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Complaints & Reviews

4 months to repair an ibm laptop

My laptop has been in and out of repairs for approximately 4 months. Each time it comes back half-done, with noted items unattended to. At one time I sent in a black machine and got a silver one back. The support manager even came to my house to personally collect my broken machine (and leave me a loan unit - which I really appreciate), but since then I've heard nothing. Each time I follow up (regularly), my machine is apparently ready except for one part here or one part there, and then they go quiet again until I follow up. The machine initially went in with a vibrating fan somewhere in July, and I am yet to see it come back working.

I have lost all my faith in Lenovo, and will be pursuing another brand in future. This is merely a warning to other consumers out there who is looking at spending 3x the amount of money on a 'quality brand' machine - save yourself the money, by 3 cheaper machines, you'd be better off.

irrelevant answers on support

Das Customer Service wird generell immer schlechter. Offensichtlich hat das mit Sparmaßnahmen zu tun...
Anders ist es nicht zu erklären, dass ich mehrmals eine konkrete Frage bei Lenovo in Österreich und Deutschland (scheint der selbe Customer Service zu sein) gestellt habe und immer einen lapidaren Hinweis auf eine Webpage erhalte, die aber diese Frage nicht beantwortet.
Schon ein Armutszeugnis, dass auch scheinbar marketingverständige Firmen wie Lenovo nicht imstande sind, sowohl die Emails vollständig zu lesen als auch entsprechend zu beantworten. Keine Empfehlung für die Zukunft!

shipping unreliable and slow

Lenovo will tell you one estimated shipping date before you finalize your check out and then will postpone the indicated shipping date by 10 days once you pay the money. Their announced shipping dates and in-stock statements are shifty and unreliable. If you are in urgent need of any product, don't rely on their website! Try somewhere else...

  • Er
    Erlinda Jan 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ordering from Lenovo is one of the worst decisions I have ever made! They really suck the energy out of you. In fact, they don't tell you the truth about products out-of-stock. Very dishonest practice. Bad for business.

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bad customer service

This is quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever encountered, and that is saying something. I don't have a problem with the fact that their customer service teams seem to be located in three different countries, but the fact that the guy with the Southern United States accent told me my order would be shipped out in 3-5 business days yesterday and the guys in Bangalore told me it would be 7-10 today is not a great indicator of success. I ordered this computer last week as I am moving in two weeks. 3 weeks should be plenty of time to get an order yes? Not with Lenovo. First my order could not be processed and would be cancelled in 4 days because the shipping address was not linked with my bank account. Ok, I get that, so I called my bank and added the shipping address to the bank account and let them know I'd fixed it within ten minutes of getting the e-mail. Two days later, things are still on hold and they haven't in any way acknowledged that I fixed the issue. So I call up a guy in Bangalore who seems to be stuck on the single apology screen which he reads out to me 50 times without giving me any actual assistance, assuring me that he'll contact me again in 1-2 business days. Yesterday, I get an e-mail from him saying it'll be another 1-2. Screw that, I say, and call them again. This time, it's another accent and a guy who fixes the problem with me on the phone and transfers me to customer service with yet another accent located in the southern United States. He says it'll be sent in 3-5 business days, which I'm not terribly thrilled about as I'm moving so soon, but what to do. Today I call again to see if there's any way to expedite it. I am hung up on four times and have to specifically request a supervisor who STILL can't actually help me. There's no one I can talk to to get this thing pushed through, though it is really all incompetence of their part holding it up. They don't even offer me goodies of any form or other to keep me complacent. Oh, and the trick is on me, because I can't even cancel my order once it’s been placed, and that includes updating the address, even if I knew what it was going to be. Really, the WORST service I've ever encountered. I hope my old housemate enjoys my computer, as I certainly won't get to.

