LetGoiphone 6s by alexander

I met of with a person and they told me there was nothing wrong with this phone. I met up got the phone and when I found that the charging port is damaged (I called Apple and a phone fixing place) they told me it was from damage of them using the wrong charger and broke the pins. I messaged Alexander on Instagram because he wasn't getting on let go anymore. He kept commenting on my pictures rather than answering the question, then when I redirected the focus to the phone, he said he'd refund the money back. He was completely aware I gave him the last bit of my money as I'm due to leave for the military soon in January, but my old phone is damaged so I need a phone to keep in contact with my recruiters. He told me we could meet up today and then said we could meet yesterday and he has since stopped responding since yesterday afternoon. I do not have the momey to get this fixed and I'm out a phone, and I cannot sell this phone to someone else out of good conscience...PLEASE HELP ME:(

Oct 08, 2019

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