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To whom it may concern.

Subject: lexus customer support is nightmare.

On thursday 7/22 I took my ls430 to fort wayne lexus to check the low level whining sound. The problem was diagnosed as rear left bearing. The repair was quoted $661 and I agreed.

I was told tomorrow friday is open. I told the service mgr. We plan out of town travel at 3:00pm. He indicated if I bring the car by 11:00am, I will have the car back on or before 3:00pm. I dropped off the car at 10:30 on friday 7/23.

I went back to the dear at 3:00 to pick-up the car. I was advise by the service mgr the car will not be done before 5:00pm. There was no offer of accommodation for our weekend plan. I went back to the dealer at 5:00 just to be advised by assistant service mgr the is not ready and it needs additional parts at the cost of I believe $600 and that the part must be ordered. Still no offer of a loaner to salvage the weekend.

I asked to have my car back together as I do not wish to proceed with the repair. I was told it is not possible. I did not authorized additional cost and upset went back home.

Saturday 7/24 I called the service mgr to reinstate that I do not wish to proceed and would like the return of my car. He indicated the car can not be put back together.

Being upset, I called lexus hq, [protected], option 4 "customer satisfaction department". After waiting some 20 minutes I got to speak to gina holland and explained my situation. She indicated someone will contact me within 2 working days, that would be monday 7/26 or tuesday 7/27.

To make sure I called lexus again on monday 7/26. Again, waiting for about 20 minutes or so I got to speak with jessica monian who assured me I will receive call from jose martinez by tomorrow tuesday 7/27.

No call from mr. Martinez on tuesday 7/27.

On wednesday 7/28 I receive call from scott larman, dealer's parts manger who I have know for many years, offering small discount for the additional part and asking me, on a personal level, to authorize the repair, to which, I agreed, I agreed not for token discount but because of the good man who called. I picked up the car the next day, thursday 7/29. Done.

Being upset not have heard from lexus hq I made a follow up call on friday 7/30 and again after 20-25 minutes I got to speak to briana barkley who put me on hold to check if mr. Martinez can talk to me. About 5-7 minutes later she returned and advised mr. Martinez is currently busy and can not talk to me and that he will call me. I asked for the name of higher level manager. She said ms. Deidra charles. I asked if she would return my call!

On saturday 7/31 not having heard from mr. Martinez as yet, I decided to write to ms. Charles to express my dissatisfaction for the way in which lexus, arrogantly disregard my complaint and ignored my calls.

On friday 8/06. Perhaps after receiving my letter, I got a call from mr. Martinez, apologizing for the way they handled my case. He gave the reason for not having enough personnel to handle as such complaints... And that there were a few other unhappy customers for the same reasons!

Its worth noting I never heard from ms. Charles. It is unfortunate she did not have professional curtsy/decency to acknowledge my calls and letter.

I had expected a lot from lexus and I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied for the way in which they reveal themselves. And for this reason, I propose to rename the organization, "customer dissatisfaction department".

The purpose of this writing is to alert consumers of lexus baseless and false advertisements, "the pursuit of perfection". Buyer be aware. If customer support is important to you, don't count
On lexus.

Ray farashahi


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 09, 2016 5:18 am EST

They are a Rip Off! I was never ever treated so shabbily and lack of Customer Concern or Customer Service with Toyota as I have with this doubly priced over priced Rip Off Lexus! They are all departmentalized robotic noncaring in Torrance in both departments since I have service as well as finance problems (customer satisfaction) so as others have said they should be renamed "Customer Dissatisfaction Department" but I would add "Rip Off Overpriced Toyota with Deception of Quality!" I have not heard back from the CEO or VP although I have tried to write and email and fax to no avail. They have "Stepford Wives" Robotic Employees who are supposed to be in Customer Satisfaction! Please escalate to Michael Groof and the VP of International. I would hope someone is truly what the Corporation is supposed to stand for!

Sep 06, 2015 11:18 am EDT

I had an issue with a safety recall. My car required repairs because of a recall issue before I received the recall notice and I paid $375 to have it repaired. To get reimbursed for this has been a nightmare! The first person I talked to said just send the bill, proof that you paid the bill, and the Certificate of Title for the vehicle. So, I gathered it up and emailed it to them. A week later I get a message left on my phone from "Juan". Juan now wants all sorts of additional paperwork (short of my kids birth certificates) that to me were superfluous.

Lexus definitely wants you to buy one of their high-end cars. But, when it comes to keeping customers satisfied, they fall wayyyyyyy short. I will NEVER buy a Lexus again!


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