Lexmark Internationalmc2325 printer

This has been a complete nightmare with dealing with Lexmark regarding our MC2325 printer/scanner/copier. we have been dealing with them for 5 months are still stuck with a machine that does not work. 5 months ago reported the problem that black toner had emptied into the paper tray, called lexmark their response was clean out the tray, buy a new toner and try again; i asked them to send a tech with toner to do this which they agreed, tech was sent without toner and he did clean tray, toner was ordered, we installed and then the machine was telling us it was the imaging kit, lexmark sent an imaging kit, still machine didn't work, they sent the tech again to tell us the toner is empty and we will need to order another toner from Staples and to try again, Staples does not sell lexmark toners. i don't have the time or resources that have been spent dealing with this problem and still no results. i originally asked for a replacement and they refused to do that, so we have been without this printer for 5 months and still not sure where everything stands.

Oct 09, 2019

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