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Levin Furniturenot sanitizing merchandise

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I feel it is time for people to know how Levin Furniture operates. I worked the company for 18 years. For 18 years not ONE piece of used or returned mattresses or furniture ( upholstery) has been sprayed with MICROBAN or tagged sanitized. It is legal to sell used merchandise with a license. But it MUST be sprayed and tagged that it was treated and used. I am talking about the merchandise that is found in Levin's Clearance Centers. The location I worked had 30, 000 sq. ft. On many occasions they was used returned bedding and upholstery that you could easily see it had been used and returned. None of the managers or upper management cared. It was brought to their attention many times. The way Levins sell bedding, is they offer you a comfort rest warranty if you purchase a mattress pad. It you don't like it they will let you re-select and they would put the used bedding in their CLEARANCE CENTERS, untreated!!! I see on this complaint board someone had got bed bugs after purchasing a mattress. I think it is awful with the bed bug epidemic that Levins get away with this. Not to mention there is lice, fleas, human fluids etc... that used furniture carries. Little consignment shops and thrift stores treat their used furniture, WHY NOT LEVINS??????????????


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    Stewbugz5 Apr 25, 2019

    We bought a new couch December 2018... two days later we had bites all over. After weeks of trying to figure out what was biting us, I finally called an exterminator. They didn’t find anything. Two days after treatment and $2000.00 later I ripped the batting off of the new sectional and found the nest of bed bugs! It was horrible!
    We Have spent so much trying to kill them... I should have never bought anything at Levin! What a terrible thing to do to people!!!

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