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Lenovoterrible company

I ordered from lenovo.com a laptop computer lenovo ideapad s10 in may 2009 (S/n eb11643373). The product came with defected installation of window xp. I ordered from lenovo.com a laptop computer lenovo ideapad s10 in may 2009 (S/n eb11643373). The product came with defected installation of window xp: the asian font files are missing from the installation, which is a standard part of window xp. I used numerous window laptop and desktops, never once has I found that these files are missing from standard installation. As the results, I was not able to view website and generate documents in these fonts, rendering the product half useless. Because of this defect, the advertised specification on the lenovo website that accompanies with the sale contract where that mentioning of the standard window xp being already installed on the computer is not true and is misleading to consumers. I have tried to resolve the issue with the technical support department spending several hours in total time on the phone. The last case id I have here is wn088303. At the end, when all technical solutions are exhausted, the sale office representative (Marlan [protected], and his superviser lopez) want to charge me for a hefty "restocking fee" for returning this defect product that is totally caused by the company's incompletely installing xp. This is just another way of not-honoring the warrentee. As a responsible consumer and citizen, I believe that I have the responsibility to expose this company's irresponsible behavior to the public. They mislead consumers, ship to them defect products and then charge them unfair "fees" if they don't want the junk. This experience of me indicates to me that this company, lenovo, has no self-respect, nor respecting their customers. I believe the public should be let know of this company's behavior. By the way, the "customer representative", mr. Marlan and mrs. Lopez that I have talked to are among the worst sale reps I have ever talked to, reflecting again the company's value.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
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    Lenovo Thinkpad Batteryscam

    Lenovo is a scam when it comes to Thinkpad batteries. I called Lenovo after buying a new $3000 Thinkpad computer a little over one year ago. Ever since I purchased the computer the batteries have been charging less and less. Finally, both Lenovo batteries died so I called Lenovo support to get them replaced. I was told that the battery warranty is only for one year and that while I could extend my laptop warranty, Lenovo doesn't extent the warranty on the Thinkpad battery. They were rude and told me that they test the laptop batteries and that they only last from 6 months to 2 years. A $3, 000 computer with an extra battery and both batteries died after one year!! They said they would not replace the batteries and that I would have to buy new ones. Each battery costs over $200! That means that every year a person would have to spend $400 to keep a Thinkpad running on battery? Lenovo is a complete ripoff. Had they told me about that when I bought the Lenovo Thinkpad, I would have never bought it. Over 5 years, I would have a total investment of $5000! That's a crime! I'm sure I'm not the only person caught by this Lenovo Thinkpad battery scam! The support center said they get these calls all day. Someone should do something to put a stop to this. I don't think Lenovo would sell many computers if people knew about this problem. I will never buy another Thinkpad based on the terrible Lenovo service and the Thinkpad battery scam.


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      • Ja
        jayjayjay Apr 02, 2010

        I completely agree with you since I had very simmilar experience.
        I bought lenovo x300 a little over a year ago, and my battery died completely! If it has 50~60% of its original lifetime, I can accept it although I wouldn't like it, but since it DIED COMPLETELY, I cannot accept it at all.

        I called the lenovo service and they told me they cannot cover it at all (and in very rude way, too)
        I asked if lenovo batteries can die completely in A YEAR and THREE MONTHS, and Kwame Gayle, the superviser of technical support refused to answer. I could only make him answer to this question: "Depending on the usage pattern, can the lenovo batteries die out completely in a year and three months, and is it acceptable?" and he said "yes", and told me I can quote him.
        He said that it is lenovo's official answer, and told me I can quote him (as long as I quote him literally) using his name.

        While I could make him answer only that question, I'm a student studying computer science, and I pay much attention to battery lifetime. I set the power management option to "optimized for battery lifetime" and I rarely use battery.

        I told Kwame Gayle that I can provide proof that the battery had problem 3~4 months ago (at which time it is under warranty) by sending them lenovo thinkpad center warning message, but he just cut my sentence and said no.

        That's the kind of service that they are talking about. I will never buy lenovo again - even if I do, I will replace my battery at least once right before the warranty expires (and I recommend you to do that too, since it just happened so suddenly)

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      • Le
        Lenovo Hater May 08, 2011

        I have worst experience. My Thinkpad W500 2010 model with 6600mAH battery was still holding charge for ~120 minutes. It lasted that long just a day before its charging cycles maxed out.

        Lenovo has a charging cycles counter, once it reaches its max, Lenovo has programmed it not to charge any more. To make it worse, it my Lenovo will neither accept nor charge a compatible (non-Lenovo) battery. And its not a warning only in my case.

        Lenovo Compatible batteries are priced anywhere between 25 to 50% ($60-$100)of what Lenovo charges ($200+) and have upto three times the Lenovo battery Guarantee. Lenovo rips off just by placing its stickers on the batteries.