  • Mu
    Mustafa F Oct 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just purchased a brand new Lenovo Laptop last Fri 5/10/12 and everything was fne till i tried the office Icon and as I click it says language is nor supported, I then I tried to get office from the MS site directly and the shop gave me a one OFFICE 10 student and i was to use the code only but it wasn't working even if I don't have a licence the office should be installed as trial for 60 days, then I said it is brand new piece and the service most be helpful, here comes the worst part and till now between the customer care and the outlet store and the Lenovo service and they don't help and they asked for money and the have bad dead extensions when you call and their employees either lost or I don't know, It is really getting on my nerve and I don't want to speak more. I it is always our fault to trust some brand which are ot reliable at all lie this ONE example.

    United Emirates.

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  • Yd
    Y.D. Feb 09, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NWG3STX model Lenovo ThinkPad X1 series notebook was bought to our company on July 7th 2012. Almost 90% of the notebooks in our company are Lenovo. Although it is written that the device has 5 hours of battery life on the website of Lenovo, it only goes to 2.5 hours. Since July we couldn't explain that it has got only 2.5 hours of battery life. Lenovo officials, such as a mock, said that altough it is written 5 hours on the site, they don’t have any requirement to do that. They also said; If we want long term battery, we have to pay 372$ to buy an extra battery for the device that we have already paid 4000TL. For a company like Lenovo, cannot being able to solve a problem for very long time is such a shame. Technical service is definitely not interested in the customer’s problems, they never returns to the customer about the problem or even tries to solve it. This was the last time that I bought a Lenovo. And my advice to you is never buy anything from Lenovo!

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  • Ordered Laptop online directly from Lenovo. Unit arrived as promised via UPS and looked to be in great condition (aka no mishandling in shipping). Opened up and unit looked great, powered up and Windows 8 Setup came up and all was well, until we tried to make a wireless connection to oru WiFi. I am somewhat computer savvy so I checked the device manager and saw no wireless device listed as installed or having issues with drivers. I called Lenovo support and spent 1/2 hour on the phone and the tech support specialist determined that the Wifi was defective and the unit needed to be returned for warranty repair. Because I called on a Saturday, I would have to call Sales on Monday to get a return RA. Okay...

    Called Monday, selected Sales who told me I had to contact Tech Support (even though I told them they said to contact sales). Called Tech Support and they wanted to go through all the same test I went through on Saturday. They finally said we had done all we could do and the unit had to be returned to a depot for warranty repair (Really?). They gave me the address and told me where to ship it. I asked for a call tag and they said that under the warranty I had to pay to get it to the depot and they would pay to ship it back (REALLY!). I said that this unit was bad out of the box and A) I want a new unit that works and B) I should not have to pay to return something that is defective. (FYI, so far 2.5 hours on the phone to get this far). They put me on hold and told me that they were sorry and that I could have an exchange, but I needed to call Fullfillment and they gave me the number. Called Fullfillment and after trying desperatly to communicate with someone who did not have command of the English Language, I was able to determine that someone would be contacting me via email in 3-5 business days to give me instructions where to return the defective and when/how I would get the replacement.

    My recommendation is to never, ever buy directly from Lenovo regardless of the price. You are much better off working with a retailer that at least you can attempt to reason with when you have issues with your order. For work, I buy my Lenovo's from a large Distributor that I have zero issues with and I still like the Lenovo products, but because this was for personal use and an Ideapad, I could not get it through my distributor so I though I was doing the next best thing.

    Never ever again. Not a happy experience.

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lenovo laptop

Date: - 11.07.2010
Respected sir,

Sub: - complaint regarding my lenovo laptop.

With due respect, wish to draw your kind attention that I am sankar prasad banerjee, a lenovo user have purchased a lenovo laptop on dated 13.06.2009 and from that dates I am facing lots of problem in this laptop to till now.
Right now I have been facing a problem in this laptop due to its lcd for which I force to write a letter to you. I had faced this lcd problem from 06.06.2010 for that reason I had talk to your customer support service officer and he gave me a case id which is [protected] on dated 08.06.2010 and finally my lcd has change on 17.06.2010 but from last 4 days I am facing the same problem in my lenovo laptop. I just wanted to know how it is possible that a new lcd has gone damaged within 15 days and in the process of this lcd replacement I found that my bluetooth is not at all functioning right now and in the mean time my warranty period has also gone. Details of laptop and servicing are given below:-

Purchased date: - 13.06.2009
Product model: - 4152-b3q
Serial no: - r3elvt6
Service centre name: - xeone infotech pvt ltd.
Engineer name: - soumen dutta
Defective parts description: - lcd, part & serial no. : - 14194n930-2835
Replaced parts description: - lcd, part & serial no: - [protected]-44b04e000h

sir, I am really facing lots of problem with this laptop which is just one year old, so please help me out from this mental pressure which I am facing day by day.

