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I had a life threatening experience in my lexus on thanksgiving day 2006. I was driving with 3 other family members to payson, az from fountain hills, az. Payson is in the mountains at higher elevation. I like to use the cruise control when I am driving any distances. While in heavy traffic going up a mountain grade the car started accelerating itself. The first thing I did was hit the brake, when that did not disengage the cruise or acceleration, I stomped on the brakes with both feet. The vehicle was now accelerating at over 100 mph in heavy traffic, then I finally put the car in low which did finally disengage the cruise and accelerator. This was a very scary event.

The following day I immediately took the car in with this complaint to scottsdale lexus service department. I had no doubts that they would immediately take care of this problem. To make a very long and time consuming story short, I was told to drive the car until it happened again. Perhaps the next time I want be able to miss all of the cars that were in my way and could just go over the edge of the mountain. I have spoken to a lot of lexus people and finally decided to drop it until I had time to try and deal with the situation. I own and operate a retail jewelry store and to was getting totally stressed out trying to pursue this service matter during the christmas season, my busiest time of the year.. I did not get a new lexus so I could ber consumed with my time wasted with innumerable phone call and repetition of stories. I put $6000 down on my new lexus lease that is for 3 years and now have a vehicle that I do not feel safe to drive. I certainly would never set the cruise control again. Previous to my lexus I drove a 2004 cadillac escalade with no service problems.

Can you imagine what my answer is when people ask me how I like my new lexus. My business was built on service and trust. I certainly do not feel trust when I am told to drive a vehicle until it kills me or I can prove unintended acceleration.

Wanting a safe car to drive,

Sami (suzanne) jack


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Dec 28, 2019 5:36 pm EST

Charge for replacing TPMS sensor that was wrongly done causing my tire to go flat while driving and messing up my tires.

Apr 22, 2011 4:20 pm EDT

I have a 2007 RX350. I hit the 70, 000 mile mark on my car and started to hear a strange noise. Since I was traveling from California to Arizona I took my car to to Bell Lexus in Arizona. Apparently my Rack and Pinion and power steering rack needed to be replaced and had apparently been leaking (even though there was no leaking ever observed by me and I am well aware to keep an eye out for these types of things). This never should have happened on a car with so few miles. This should be an embarrassment to Lexus, but really it was just an 1800.00 bill for me. So much for my safe car. My oil hose blew 5 months ago after great hassle of towing (which Lexus did not pay ), they said "oh didn't you get the recall letter". I finally received my recall letter last week.. Lexus needs to own up to customer satisfaction to maintain they're prisitne reputation, which in my view is very tarnished and undesereved at this point.

Feb 23, 2010 10:44 am EST

I have a 2009 Lexus IS250 AWD with only 4K miles. As of today 2/23/2010, I have been told by both the dealership (Harvey Lexus in Grand Rapids, MI) and Lexus Corp that there is no fix available for my recalled vehicle. Lexus Corp told me they could offer no additional information since there was an ongoing investigation. I leased this car in May 2009 with money down. All I want is to give this car back to the lease company and receive a pro-rated refund of the money I put down. So far, Lexus is behaving worse than any US auto maker. I have a car with known safety issues and Lexus has recalled it with NO fix. This is completely unacceptable from any company. I will continue to pursue a termination with cause with Lexeus Financial as I can't image Lexus wants to continue having these vehicles on the road with the high amount of liability they are creating every day they are driven. My wife refuses to drive this vehicle. I have to drive it to get to work. So Lexus, do the right thing for once and enable lease termination (with no penalty, and reimbursement of down payments) on these recalled cars since there is no fix available and they ARE dangerous.

Jan 27, 2010 8:44 pm EST

My wife also had a bad experience with a 2003 ES300. It accelerated upon turning into a parking space and hit the side of a building in Deland, Fl. Lexus of America ensured me that the car would be "taken apart from bumper to bumper" to find the problem. Lexus of Orlando was instructed not to sell the vehicle. (I traded it in because my wife was terrified to drive it.) Mr. David Dent, The sales manager for Lexus of Orlando sold it anyway to some unsuspecting lady from Melbourne, FL who has no idea she is driving an unsafe vehicle. I called Lexus of America and they blew me off like I was an idiot. Since that time I drive only Lincolns. No more Toyota garbage for me. How pleasing it is to see the recall and the termination of sales on many of their vehicles. What goes around comes around. If only they would have stepped up to the plate and done the right thing in the first place they would not be in the situation they now find themselves in.

Oct 11, 2009 9:19 pm EDT

Mat causing the stuck Toyota (Lexus) accelerator? Hardly! This is yet another way for Toyota to blame the owner. Is there any major vehicle defect where Toyota will not blame the owner? Take a look at the "Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge" online petition at There are over 3, 000 petition signatories already yet Toyota says that only 3, 200 people had the sludge problem? Gross underestimation? Of course!

Toyota's major safety issues are being blamed on the drivers of its vehicles! This is a low blow by a company! Talk to the owners who have experienced non-deployment of the Toyota air bags (if they are not DEAD!) and see what they have to say about safety issues in Toyotas!

Take a look at the YouTube video entitled "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge" at which has been up for only a couple of months but has gotten almost 3, 000 views. Go to the "Toyota Oil Gel" web site at to see what one Toyota owner has put together.

Next, read to fine out how one Toyota dealership treats an owner who wished to exercise his freedom of speech rights. Name-calling, flattening of tires, threats, and even attempts to run over the protesting Toyota owner are just some of this Toyota dealerships tricks to dealing with a dissatisfied customer!

Toyota---SHAME on you for trying to once again incriminate the Toyota owners---and DEAD ones at that! You need to confess about your quality issues and resolve the current and former issues that Toyota owners had had to face over the last few years! Stop the facade---stop the blame game---stop the FRAUD!

Apr 07, 2009 12:44 pm EDT

this report will amaze you

this is proof of sudden acceleration

May 25, 2008 8:42 pm EDT

Experienced runaway acceleration in my 350ES today. It had nothing to do with mats or acccelerator. We were on 6 land highway with no breakdown lanes. Fast traffic.
Cruise control took control of engine and only strong pressure on brakes kept us from crashing into car in front of us. My husband was unable to trun off cruise control, shift down, or into neutral. Only could stop car by turning it off with jolt. Police confirmed that car restarted with frightening noise of acceleration of engine that indicated it was ready to runaway again.

Mar 27, 2008 12:49 pm EDT

Purchased a New Lexus ES 350 in April 2007, the car handles great, no problems gas mileage is super compared to my suv. For the last 3 months I have had a very annoying noise coming from the left side of my dashboard. Tha car has 13, 500 miles on it and has been babied since I bought it. Always garaged and scheduled serviced performed.

Has any of your readers have a similar problem?

I called the dealer and waiting for a return call to ask if others have experienced the same problem.
My attitude is neutral so far. If it can't be remedied I will not purchase another lexus and go back to Infiniti.


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