        Is there a Govt agency, where I can complain. Who is Lenovo to tell me that I can not use non-Lenovo battery with a laptop made by them? They have sold it to me and I am the lone owner. Now its up to me to do whatever I want to do with it. Maximum they can do is void their warranty but they can not refuse to charge a non-Lenovo battery.

        Has anyone jail broke this Lenovo for its battery ? If you can share the experience, I would appreciate it.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Lenovocredit card processing

      Tried to order a new laptop. After 4 phone calls and two weeks later, they still can't process my order even though my credit card company shows that the transaction went through and was charged to my card. Apparently Lenovo is very inept at doing business. And ooh is it so irritating calling and speaking to customer service in India!!! They don't give their people any authority to do much of anything besides email their credit card processing dept. and wait 1-2 business days. Where the card processing dept. doesn't respond to their email. HA!! I'll go with Dell instead.

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        • Er
          Erlinda Jan 04, 2011
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Lenovo is very inept. They should close down if they can't address customer complaints!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Lenovobuyer beware

        Horrible! My first ship date was 01/05/09. That day came, checked the status and ship date was changed to 01/19/09. Checked status on january 18th and ship date changed to 02/05/09. I just couldn't wait any longer so I called to cancel order. I was told it would take 24-28 hours to cancel it, and that the company would not send me a confirmation of the cancellation, nor would they give me a cancellation number. I cancelled my credit card because I didn't want them to charge me for an order that I had cancelled (Canon pixma mx850 printer). Well, here it is 5 days later and I look at the website and see they have shipped the printer today! I'll have to call the idiots tomorrow, and hope that I am home when the printer arrives so that I can refuse delivery. Buyer beware!!!

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          • Ra
            Rakesh Chaubey Sep 16, 2009

            Availing of an online deal, I ordered a desktop computer from Lenovo . My order was taken and I was issued both a customer number and an order number. A week later Lenovo rep. called me and told me that due to heavy demand, the order would likely be delayed - unless, of course, I was willing to settle for a "run of the mill" computer with far inferior specs. I told them that I'd wait for the unit that was already on order.

            A few days later the Lenovo rep emailed me and said that the unit I had ordered was not going to be shipped and that I had to 'transition' my order. On that, I requested a 'transition up'. I asked them to give me the next higher model at the same percentage discount rate as I had been offered for my original order. At that, Lenovo balked and refused to do anything but insist on selling me the low end system. I felt scammed. It is an old trick from the book of deceitful marketing. They entice you to place an order for a 'cadillac' system and then offer you a piece of crap that they had been wanting to sell you all along. BEWARE OF LENOVO. IT IS NOT AN AMERICAN COMPANY. IT IS A CHINESE COMPANY. They are bringing their deceitful retail culture to us. I have cancelled the order and am in the process of contacting the Better Business Bureau. I have all the correspondence saved which I have as evidence of their nefarious marketing strategy.

            Watch it guys... Lenovo is full of tricks... and unpleasant ones at that !

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Lenovo Desktop Computer — fraud/extended warranty

          I sent this out to all my contacts: Please forward this to all your contacts! Warning - lenovo...

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Lenovo — rip off company

          Lenovo stole my credit card information and charged me for a computer that I did not order, nor have I...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Lenovo (United States)unauthorized charge

          There was a charge on my debit card for $1346.79 that I did not authorize. The charge only states lenovo (United states) and the amount.

          I expect a full refund. The bank this money was stolen from has been contacted and federal authorities are being notified.

          The account you accessed is now closed. It was with washington mutual and the closed account number ends with 0019.

          You need to send the reimbursement to:

          Stacie terstegge
          1394a s columbia rd #154
          Grand forks, nd 58201

          I can be reached via email at [protected]@hotmail. com or with wamu at [protected].

          Pllease refer to§ 1029. Fraud and related activity in connection with access & shy;devices, for the penalties of this crime committed by your company and/or representatives.

          The title 18 of the u. S. Code, section 1029 provides the penalties for & ldquo;fraud and related activities in connection with access devices, & rdquo; where access devices refers to any means of account access, including credit cards, account numbers, and pins, as well as telecommunications services and equipment. The laws in the code prohibit things such as producing, possessing, trafficking in, or soliciting for access devices with the intent to defraud.

          Penalties for credit card fraud include fines and/or imprisonment for up to ten or twenty years, depending on the specific provisions of the law that has been violated. The maximum sentence for a second offense is twenty years.

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            Lenovo N100 Notebook Pcextended warranty

            Office Depot extended warranty on computers is a scam. When they sold me a 2-year extended warranty, they specifically told me that it runs after the 1 year warranty from Lenovo, thus making it a total of 3 years. The laptop failed to charge 1 month after 2 years, and now the warranty company will not honor the claim, saying that it is only for 2 years. Now I realize why they would not put down the actual expiration date on the receipt - to make it vague so they can say 3 years, when in fact it is only for 2 years.