Thanking you,

With regards,
Sankar prasad banerjee
M: - [protected]
E-mail: - [protected]@yahoo. com

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lenovo charged me for 2 year warranty but offering only 1 month warranty services

Dear sir,

This is with reference to my 2 year warranty pack which I had purchased on 02/-6/08 (23 months back) for rs 5500 but my warranty was not updated for 23 months.

In these 23 months they did not allow me to use any warranty services. Now, on 11th may, 2010 (2 days back) they have updated my warranty but from a backdate, i. E. Date 23 months back, because of which my warranty will expire in just 1 month.

The thing is that since they are extending it now, so it should be updated it for 2 years from now because they did not allow me to avail the warranty services earlier.

So, basically they have charged me for 2 year warranty but offering only 1 month warranty services.

In last 23 months, I have mailed them scans of all the required bills 100 times, have made 1000's of phone calls
And another 100's of emails and each time I was told that it will be updated soon but still nothing was done. My
Laptop was giving many problems since a long time but I was not able to avail the warranty services because they were not updating my laptop warranty in their database.

This has caused me immense trouble by hampering my work because of laptop problem, has given me a lot of mental trouble and has wasted a lot of my time and finances on it.

I would request you to please help me in this case and punish lenovo with a huge penalty so that they learn a lesson from it. Many of my other friends are also experiencing the same problem.

Their mail address are -
[protected]@lenovowarranty. Co. In ; [protected]@lenovowarranty. Co. In ; [protected]@in. Ibm. com.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks & regards,
Saurabh gandotra,
Infosys technologies ltd,
Phone no - [protected].
Email - [protected]@gmail. com

customer support

I ordered a computer from lenovo that had vista home ed. Prem. 64 bit. Lenovo offers an upgrade to windows 7. First, they sent me the wrong upgrade (32bit). After an hour on the phone and talking to half of bombay, I was told to call a different number to talk to georgia. I was told that a new replacement 64 bit had been authorized and would be shipped. Two weeks later I had not heard from lenovo. I started the call process again. Three indians later, I was informed that georgia was wrong, I would have to send in an email from the lenovo windows 7 site before they could replace the software. I did. Two weeks later, no notification. I called georgia and talked to the tech department again. Once again I was told that they had emailed whoever and authorized the upgrade. Four days later I get a notification that a upgrade to my computer had shipped, windows 7 home ed. Premium (32bit). Back on the phone again, once again, another replacement copy of 64 bit is suppose to be shipped. We will see. I have never done business with a company that has such horrid, non-existant customer support. This outsource will hopefully save them money right out of existence. Their upper management should have to deal with india. As was said elsewhere. Hp and dell, gateway will be getting my business. First, before you do business with any company, call their customer support and see who answers the phone. If it's india, go to their competition. If you don't you deserve what you get.

worst lenova customer relations service

I have purchased lenova g550 laptop on aug 14th 2009, just after 3months my laptop wireless stopped working
I have returned my laptop on dec 26th-2009 to the company for repair.
In january 2010 I have made 4 calls to the company since I have not received my laptop fixed, got the reply saying that I would receive my machine in a week
Again I have made a 5th call to the customer care people on feb 3rd, then they were saying there is a optical drive is missing from the laptop and I have to pay $160, but I am sure that I have sent the laptop with out missing any part and I was not communicated about the missing part to my initial 4 calls in january.
After I have confirmed that I have sent my machine with out missing any part, I was told that the case is being escalating to customer relations dept and I would get a call from them in 24hours, , but I have’t received any call. After that I have called them 7, 8 times but hearing same stuff that case is escalated to cr & hellip;………
Since I did’t have my laptop, I have been lost my productivity in my career, I am planning to approach legally thru bbb or consumer forum

bad product and customer service

A month ago, I ordered a sl410 from lenovo and they told me that it takes 2 weeks to arrive. I was desperate...

extreme delays in shipping

Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?

Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?Extreme delays in shipping it has been more than one month and the shipping date is not confirmed it . when called customer care, they are not sure about shipping date.wth?

free replacement or coverage of hinge replacement of my think pad lenovo laptop under warranty

From: supratim chowdhury <[protected]@yahoo. com>

Subject: free replacement or coverage of hinge replacement of my think pad lenovo laptop under warranty

ref : 1) reference code no. red3149412366796 of

lenovo customer care dt.8.07.2008 received

through email

2) complain regarding breakage of hinge to lenovo

during warranty period on 12.07.2009 through

mail ([protected]@lenovowarrenty. co. in)

I bought a lenovo y510 series laptop from eastern logica infoway ltd. kolkata on 7th july 2008. I had also purchased an extended warranty of 1+ 2 years along with it. as per guidance of the dealer & ldquo;eastern logica infoway” / kolkata I registered the details of my purchased through net and received the extended warranty reference no. red3149412366796 which was issued by lenovo customer care 8th july.2008.

during the warranty period the hinges of my laptop was suddenly broken on 11.07.09. and I contact your service center at bangalore but they have not accept my warranty and they told that it was a physical damage. they charge for replacement and repair of rs.7000 / - and I had to purchased 2 years warrenty at a cost of rs.6999 / - along with it (ref no. lenovo 3000y/g/u 2 year ma ccr-nbd 46d4844).

there is a big problem of the hinges particularly in this model. I have seen that this type of problem is not only faced by me the many other customer who purchased this y510serial laptop of lenovo. it may be designee or manufacturing problem. please see the link below.

http://forum. lenovo. com/t5/ideapad-y-and-u-series-laptops/y510-hinge-problem/m-p/130315/highlight/true;jsessionid=6a822ae363cd5ba6ef379df95f5e3bc6

lenovo is one of the world famous company who is manufacturing laptop/desktop. i chose that y 510 lenovo make model with goodwill but I am very much depressed in this issue as the same problem is occurring time and again which creates in handling the same. I am a student of mba. and I have to submit the final project within a short period. the details of the machine is as under:-

name - supratim chowdhury

sl. no. 7758 - 53q - me - 15099

machine model & ndash; y 510 (idea pad)

date of purchase & ndash; 07.07.08

date of warranty registration & ndash; 08.07.08

reference code no. - red3149412366796

email id : [protected]@yahoo. com

hence I would once again request to lenovo please replace the model of the laptop urgently or cover the hinge problem under warranty and it should not to be treated as physical damage.

last but not the lest it is solicited immediate suitable action preferably within 7 days in this issue from your end to avoid future litigasion.

Thanking you,

Supratim chowdhury.

  • Wa
    Wayne Randall Aug 18, 2010

    This model is KNOWN for this issue. A quick Google Search confirms this. Lenovo should be replacing hinges on these models even if they are out of warranty.

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  • Sa
    saumendra Mar 10, 2011

    I have a broken hinge too (*twice in last 3 years). I think we should stop suggesting people to buy lenovo laptops because of these kind of designing problems. We can see no similar problems in any other laptops even after an usage for prolonged time (4-5 years).

    So, please stop suggesting people for buying any Lenovo laptops..

    [email protected]

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  • Sn
    sneha singh May 08, 2011

    u r right lenovo has the worst service.

