Letgo2001 jeep cherokee


I had asked simply for a carfax being that I was purchasing the vehicle andWanted a clean report . The seller refused . So I simply told the seller with all do respect I cannot buy this vehicle without a carfax . I brought up me being in the military to the individual because of lack of funds. And I was disrespected about being in the military . I also was called a liar . And this is what I serve my country for ?


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      Oct 29, 2017

    Your complaint would be with that person, not with Letgo. It's just one rude individual. Whatever reason you chose to serve for, I hope it wasn't for respect from every stranger.

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      Oct 29, 2017

    He's not refusing you; he's only refusing to pay for the information. There's nothing stopping you from getting the vin and retrieving the information yourself.

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