            Save your money and don't buy any extended warranty from Office Depot. They take your money and talk to you rudely when it comes time to obtain the service.

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              Lenovofraud and scam

              I ordered a new Lenovo notebook, but instead of shipping the correct T400 model Lenovo is shipping a completely different configuration that I did not order and demanding 15% restocking fee to change it.

              I agree that 15% restocking would be fine if it would be a consumer error, but this was clearly a mistake on both parts. I emailed myself a shopping cart from Lenovo hoping that I will be able to simply click and buy the computer, however, when I opened the email I only saw the components and NO actual link to buy it. I had to reconfigure everything again on the site and press "Buy". I had a very limited amount but I think I triple checked before submitting the order and everything looked fine.

              As soon as I figured out that there is a problem with order I tried to get in touch with Lenovo. I suggested that I simply buy a correct laptop and return this one without opening it, but Lenovo Employee resisted. I asked to speak with a supervisor and after speaking with Paul K. (Lenovo Employee ID: YQ7) I was informed that they can lower the restocking fee to 10%, but this is all they can do.

              I am not sure if this is a standard Lenovo Policy to screw the consumer, or this is just one incident, but I think I will simply return it now for 10% restocking fee and buy Dell Latitude E 6400. I think 10% restocking fee is a standard number, so if you ever have a problem with the company you can ask for that too.

              I was checking T400 vs E6400 for a long time and after some evaluation and past experience with IBM T Series decided to go with Lenovo, but I think with such a terrible consumer and customer relations I have to re-think my choice.

              Some technical information for people that are trying to evaluate the system:

              I ordered SYS.7417CT (7417CT) CONFIGURED SYSTEM, but the reason I was getting a laptop was to connect it to 30 inch monitor (so I had to have a discrete graphics option and dock). I re-checked everything online today and the one that I had to have was SYS.2764CTO (2764CTO).

              I did mention Paul that the story will be posted on all consumer sites and he was OK with this. Please comment on your issues with Lenovo and this particular model of the notebook.

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                • An
                  Anjalic Nov 30, 2009

                  Lenovo/IBM has changed since it went to Chinese hands. I received an email with a promotional offer, and clicked to purchase it, and was hit with the classic "bait-and-switch" scam from Lenovo. The offer was not found, but other more expensive options were listed. When I called, I was told the offer was "sold out" even though I clicked the minute I received the email, and called within the same minute. And then the customer service rep hung up on me. Enough siad, I will never do business with Lenovo again.

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                • Ni
                  NicholeL Dec 24, 2009

                  I completely agree!!! We bought 2 computers from them and the same night not only did we go online and register them, but we filled out the rebate forms and mailed them the next morning. (The rebates were 50 back on each computer). It said it would take 8-10 weeks and after not receiving our rebates we called and the customer service rep said, "I'm sorry we never received your paperwork and we can't honor it now because it has expired." What happened to the customer is always right? I will never buy anything from them again and will discourage others from doing so as well!!!

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                • Do
                  DontOrderLenovo Dec 30, 2009

                  Same exact thing happend to me!

                  I've ordered and paid for a
                  ThinkPad T500 with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T9600 ( 2.80GHz 1066MHz 6MB )and 320GB 7200.

                  Instead I received a
                  T500 with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P8600 ( 2.40GHz 1066MHz 3MB ) and 250GB 5400.

                  To return it they wanted to charge me 15% restocking fee

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                Lenovo Thinkpad T500 — cancelled my order, lie after lie...

                Last friday october 10, I placed my order online with lenovo for a t500 with discrete graphics and wxga led...

                Lenovo Ideapadshipping delay

                I ordered an Ideapad from Lenovo on 9/22/2008. At the time of order the product web site stated that the order would be shipped within 3 business days. Three days later the estimate shipping date was changed to 10/01/2008. The product website still stated that order would be shipped within 3 business day. One 10/01/2208 the estimate shipping date was changed to 10/28/2008. I called Lenovo and the Customer Service rep told me that the shipping date might be moved to 11/07/2008. Apparently Lenovo has not fixed their delivery probelm for two years now.

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                  • Ta
                    Tai Nguyen Oct 23, 2008
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I ordered on 9/21 and they have delayed my shipping date 5 times now! My new ESD is 11/03. Each time i call i get a different excuse, like exuberant demand, and battery shortages. I mean your a multi million dollar company, and have had experience with IBM laptop for 3 years and you still can't figure out the loops. Pathetic. 1+ months waiting, 2+ months after release. No laptop yet

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                  • Am
                    amit choudhary Mar 03, 2010

                    low batery power

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                  • Hb
                    hbarton88 Mar 09, 2012
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Sent to Consumer Complaints Friday, March 9, 2012

                    After having this computer for one month, on February 27, 2012, it would no longer turn on. No power whatsoever. My first call to Lenovo sent me through troubleshooting that provided no help. They told me I needed to send the unit back. They wanted me to pay shipping. I convinced them that I shouldn't have to pay to ship a one month old computer.

