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Please help - poor service from branch, customer service, area manager

We are pensioners and bought a couch set in april 2018 cash. Since october 2018 up to date we keep on sending it back for repairs - brand new items?? We require that we get a replacement couch set or our money back. We are elderly people who are being are not getting the after sale service as advertised. We have spoken to their customer services how many times, every time they say they will come back to us (gregg)... We have spoken to the branch manager (josephine) how many times, we have spoken to the person (bennie) at the branch handling the complaints... We have even spoken to the area manager (mrs earis) herself... Still "we are waiting for the merchandize manager" next month the warrantee / guarantee expires and what then?? We require assistance please, money back or a replacement set. How long do we need to wait for the merchandize manager?

We currently have a loan unit from lewis stores carletonville.

We need assistance please.


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    thabang donald Jan 05, 2020

    My Granny bought furniture of an about 31k in atteridgeville attlyn, every was delivered but coffee table wasn't and the store keeps promising to deliver but none has been settled.funny part she no longer the debt has been paid in full..the lady/Manager Lebo from that store said they can only offer her 2 microwaves worth the price of the coffee table but still keep promising to deliver the microwaves and it been a year now...I've tried to call head please help the granny us on 0762478364 anytime for us to get this issue resolved

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