Letgoapp problem

J Aug 17, 2018

Bots are coming up as fake real people. Sayes will sell faster. Takes my posting and puts oops no longer for sale. People all about my things and I have to jump in and say I still have it.. You don't know where they list it. I enjoyed this app selling my own stuff and did better..I may mad. Texts all hours of night.. There is no option for NO!!! If something hasn't sold in long time.. Why would it so any better cause it has not. There is no help for this. I look up one thing to compare and I am being inundated with notifications..I haven't even looked to buy.. I'm a seller.

  • Updated by Judy Roy · Aug 17, 2018

    Sick of looking up one thing and getting lots and lots of notifications of things to interest me. I'm not buying selling and very rarely I use it to compare my things. I've used this app for years and bots with names and fake pics have never..oops that listing isn't here no more., And I don't know where they went. Your help section does not help this. Thanks. Judy Roy.. Not a bit!!!

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