                    They told me I would have my computer back in 7 days. When I got an email saying they received my unit, I waited a few days to check the status of the repair on their website. Not surprising to me was the fact that they were now waiting on parts. Website said to check back for updates to my status. Curious as to how long they were going to have my BRAND NEW COMPUTER, I called customer service, again, to get this information. After waiting 25 minutes, a human finally got on the line. I gave my case number, then, after being put on hold for 10 more minutes, he came back and said that my computer's hard drive and hard disk drive had both failed, the parts were not in stock, and they didn't think I would get my computer back until March 20. This particular customer service person recognized my severe disgust with the situation and told me he would "elevate my case to a higher status" and that I would receive a call from a manager-type person who might be able to get this resolved faster, or perhaps even be able to determine whether I could be issued a replacement machine. I was told that I'd receive a call within 3 business days.

                    The call never came. I called Lenovo back on the 4th day. Had to re-explain what I'd been told, had to reiterate that I was supposed to receive a call and didn't. I was put on hold for 15 minutes while they checked to see if my case had been assigned to a manager. It had. Then I had to wait on hold again while the CS rep tried to get that manager on the phone to talk to me. After being on hold for 30- minutes, I was cut off. When I called back, this rep couldn't seem to understand that I was told I'd receive a call from someone. She was going to put me on hold AGAIN before I told her that I would not spend any more time on hold. They have my phone number. When they find the person assigned to my case, they can call me.

                    That was last night, March 8. I truly don’t expect to hear from anyone.

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                  Lenovo — bad service & product

                  I bought the lenovo 3000 y400 not book at oct 2007. After few day, start display "blue screen" problem...

                  Lenovo Direct — shipping delays poor customer svc.

                  Don't get fooled that you will be able to buy something from LenovoDirect website. The prices are great...


                  Lenovo Z61twill not start - 2 mos old

                  owned for 2 months - will not start - no abuse of product - just wont boot up - rescue and recovery will not resolve problem

                  also battery is very insufficient

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                    Lenovo / Thinkpadinternational warranty service

                    Let me start by saying that I’m just an unsatisfied customer of Lenovo and the story I’m about to write will be a complaint about their services. I do not like complaining about things, but when I do - there’s a reason behind it. Out of all the brands on a notebooks market today I had the impression that ThinkPad users are the most satisfied by the customer service provided, but apparently I was wrong, or should I say it was before IBM sold ThinkPad to Lenovo. If you do a quick search on the internet for customer service provided by Lenovo you will come across loads of articles, stories and complaints about their service.

                    I don’t want to make it a long story of what I went through, I’ll just tell you the facts:

                    1. Lenovo does not provide international warranty service! Well at least not in mainland China (home of Lenovo) if you bought it elsewhere, they will however ask you to register your product in China and supposedly you’ll be entitled to the service. The only trouble is they further make it almost impossible to register your product. Be ready to provide beside your computer’s serial number and type/model code: operational system’s code, the copies of your passport, visa’s and entry stamps and extensions in the country you bought your machine as well as the country you are in, receipt of your purchase or a credit card report.
                    Don’t you think it’s a little bit too much? I mean I can easily check my warranty details on-line for my machine and the database will tell me when my warranty expires, all I need to do is navigate online from my machine! I registered my product on-line and they do have already the details regarding the place I purchased it, the date, my name, email and all sorts of information like that.
                    Frankly, it seems to me that they just try to avoid to provide the warranty, and that seems to be Lenovo’s policy our days. I came across some other issues on the internet when customers were complaining that Lenovo is trying to make it impossible. So, in my humble opinion of an unsatisfied customer - your international warranty offered by Lenovo does not worth a dime! The email address to inquire about your international warranty: [protected]@lenovo.com

                    ThinkPad Battery from Lenovo/IBM
                    2. Do not hope for a free battery replacement of your ThinkPad’s faulty battery. Lenovo states on their web-site here that they will replace your battery free of charge if it turns to be from this faulty batch produced with a specific FRU part numbers and for specific models. Models affected: R60, R60e, T60, T60p, X60, X60s, X60 Tablet, Z60m, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z60t, Z61t. They certainly did not replaced mine when I brought it to their authorized center. There is a small program provided, available for download online with which you can check if your battery is from this faulty batch.
                    If you do get lucky and somehow you’ll find out the address where you can replace it make sure Bringing the faulty battery along with your laptop and warranty service details will not get it replaced. You’ll just end up spending your time on customers service unable to help.