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credit card issue

I ordered a Lenovo laptop (with customized configuration) from www.lenovo.com and everything went thru with an email of confirmation with a link to track my order. A few days later, I tried to track my order and found errors from web page they supplied. I called and the customer services did not know anything about the order even I have order number. I then ask customer services to transfer me to sale department and tried to reinstate the order. After long wait, finally a lady picked up the phone and said to me that they do not accept any credit card other than American Express. I tried to see if they can reinstate the order if I give them American Express card number over the phone. She said that I have to go through all the steps again to create a brand new order. The most ridiculous thing is that their web site has all kinds of credit cards you can select as form of payment but they do not tell you they only accept American Express and the transaction will go through just fine. There is no email notification about credit card issue of any sort. And the lady I talked to is an untrained personel who talked as if this is all my fault that I did not know they do not accept other credit cards. I have wasted my time and I will never do business with this company again in my life. This is the worst company! After my incident, I searched the Internet and there are tons of complaint about lenovo. If you are reading this complaint, you know you should not order anything from www.lenovo.com.

  • Pr
    Praveen Mar 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir

    I have handed over my credit card in May 2007, with the settlement of till that date, now I am not remember that card Number and don't have that card also. Two months later one agent was come to my home and he collected cash Rs.5000/- from my wife and he said he will settlement of the dues and get the NOC (no objection certificate) from the bank, but he never turned back, where is that agent now? And where is that money now? Always agents are asking for cash only why? And later last month one more man had come and bargaining the same. I do not understand the bank people and agents are making frauds in this issue. And they are not willing to give Manager’s name and contact number. We done a big mistake are not got the NOC from the Bank that time. Please close my issue. But bank is multiple that amounts in a bigger way, and they are sending agents to our home and harassing my family, right now I am not in Bangalore. Please avoid this... this is not the way of collecting. How is that agent related to my credit card and want to know they are legally appointed by the government? And many times court also said about this issue. If they come again and again, I am going to take an action in legal manner.

    Praveen Reddy C

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delay in shipment

The thinkpad ultraportable that was first seen on Nov. 3, 2009 was "officially" announced on Jan. 3, 2010 is just the thing I was waiting for. It has a >10" (11.6")LED screen, is light, slim, is under 500$ Although I don't own a thinkpad, I have always heard good things about it (asides of the looks, which are always debatable.)

So filled with expectation I ordered mine on Jan. 5, 2010 at 10 AM (official release day) and even got a deal on it.
After looking hard for the student discount link I found the Students & Alumni page in which I was able to find the X100e for just $404.10 (the regular education link does not offer any discounts at the moment)

Delighted that I got 50$ off thanks to my Student Discount link I caught myself looking for a 2GB ddr2 ram memory on newegg and recognizing that I got the laptop for 50$ less than expected, I went ahead and bought it along with a laptop sleeve :)

When I got the order confirmation email from Lenovo I decided to check for the shipping day of my laptop and to my surprise the Estimated Shiping Date was Jan. 13, 2010 (just 6 business days later) and in addition the free shipping that I got on the laptop was just, 2 Business Days (that meant that there was a possibility to get my laptop on Friday Jan. 15, not bad I thought.)

On the evening of Jan. 14 I decided it was time to check the Order status webpage in order to see if there was a tracking number of my package, after looking around the order status webpage seemed unchanged the "status" of my order was still "In process" but I didn't let myself worry over it since the Shipping date was still Jan. 13. On the morning of the next day I decided to check once again and to my astonishment I encountered this:
I immediately made a call to the Lenovo Customer service line, (it must be a mistake I thought, but really knowing that it was probably not)
After a moment I was talking to a Lenovo representative that after a pause announced that the Estimated Shiping Date was indeed Feb. 18 2010 or later. OR LATER? yep, that date is still "estimated" and is subject to change! I was wordless to say the least. After Inquiring the reason for the delay and hearing a "unexpected high volume orders" completely disregarding I ordered the laptop the first DAY it was possible to buy it from the lenovo webapge! (I check the day before at 11pm without success) I dropped the case. The representative told me that he would try to get my order speed up but it was subject through approval and it would take some time for that to come through. (but I don't have any hopes)

