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Complaints & Reviews

Poor Quality Men's Jeans

I purchased 4 pair of the Signature Jeans by Levi Strauss and Company
at my local Walmart Store. I've been a Levi lifer when it comes to jeans.

The jeans looked good on the store rack and felt good when i tried them on.
That was 3 months ago. All 4 pair of jeans slowly began to rip apart. I am 5'11,
170lbs. All of the jeans rear pockets began to tear. Both rear pockets right at the edge. The same thing with the front of my jeans, except in the groin area, right under the start of the zipper. I went to my walmart and they told me they could not do anything for me. I did not have a receipt for Levi Jeans Signature style, so Walmart told me to contact the company. I e-mailed Levi
Strauss & Company's headquarters in San Francisco, CA and never recieved a reply back.
Levi's have allways lasted me over a year, usually 2 years. The material and workmanship on these are poor and they are not made in the U.S. My jeans are tagged in a 3rd world country. Mark K. P.S., CA & St. Louis, MO

belt loops or pocket ripped

I have at least 6 pairs of 550 or 560 jeans that have either ripped at 2 belt loops or at the pocket seam...

belt loops ripped

Levi's - levis 505 - classic jeans with zipper — I am very well impressed with the levis company, my...


This as a formal complaint levis leesburg corner premium outlet located at 241 fort evans road ne, suite 1343...


My husband has had 4 pair of jeans rip and tear in the past two weeks. This isn't the first time. Prior to this he had 3 pair of levi's that did the same thing. They were 569's and carpenter's. He loves these jeans, but I find it very difficult to be purchasing this many pairs of jeans within 2 months. Now... I am pretty sure we will not be buying them again. What happened to quality? Levi is such a trusted brand and can't believe this is happening. I would always hope that it pays to buy american...

  • Da
    Dave Dav Oct 06, 2013

    My 569's were the same. A new skinnier cut and paper thin material . Why did Levis change the cut of the 569's and then use flimsey material. I was looking for a jean to match the old levis 569 and i found that Sean John Hamilton relaxed jeans were the best and closet match to the quality and style of the old 569. Go with Sean John Hamilton relaxed and you will not be dissapointed. Great quality and more importantly a great fit. loose on the thighs . i am a 270lb, 6'2'' male. Thank you Sean john for producing retro style fit and quality jeans for us old geezers

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belt loops

I have purchased 3 pair of levi jeans and all 3 pair the belt loops have broke. The price of the jeans wa...

poor quality - holes at knees

I work at a desk job and rarely wore my 2 pairs of levis 569 jeans outside, much less doing any physical work in them. After less than 3 months each, holes formed at the knees. My best guess is that this happened because I often cross my legs while sitting in my chair at work. Levi's jeans were originally made tough for the rough work of the new country of the american west. If they aren't suited to a desk job in the new denver, what are they for?

  • Cf
    cfictum Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a pair of Levi 550's and only had them 6 months, and they have ripped at each back pocket, each front belt loop and down the center seam in the back. They are not too small for me...so this can not be a factor. Just very bad quality. In the past I have only bought Levi's because I could count on having them in my wardrobe for years, now they put that stretch fabric into eveything and it depleats the strength of the denim.
    I emailed to advise them and complain, and just got the brush off. Guess I will be switching to a different brand from now on.

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  • Ee
    eezacque Aug 04, 2010

    A pair of 501 I bought recently fell apart after 2 weeks of wearing them, due to bad quality stitching. The supplier responded that Levi's are made in countries like Egypt, Mexico or, in this case, Haiti, and after some discussion I could return it. I emailed Levi's Strauss they just lost another customer, but they don't seem to care.

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not 100% cotton anymore

Please bring back 100% cotton womans 550 jeans. I have been wearing them for years the spandex is too stretchy and not as thick so you dont stay as warm in the winter. Hopefully levis will bring them back if not I will be buying 100% cotton jeans somewhere else.