                    Although there’s an announcement on Lenovo’s web-site regarding this issue, they did not let the customers know about this problem. And when it happened to my battery I did not knew I’m eligible for a free replacement, since nobody let me know. That makes me ask why did I provided them with my email address and other contact details?

                    3. The toll-free telephone number they provide in mainland China for free battery replacement [protected]) is not accessible from mobile phones, and of course there’s no announcement about that. During a period of time I was trying to reach it from a land-line it was playing just a greeting message in Chinese without offering you any other options. The customer support line in mainland China [protected]) although very polite and talking English (and I do appreciate that) wasn’t able to provide any information regarding that issue. Moreover without further investigating the issue the customer service was just saying sorry we cannot do nothing about it because we haven’t heard about it. When insisting to find out, since the information is available on-line, the customer service did get back in touch with me (very fast) but again with no details on how I can solve my issue. When asked to provide me with a written address of an authorized Lenovo/ThinkPad center they agreed, but no reply was received. Oh, and by the way there’s no information in English available on-line regarding the Lenovo/ThinkPad service centers in China. Emailing to [protected]@lenovo.com (the email provided for battery replacement program) and asking for the address in Beijing where you can replace the battery will get you back to [protected] phone number for mainland China (surprisingly it was working this week).

                    4. The customer service although well-trained and very polite follows everything by the book but will be of no help to you if facing some issue they never heard of. Same applies to their supervisors who are unable to take correct decisions in critical times. They will also refuse to offer assistance minutes after working time, even though you’ve been involved in the very same discussion for a quite long time already.

                    It is a pity that a well-known brand like ThinkPad ended-up to be managed by Lenovo who happened to be a disgrace our days. I was lead to believe that Chinese brands like Lenovo care about their image and will not play their dirty games with customers, but I was wrong. And just to think of all the ThinkPad users who chosen Lenovo (IBM’s ThinkPad) mainly because of the international warranty service. That will be such a disappointment for them. I think we’ll have to look for some more reliable brand who cares about their customers first of all. Although I do like my ThinkPad Z61t machine a lot, such an attitude is a major draw back and I doubt I will ever buy another Lenovo product in the future!

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                      • Ne
                        new.pbx Jun 12, 2008
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        My Z60t insisted that I run the battery management software, which is undocumented and unstoppable once started.

                        My battery was functioning normally before exp0sing it to the faulty RESET BATTERY GAUGE software was run. This software said the battery was in good condition before it did its damage.

                        It would not fully charge the battery as it recommended, before completely discharging it. After the battery was ruined by the full discharge (to 0%), the software indicated that the battery needed to be replaced, and refused to recharge it. It showed a battery icon with a red X superimposed on it.

                        There are over 160 posts on the IBM bulletin board concerning this problem, but most focus on the battery itself, not the software which damages the battery

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                      Lenovo Thnkpad T60abysmal service

                      I have a lenovo t60 that has been problematic for the past 3 months & ndash; it spontaneously reboots losing any unsaved work.

                      We orignally placed a service call april 17, 2008 for this notebook:

                      New case #: 40l8jmg
                      Former case’s: 0006bzh
                      Model: t60
                      Type: 6371-6mu
                      S/n: l3-an569 07/04
                      Ordered: 3 may 2007
                      Order #: 109017