Later that day (yesterday) for pure curiosity I decided to check the "availability" of the X100e on the X100e lenovo webpage
And to think that I was starting to believe that Lenovo was any different from the other pc companies! They are advertising a 13 business days shipment. Even me, that ordered the laptop on the first day available will have to wait 33 business days for it, more than 6 weeks! and yet they continue to falsely advertise a shipment less than half the real time. To me this is a straight lie if I ordered the first day and I have to wait 33 bus. days I don't even want to imagine the wait other customers are going to be unscrupulously deceived to endure.
Personally I would not mind the wait that much but I'm a Computer Science Student and my semester starts on Jan. 25 and I need a laptop to take with me, but above all what really pisses me off is that the company has not taken any actions, I DID NOT received any email informing me of the (I'm sure) unusually long delays, and the real impact of the delay is not reflected on the webpage (to me that is just dishonest)

Anyhow, patience is all there is for now. I don't even know for how long I'll need to borrow a laptop now, hopefully I'll get my thinkpad on Febrary if I have not canceled the order by that time. (if I can't find a laptop to borrow, I'll be forced to cancel the order and buy a crappy netbook or a heavy :S 400$ laptop)

If you are going to a similar experience or have anything to say about the X100e or Lenovo
please feel free to write your comments here.
I have not found any other webpage or blog addressing this issues and I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this with the X100e.

  • To
    Tomdogen Jan 19, 2010

    Strange. I ordered mine on 1/12 and it shipped out on 1/16. As of 1/18 it made it out of Shanghai and crossed the ocean to Alaska. I ordered mine in black with all of the base specs except an upgrade to 3gb ram. Was yours ordered in red or perhaps with modifications to the HD? I find it odd that you order on 1/5 and get your shipping pushed to 2/18, then I order on 1/12 and it ships 4 days later. What can I say except that I'll be enjoying your computer dude!

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  • Jo
    Johnjohn999 Feb 27, 2010

    I too am experiencing thinkpad order delays. I ordered an x200 on 2/9 and the estimated ship date was 2/26 which was annoying but nonetheless I kept the order. Today I checked the thinkpad website and now my ship date is 3/11. The Chinese are really running the thinkpad name into the ground. I should have bought a Mac Air. Apple customer service has been amazing for my iPhone. I was on business trip and my iPhone got fried in the rental car. Apple gave me a new iPhone with no hesistation and no long delays. Now I'm considering whether to cancel the order.b if thinkpad cannot even ship my order correctly how can I expect them to build a laptop correctly?

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bait and switch

Lenovo is the Chinese company that has taken over IBM's line of desktops and the legendary ThinkPad notebooks. Their customer service center is located in India.

I've ordered and paid for a ThinkPad T500 with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T9600 ( 2.80GHz 1066MHz 6MB )and 320GB 7200.
Instead I received Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P8600 ( 2.40GHz 1066MHz 3MB ) and 250GB 5400.

The order confirmation didn't include the laptop specifications, the only thing it included was this line:
SYS.2242A1 CONFIGURED SYSTEM and the price I paid for it. Therefore there was no proof that I could use that I ordered the original laptop specifications.

When I called the customer service to complaint and to return the laptop and they told me that they will be charging me 15% restocking fee.

The way the order system works I wouldn't be surprise if Lenovo is doing this on purpose and some customer might not realize that they are receiving a lower specs laptop as the specs are never mentioned anywhere except before you add it to the cart. The specs did not show in the cart itself.

  • Lo
    lotuslotus Dec 30, 2009


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  • Lo
    lotuslotus Jan 08, 2010

    Those are the screenshots to prove their mistake if you want to return yours.
    Good luck!

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  • Lo
    lotuslotus Jan 08, 2010


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  • Wr
    Wrong one Jan 03, 2011

    Same thing also happened to me..
    Today, I received wrong one which is chiefer Model than I ordered. I ordered the laptop with Pentium T4500, 4G Ram, 250G HDD. But I received Celleron900, 2G ram, 160G HDD.
    I contacted Lenovo guy.. However, they keep saying that the laptop is I ordered..
    I feel this is not mistake.. they are intentionally doing this kind of D job.