  • Je
    Jeanless Dec 09, 2009

    I just called Levis to tell them the exact same thing. I told them that I would be shopping elsewhere as well after 30 years.

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  • Ju
    Jumping Ship Dec 14, 2009

    After 30 years I have abandoned Levi and am trying Lands' End Natural Fit Tapered Leg Jeans. They are at least 100% cotton!!!

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  • Mm
    mml1 Mar 14, 2010

    Very disappointed Levis is not making 100% cotton womens jeans! They definitely need to bring them back.

    0 Votes

spandex jeans

I would really like to know who decided that I can't get 100% cotton jeans... Spandex/lycra sucks!!! Levi's is losing customers because there jeans are no longer comfortable... I really think that if people like spandex then great... But give the option of 100% cotton jeans too!!! A couple of years ago levis had a special summer jean that were 100% cotton and I had to buy 3 pair because I was sure it was the last time I would ever have the opportunity to wear them... I should have to go shopping in the mens section to get 100% cotton jeans... I refuse to shop at your store... Maybe you guys should hire a woman that not only decides what your jeans are made out of but also has to wear them with comfort in mind... Please give me my 100% cotton jeans back!!!

  • Br
    Brenda Ann Oct 10, 2009

    I totally agree with you I switched to wranglers same problem. The spandex in them causes them to tear at the belt loops or pockets you try to fix and they just tear again in same spot. Bought two pairs of wranglers blues haven't even had them two months both pairs have torn at belt loops now I have to try to find the receipt and try to take them back. Really ticked off that I can't find a pair of womens jeans that just plain old cotton denim. Its a bunch of B.S.

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poor quality

I purchased six pair of levi strauss "signature" jeans for my husband. All six pair within 2 weeks have...

shoes break from many place after 3 months only

I bought shoes in levis shop in garden department store hanoi vietnam 3 weeks ago. I got strong belief about quality of levis products with my previous experience. Unfortunitely my belief is broken here of poor quality and manner of service dept of levis hanoi.
The indian man who is in charge of service said that he cant change shoes even with serious defects according to levis policy.
Policy is that discounted product cant be exchanged and changed and I should ask them in 7days after buying (. Those restricted days are different from each levis staff). But when I checked the policy in levis is that items more than 50% cant be exchanged. Shoes that I bought is just discounted by 50%. How to do? I am very sure of this shoes cant be fitted to anyone with defect.
Is there anybody to help me?

  • Di
    dipak May 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hv purchased levis shoes just after 3 months back...n they hv break from many sides

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colour lost

I want to bring to your notice a situation that I could not expect from a comapny like levi's strauss. I purchased a black color jean from levi's

Showroom, shipra mall, ghaziabad. Its article no. Is 517. This jean was tagged at rs. 1600 and I purchased it in sale in july-august 07. I have the bill

With me. I purchased this jean at 50 % off at rs.800. I wore that jean rarely and washed it for the first time in december. I was in my hometown on

Holidays. On first wash, this jean lost a lot of colour though my mom followed all the norms which were specified for washing and drying. Now that

Jean looks decades old, lost its colour from back side and near the pockets and a pale faded (white) color has emerged. Its looking very odd as already

The jeans is washed pattern near the thighs.

When I went to noida again in january, I went to the same shop and put to his notice the condition of the jean. At first he refused to take

The complain and gave the reason that this jean was purchased in sale and no claim can be put on sale purchased items. After my friends and me argued

For 15 mins, he kept the jean and told us that a representative of levi's comes every week and he'll show that jean to that person. When we went to him

The next week, he told us that the representative has refused that this claim can't be considered as it is sale purchase. He also agrred that my jeans was a

Old article and it was lying in his showroom from a pretty long time. He also suggested us never to buy anything from sale in future.

