenmore is private-labeled from other quality manufacturers. I hope Sears is not having issues like some of us have...

    12. Finally, for now, I would not even purchase Lucky toothpaste if LG owns it!

    P.S. LG provides The United States of America a 1 year warranty. Our friendly Canadian neighbors receive a 2 year warranty on the same product. Oh, also LG discontinued this line 1 year ago. Best Buy sold my senior citizen mother a discontinued item at the time of purchase. Who can I bark at for this one???

    More to come...

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  • Ma
    man123 Aug 18, 2009

    LG is also becoming a fraud company. Number provided on website not working. online complaint registration not working. Customer care does not know anything.

    Total dissatisfaction.

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  • Su
    susan61 Sep 01, 2009

    Do not buy an LG Fridge!!! I manage an apartment building and unfortunately installed 7 or 8 during remodels. They are unreliable and a fire hazard.
    The switch fails that turns out the light and the plastic housing melts that covers the bulbs . What a mess. Every now and then the compressors stop working and everything melts in the freezer and goes bad in the fridge.

    LG does not stand behind their products. They also act like they never heard of this problem, also the repair man that we have to pay acts like he has never seen it.


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  • 72
    72 years old Oct 25, 2009

    I bought a French Door Refrigerator from Sears. It ended up being a LG. Have had problems since Day 1. Serviceman worked on freezer 3 times. Ice maker was replaced twice. Then the Freezer fan went out. I replace that myself. This is the worst piece of equipment I have ever bought. The doors have to be forcefully shut or they won't close. This Refrigerator had to have been designed by a man, no woman would have ever been so dumb.

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  • Ar
    Arvind Kumar Tyagi Dec 01, 2009

    I had purchase 32" LCD TV on 27 Aug 2009 from Next store from Vastrapur Ahmedabad- India. They offered DTH as free gift and asked me to send the required document along with DD of Rs, 99/- to Spectramind at Noida. I had send all the required document along with DD of rs. 99/- and confirmed from there that they have received on 2 sept 2009 and confirmed that we will dispatached the item within 15 days. Now since 3 months i am trying and getting no respones from the company. I had wasted lot of time and money in making lot of calls.

    the free Gift coupon No is 235816 given by LG

    You are kindly requested to help me.

    AK Tyagi Scientist in ISRO

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  • To
    Tom Nguyen Mar 02, 2010

    I will never by LG brand again. We got the 2 door refrigerator and thought this is a good one, but after 2 months later it started giving us problems:

    1) the water dispencer stopped working,
    2) the water dripped all over in the freezer: it came from the icemaker
    3) one of the 2 rails that holding the ice bucket got broken and made a hole in the freezer. I can see the insulation through the hole.

    My sister bought a GE and never had an issue with this. So do yourself a favor: Stay Away From LG!!!

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