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  • Sw
    swaldor Dec 12, 2017

    I know this post is old, but they did the same thing to me. I purchased Office 2013 and they loaded 2010 and sent the disc for 2003. Now their junk computer is not working right and I have to buy another office product when I purchase a computer. They are not to be trusted. I called them on it back in 2013 when I purchased the laptop and got the "oh, the versions have not changed, there is noting new about Office from 2003 to 2013". Bunch of liars. You can't trust the Chinese. I'll NEVER do business with them again. They have refused to send me the software I purchased. I thought this was against the law?

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bad performance

I still regret that day wen I decided to buy a lenovo laptop dat too y series.
5 days after I bought it my adaptor was off. They replaced it but only after 6 calls and three visits to their service centre which is about an hours drive from my house.
The dealer said that I was gettin three years warranty but I got only one years warranty.
The keys are not working every alternate day and its hinge broke for which I had to pay 1200 rs. Has a problem with screen resolution.
When it switces off on its own due to low battery the resolution changes and I cant type my password.
A definite no no for new buyers...

  • Ha
    hanny batra Sep 16, 2009

    four months have passed but i did not get my gift

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  • No
    No Lenovo Apr 22, 2010

    Also there is problem in the Y series DVD driver. I have replaced 2 drivers in 2 years and again I am facing the same problem. Just to inform I very often use cd/dvd in my laptop

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cheating in shipment

I purchased a lenovo laptop on 11/23/09 thru website. On website it was mentioned that product will be shipped withing 5-7 business days.

I got an email immediatetly tha you will get laptop on 11/30/09. I waited until then. Then I called customer service which took me 33 minutes to get any one to talk to.
When I gave my order # she found that order is not yet placed yet at warehouse. She further said that it will take another 2 weeks to reach you that too she can't promise on it.

I asked for some way to do written complain then she hung up phone on me.

At this moment i'm completely uncertain that whether I wasted my money or am I going to get my laptop.
I had plan to give it to my friend who will be eventaully hand it over to my parents in india. Now whole plan in jeopardy. Did I waste my money ?? Is there any way I can make a complain to legal department ?

  • Dr
    dr rikki Aug 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir i have purchased laptop 4mth back. no is 52q.there was a major prob.so it has been sent back to u back.but no response has cum.pl look after it.i m a doctor.mb 09915577686.from house no 1164, sect-33-c, chandigarh

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  • Fa
    fasi123 May 19, 2011

    I have ordered Lenovo Laptop online, from the day-1 they have problems. First they sent email about billing address -vs- shipping address. I called credit card company and updated information as they requested. After one week, the online status was showing about same problem. I called customer service to two different numbers. Finally he said, my order is now processed and is good. After 4 days again it shows there is a problem. If my order is not getting placed, why are they holding my money? I can buy Laptop from some other Vendor/Company like Sony/DELL. This looks to me a fraud and harrasment. Again I need to follow-up...

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  • Fu
    fulaness Jan 12, 2012

    hi my name is ola i will like to buy loptop

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  • Vi
    vikram kumar reddy Jan 18, 2015

    I tried to buy lenovo laptop which is 649.92$ on online by using my forex card but at the end my transaction has been declined .But when checked my balance in my forex card it states that the transaction is peding and the amount is deducted from my card .So, please add the amount to my card as soon as possible.

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On site warrenty Not given

Dear Sir

I am Arvind Sharma. I had purchased one year on site warranty pack Lenovo laptop Dated 08.10.2008 To 08.10.2009 from RT Services - Outsourcing Services Ltd Delhi India. My Lenovo laptop S/N is MA5MHW3 and Model Name is 77614AQ. Now, this laptop is not working due to some problem. I had raised many complaint in Lenovo with case Reference No with Date
L95900MS- 11.05.2009
L97AooY1 10.07.2009
L97FooNK 15.07.2009
L983009G 03.08.2009
L9A800KA 08.10.2009
In both complains Lenovo customer care centre not given onsite warranty he says you are authorized only customer carry in services. Your Onsite warranty pack not authorized so contact RT Services - Outsourcing Services Ltd Delhi.
In year 2009 I call Rt Services more than 100 times Or Mail them regularly from Last 8 months to RT Services - Outsourcing Services Ltd Delhi/Lenovo. I talk to customer care executive, Ms Arti and Mr. Romil. Both Guys told me sir I talk to Lenovo service registration (spac) department and Register Your Pack .but till Now 08.10.2008 not register my on Site warranty .