                      • 17 apr. 08: service @ [protected] and were assigned case #40-l8vlj and were told the 1yr warranty expired on12 apr. 2008 and were instructed we would need proof of purchase if we were to contest this expiry date.
                      • 22 apr. 08: located the original order confirmation and called service @ [protected] and was told that I would need to fax the information to entitlement at [protected] and there was nothing he could do to help us out.
                      • 23 apr. 08: called service @ [protected] and was told that the records had not been changed and that it would take at least a week for the information to be entered into the system. I was given a number for entitlement [protected] to follow up. Not impressed that a company that advertises their ebusiness and the speed of their networking takes a week to process a warranty date.
                      • 23 apr. 08: called [protected] and was routed several times to a line that was no longer in service and cut off. After several rounds of the & ldquo;selection number relay” which progresses into the & ldquo;hold” marathon gave up in frustration and went home & ndash; at least the dog loves me.
                      • 24 apr. 08: it’s a fresh new day and undaunted I got right back the phone relay-marathon and, after trying other options I finally managed to talk to a real person only to be told that this was the wrong number, and was given [protected].
                      • 24 apr. 08: called [protected] and after a single round of phone relay/marathon, was told that this was an american location and I needed to call [protected] the canadian location.
                      • 24 apr. 08: called [protected] only to find the office hours were monday to friday 8am to 6pm eastern standard time.
                      • 25 apr. 08: called [protected] and was told that the records showed that our warranty had expired and he could not help me & ndash; he could only go by his records in the database. He advised me to talk to entitlement but there was no number for entitlement. In frustration I regaled him of my experience with my corporate deployment of dell notebooks and how their philosophy was to look after the customer first, and how I had this same experience with dell support and they actually took me at my word and got the machine back up and running first and worried about the warranty date after. I also told him the best way to resolve this issue is to purchase a dell notebook.
                      • 25 apr. 08: registered for the electronic service call and left a brief summary of this saga
                      • 25 apr. 08: talked to walter sentmore & ndash; the first person that was willing to help me out. This man should get a promotion! Walter tracked down someone in entitlement and gave me the number [protected] before he transferred me to tonika. While tonika was giving me new incident number we were cut off.
                      • 25 apr. 08: I called the number tonika gave me and reached loretta brooks & ndash; another person that is doing a fine job and deserves some recognition. Loretta informed me that this was an american site and was very helpful transferring me to the canadian site, and gave me the number [protected] option 3 & ndash; 1 & ndash; 1 - 1 just in case I got cut off again. This of course doomed me to be cut off again mid-transfer.
                      • 25 apr. 08: called the number [protected]) that loretta provided and found that it rings and hangs up
                      • 25 apr. 08: tried to call loretta back and got through to geraldine, who was very helpful and was transferred back to the same number I started out with [protected]. Eventually I was assigned a new case number 0006bzh and was to be transferred to entitlement and, unbelievably was cut off. . . . Dial tone!!!
                      • 25 apr. 08: my bad! I called the support number back & ndash; you know the one I started out with on tuesday and was told that I was not actually being transferred to entitlement but the case was being transferred to entitlement. Apparently there is no way to actually speak with anyone in entitlement & ndash; you just have to trust that the case will be looked after and they will get back to you. I suppose I might have more faith that I will get any satisfaction if I hadn’t faxed entitlement on tuesday and got four days of runaround only to arrive at the same place today.
                      • 28 apr. 08 & ndash; fearing that the notebook warranty would run out before anything was done to repair it called alex naumov and purchased an extended warranty. Was told that it would take a few days to process and I could expect an emailed invoice by the end of the week.
                      • 2 may 08 & ndash; have not received emailed invoice. Several calls and an email to alex went unanswered.
                      • 5 may 08 & ndash; called alex again only to learn that he is away until wednesday. Tried to follow link to the person looking after alex’s accounts without success.
                      • 7 may 08 & ndash; tried several times to get through to alex without success. Sent an urgent email requesting invoice.
                      • 8 may 08 & ndash; alex returned my call and emailed the invoice for the warranty. I was told that the invoice number should be sufficient to finally get this notebook serviced.
                      • 9 may 08 & ndash; called service and spoke with michael s. Alas, he is unable to do anything with the invoice number and…… wait for it….. The crowning moment of futility & hellip;…. Yes, our warranty has now expired!!! Unbelievable!!! We were originally cut off warranty due to ibm’s poor record keeping and now I am 11 days into an extended warranty that I can’t access because of poor record keeping. Ironically, I am only 6 days removed from the original expired warranty that ibm won’t honor despite the fact that the problem was reported back on april 17 which was 5 days past the original incorrect warranty expiry date.
                      • 9 may 08 & ndash; incredibly, I am once again faxing an invoice to entitlement to get warranty information updated in hopes of getting service for this notebook. You would think that a company that sells network equipment and advertises & ldquo;on demand business” would be able to enter this information into their system in sales and have it accessible to service without requiring the customer print it and fax it to another department in the same company. When ibm asks the question & ldquo;what makes you special” I have to think that it must be the patience of job and a non-ibm setup that provides the reliable means to share this saga with the world and whoever is willing to listen.

                      Hopefully this notebook will be repaired before the extended warranty expires. I am not optimistic.

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                        Lenovo T61lenovo t61 sucks as does lenovo


                        Stay away from lenovo. I made the switch from dell & hp and am regretting. Their producs is inferior and their customer service is worst than packard bells! My t61 freezes and the lenovo tech people are plain stupid. Talk about uneducated. I'm sorry, but the chinses mentality of treating conusmers/customers is in full stride. If our pets and kids got broadsided, what chance doewe have with laptops. Lenovo will go down faster than you think, guaranteed.