As all of us have been wearing levi's from a pretty long time, we didnt believe him also keeping in mind the brand reputation of levi's. But ya all of us

Decided not to buy anything from the showroom in the future. Recently, when I came to my hometown again I visited the new levis showroom in

Udaipur and I showed him the jeans. He told me that his is a signature collection showroom, so he couldn't entertain my complain. He advised me to

Write to you. Now please tell me that what I can do or may be i'll have to wear that ugly jeans carrying just the tag of levi's.

  • Ho
    HONEY BANSAL Jan 22, 2011

    [email protected]

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  • Ho
    HONEY BANSAL Jan 22, 2011

    [email protected]

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  • Bi
    bilal2704 Jun 28, 2011

    Levis Shirt - Blue - Lost colour in the first wash. Don't know where to go. any help ?? [email protected]

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  • An
    Ankita Khemka Nov 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought 3 jeans from the Levis store in MGF Metropolitian Mall in Gurgaon. 2 of these jeans which were deep blue in colour, loose colour. My hands become blue if they get rubbed to the jeans. I am disgusted with such a thing from a brand like Levis. Each jeans costs more than 3000 rupees and this is what we get. Ankita Khemka - [email protected]

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  • Sr
    Srishtim Jul 12, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased my first Levis from Alpha one mall in Ahemdabad for 2000 bucks but my happiness was short lived as soon as I washed it for the first time. Its colour changed. It went from dark blue to a weird colour I don't even know about. I request you to look into the matter. This was not expected of a reputed brand like yours.

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spandex or lycra in jeans

I wish levi's would quit making womens plus size jeans stretchy. Hello! They don't make a person look any...

poor manufacturing

Recently purchased a pair of levi 501 jeans - the seam on one leg was so twisted the outside seam ran down the front of my shin. Took them back and bought another pair which seemed better but no, they are almost as bad. I have numerous pairs of budget jeans and none are as badly made as these. It's time levi got out to their sweatshops and started carrying out some quality control!

I am hoping to get a refund on this second pair and rest assured I won't be buying any more levis.

  • Tq
    T Quinn Nov 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ive been wearing Levis for 32yrs, in the past 3yrs every single pair I bought ripped in the crotch and but ox, I feel the company's making the product with a liter wight denim that causes a lesser quality product from the past. Until they change there product to a better one I will no longer purchase the 5 pair of pants a year from them any more, Im going to there competition!

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quality steadily diminish

Just bought two pair of levis 505s. I have the same complaint that bill posted on your site. Fit is not what it used to be, and material is much lighter. I've been a levis wearer most of my life, and in the last several years i've seen the quality steadily diminish. This is the last straw. Anyone out there have recommendations on other brands?

  • Bo
    bopa Jul 20, 2008

    The quality of fabric that Levi Strauss is now using in their jeans is little better than what you would find in a dish towel. I, foolishly, just bought a pair of 505's (tan color) at Sears (made in the Dominican Republic), yesterday, and it is of such flimsy quality that I can't imagine any company would want to put their label on it. I should have examined it further, before buying, but I was in such a rush that I just grabbed the size and style thinking that it was Levi's. What a mistake. Stay away from anything "Levis" is my advice. It's a company that once was known for quality, but not anymore.

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  • Ro
    Ron Taub Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree. I always loved the fit of My Levis 505s so after years of buying other brands I broke down and spent twice as much to get some new 505s because nothing else fit as nice. I didn't try them on because all 505s used to be the same. The new ones are at least an inch bigger in the waist, the loops are wider apart, and the material is thinner than my bargain rack jeans. I knew the Levi signature brand sucked, but I didn't realize Levi's was actually fraudulent.

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  • Cc
    CCATGARD Dec 04, 2008

    My last 2 pair of Levi 505 (and have worn them for the past 22 years) were so thin it does not even feel like denim. I have Lee jeans to work in and they are so much thicker. I will never buy Levi jeans again. The quality you could trust can no longer be trusted!

    0 Votes

defective material supplied by levis

I have been using levis products for the last three years and never had a chance to complain. But recently I...

defective material

A few months ago I purchased several pair of levis 505 from sears in texas city for my husband. He has only...

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