RT Services - Outsourcing Services Ltd after receiving payment not Giving my Services from last 1 year
Cash Receipt no 15822 …dated 08.10.2008
Offering no # 12X6171
Authorization no # 12X171PJX1

RT Services - Outsourcing Services Ltd contact details;
wext. [protected]@rteservices.com

Lenovo service registration (spac) department contact details:
Contact no.[protected]

Lenovo service centre contact details:
Lenovo Toll Free No. [protected]
[protected]@ lenovowarranty.co.in

My laptop details as are:
Serial No. MA5MHW3
Product No 77614AQ

Now my issue is what's the use of onsite warranty if u are refusing to provide me service for my laptop .

i didn't get any positive response from last one year.from RT Services after collecting the amount from me.

Arvind Sharma ( Delhi )
Contact No. [protected]
Mail –arvind.sharma.[protected]@gmail.com

  • Ja
    jagdish parmar Feb 01, 2010

    I am fully agree with you Mr. arvind, RT Outsoursing had done same with my they charged for onsite service I have invoice of two years warrantee extension of my lenovo laptop Serial No.: EB07164723 . from 29 March 2009 to 29 march 2010. but still the warranty database is showing warrante ends on december 2010 and it is offside server. I have try to contact more than 15 times by emial and by telephone to RT Outsoursing and Lenovo Warrantee department [email protected] no reply.

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  • Pa
    pankaj singh Apr 11, 2010

    hello, i called up same regarding my case and have talked with mr. ajay there after putting me on hold for abt 5 minutes he cancelled earlier case and generated a on site warrenty for me...

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regarding free gift blaclberry mobile phone

This is to state that, I have purchased the lenovo laptop on the date 21/04/09 from the dealer in muzaffarnagar (Up) , during this period of time there was a gift offer i. E blaclberry mobile phone. I have already deposited a demand draft of rs. 3999 / for the same but till date I could not receive any sort of informrmation for the delievery of this gift. Please let me know the status as soon as possible.
In future please do all the communication through my this mail account (Praveen. [protected]@gmail. com) as my previous account is not working now.
Following are the details:
Ref no. Reda [protected]
Mob: (+[protected]
Add: c/o manoj kumar
Village - narsan khurd
Post - gurukul narsan
Dist. Haridwar (Uttaranchal)


my laptop warranty is not upgraded

hi my name is Shashi, s, latti from manglore.I bought a new lenovo Y510 (49, 760 Rs) Laptop on 2, jun, 2008( last year ) from MANHARS in manglore. when i was purchasing laptop there was offer on it. As per the offer the warranty has to be upgraded 1 year to 3 years and a puma kit. when i try to register my laptop by online i got one error that the product has been already registered. then i informed this error to MANHARS. they also tried but got the same result.i requesed so many time to MANHARS as well as lenovo care center but i did not get any response from ther side.

After waiting for a week when I didn't receive their call, I called
up the service center to which they said that the document and redamation code had not
recieved and once again i sent to the channel technology.After 3 weeks i got one call from care supporty and he said that they are going to upgrade laptop warranty soon...now laptop warranty has exspire. when i ask about this to the channel technology they said that they had not recieved my documents and sorry we can not upgrade warranty and provide you puma kit.

so please help in this matter


shashi, s, latti
from manglore

offer gift not recived (ups and printer).

I am the buyer of the lenovo computers (Pc). Lenovo has offer me the the diwali occation offer when I am buying the computer from there dealer in punjab that is computer world pathankot (Punjab).
They said me to send the nessary document at the given address and they told me to register the machine to the given site, and I have done so.
Even after nine month I do not get the offered products.
I purched the product on 20/oct/2008.
Please help me to get it soon.
Our address-
M. L sarkar. 6002 (I) armd wksp c/o 56 apo.
Email id - [protected]@yahoo.com.