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                          • Ba
                            Barry Gregg Mar 22, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            As soon as I plugged in my new Lenovo T61 Laptop error messages popped up. Spent 8 days trying to get it set up. Found out there is no customer support unless you pay $100 per hour fee. No support on a new $1500 Laptop. HP did Sony did Toshiba also 4 one year but not Lenovo. Called a local tech $60 an hour. Agter 2 hours you have a corrupted hard drive on a fresh computer. Lenovo touts a Blue button for complete recovery which did not work. Multiple calls to company & 7 recovery CD's were promised but not sent. Multiple more calls to the company & they were finally sent. Two more hours with tech only to find out after a call to company that CD's were defective. Called company tech support they will not let you talk to a supervisor & you cant understand what they are saying due to heavy accents. Just want what I paid for a new properly working computer. Sorry sir we don't replace! We can send it out to be refurbished. I paid for a new computer, its junk! I would like to return it. There is a 15% restocking fee but you are 2 days past the point of return. Would you like us to refurbish it? I actually paid the extra $$ so I could talk to someone I could understand in the USA or Canada I was told-Never happened-all heavy accents all in canada. You hear Lenovo is a big company but the numbers combine IBM sales also. They are really the second smallest company. One office in Toronto a small repair station in N. Carolina & a sub jobbed out tech support in Atlanta. Most of their sales are in the USA but america does not see any of the $$. Just China & a few jobs in canada. This now is a truly Chinese company with Chinese ethics. Meaning poison toothpaste, lead children toys & phony generic pills. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is IBM. After receiving a non operational computer probably corrupted by an underpaid disgruntled employee & not being able to return it I now have $250 out of pocket for tech support a dead computer with bad restore disks and a real bad attitude. Have you noticed lately Lenovo's are on sale every week. I paid $1300 on a sale & the next week it was $1080 & this week its $994. Think twice before you buy Chinese as it ain't IBM no more Dorthy! You dont get what you pay for. Do a search on Lenovo problem!

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                          • Ki
                            King May 31, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            shut your pie whole biatch

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                          • Co
                            Corporate tech guru Aug 07, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            People are always willing to give an 'opinionated' review of a product, without giving specific examples that will actually help other consumers. What was happening when the laptop froze, how long before it started, what type of processor, memory, OS, applications running, etc? We're the most up to date drivers installed? Was adequate research done to determine the compatibility of the product with what it was being used for? Did you ask for a supervisor? Dell and HP don't exactly break records in quality and customer service either. I will agree that Lenovos are generally crap, as a deal with them frequently, however there are many that run exceptional due to proper use and maintenance in my neck of the woods.

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                          • Vp
                            vp Aug 22, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Lenovo's customer service is the absolute worst, first of all they released a few new products, the U330 S10 and others, of which they havn't posted the Tech specs, you know... things like if the U330 has HDMI out, I mean a picture would suffice, but they are selling the product anyway. So I call up lenovo customer service to see if THEY know, yea right, after asking the question does any of your laptops have HDMI out they said only the Y730, and continuously gave me wrong information.
                            If that wasn't bad enough, i still decided to buy the U330, which apparently is back ordered, so I try and call them again, no one knows whats going on or how long it will take, their suggestion is call them back tomorow, so I do, what do they say, call them back tomorow. Its awesome, I am literally saying "take my money" and ... nothing. God i hope nothing goes wrong with my laptop, cause if I have to deal with them again...

                            Also.. I tried calling them, their Brazil call center is experiencing a "high call volume" so they won't be able to answer the phone for atleast another 48hours... just fyi

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                          • Ko
                            komel Aug 31, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I absolutely hate Lenovo

                            After two tomes changing the motherboard, installing a new hard drive, two times battery problem, Still my T61 freezes after
                            15-20 minutes working,
                            That was just a simple stupidity though buying such a nasty device from this company

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                          • Jo
                            Jonathan Chaser Aug 31, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I have to say Sony laptops really suck. I used to use IBM thinkpad. After it was transferred to china, never bother to consider! I might buy Acer in future, not Lenovo made by People's Liberation Army!

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                          Lenovo / Ibm Thinkcentre A55 8985 - B63hi-tech cheating by lenovo dealder hyderabad

                          Hi Sir/Madam,

                          I have been cheated by one of the Lenovo dealers. He charged me RS 26,500 excluding tax for LENOVO 8985B63ThinkCentre A55. When the actual price of the model was 20,990 in the market.

                          When I went to the dealer and asked for the same, he was speaking in a
                          rude and idiotic manner, he said he is least bothered and I can
                          escalate this to Lenovo or take any legal action and bottom line no
                          one can't take any action or do anything to him.

                          I have already escalated this issue to the Lenovo (White house,
                          GreenLands Begumpet, Hyderabad. India), but I am not expecting any
                          postive response from them.

                          I had a very good impression on Lenovo and I am getting a bad service/response from the dealer

                          Could you please assist me further in this regard, I want to take
                          proper action againt this dealer and if possible get back the extra
                          amount I been charged by the dealer.

                          Here are the details of the dealer.
                          Swetha Computer Bazar

                          Shop no.80,81,82,H9 & H10
                          Ground Floor, C.T.C,Parklane
                          Secunderabad 500003
                          Phone NO.[protected]/3118/3119

                          Invoice No: 17112 (TIN : [protected]) (CST No:SEC/03/1/4080/00-01)
                          Date of Purchase: 26/11/2007

                          Thanks in Advance.


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                            Lenovolenovo customer service

                            On Wednesday, Feb. 13, I ordered a new X61 from the Lenovo outlet. I chose the outlet as I found one configured exactly as I wanted, and being an off the shelf item I figured I would get it quicker than ordering a CTO. I ordered it with my debit card and waited patiently for order confirmation and shipping estimate. On Friday, Feb. 15, I recieved an order confirmation with an estimated ship date of 02/22. I was very excited to get my new laptop. 30 minutes later I received another order confirmation with a different order number, but for the same laptop. I checked my online banking to find they charged my checking account twice. I called Lenovo support to complain about this and was connected to a woman with very broken english. I explained to her what happened and she couldn't explain why it happened. She said the best that she could do was cancel one of the orders and one of the charges on my checking account would be released in 24-48 hours. She would not connect me to a supervisor as their lines were busy. She said she would schedule a callback from a supervisor (I never did get a call back). I considered it an honest mistake and calmed down. That is, until my wife noticed the checking account balance ($400) and went crazy as she had the mortgage set up to go through that same day. The mortgage went through and bounced (along with a $35 NSF charge). Today (Monday, Feb. 18), I reveived an email from Lenovo stating that my order has been cancelled and to call Lenovo's sales department to place another order. I figured that this was just a confirmation email from Friday's discussion. I checked the order numbers to find that it was the remaining order they cancelled. I called Lenova again only to get connected with another broken english rep. I tried my hardest to keep my cool while explaining what had happened. I was told the order was cancelled because I called and requested the cancellation on Friday. She just couldn't understand that they cancelled BOTH orders even though I wanted only the duplicate order cancelled. She said all she could do is transfer me to the sales dept. so I could place another order (yeah, like I'm going to give them permission to take more money out of my checking account). She said there is no way to re-submit the order once it is cancelled. I was told that I could not speak with a supervisor as their lines were busy (again). She said the funds will be released from my checking account in 24-48 hours. I called back 3 times in an attempt to speak with someone who gave a $hit, but every time I got a broken english speaking rep that obviously couldn't care less about my situation. Ironically, none of them would connect me to a supervisor as "their lines are busy".
                            In summary, they duplicated my order, double charged my checking account causing our mortgage to bounce with a $35 fee, cancelled both of the orders and made no attempt whatsoever in resolving the issue.
                            I have been buying laptops from IBM for about 20 years without a single glitch. Customer support was always top notch. This was my first experience with Lenovo and will be my last. I can't beleive that a company of this stature would treat a customer this way. The only good that came out of all this is that I found out what kind of support to expect now instead of later. Sorry for the long winded post, but I really needed to vent and it's only right to let others know what they may be getting themselves into...

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                              • Vs
                                v.sivaraman Apr 10, 2008
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                i have purchased linovo y - series model laptop. i am not satisfied about your windows vista home operating system. also customer support, liablity of lenovo product, etc please call, now i am available in [protected]

                                i did not expect this kind of service from lenovo retailer


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                              • As
                                Ashutosh kumar jha Oct 02, 2008
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                i have purchased linovo y - series model laptop. i am not satisfied about your windows vista home operating system. also customer support, liablity of lenovo product, etc please call, now i am available in [protected]

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                              • An
                                animesh sardar Feb 06, 2009
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer


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                              • Ma
                                manoj kumar Feb 08, 2009


                                Myself MANOJ KUMAR is really feeling ashamed for writing such mail to such gaint Corporate. After waitin a lot as em also human being so I also have patients & patients also ends at certain limit as mine end.
                                As now I get rid off for following your process now I need to correspond with u in black n white so that I can get some favorable output & results of my notebook recovery problems & can use it.

                                Experience with your service

                                I had visited to your service station which is located at J.O.P PLAZA SECTOR-18 3rd FLOR. NOIDA named INGRAM MICRO. Sinces last four month the day when note book SCREEN LOCK get infected (flap problem loose from laft side and gap) .

                                Hope some one will come forward to solve my problems

                                Will be eagerly waiting for your prompt favorable reply SO THAT I CAN TAKE SOME FUTHER DECISION ON IT

                                Thanking you
                                Case id-L8BKOOPO
                                MODEL NO.-Y510
                                CONTACT NO.-[protected]
                                EMAIL [protected]@GMAIL.COM

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                              • Mo
                                moinuddin z. shaikh Jul 25, 2009

                                Respected Sir,

                                I have purchased the lenovo laptop in croma juhu mumbai on dt 22.07.2008 at 7.38pm, before six month my
                                laptop cretaed the problem (missing word for typing, t.v tuner card is not working & back pannel also crack). i have registed the complaint my nearested service station "AFORESERVE" (case id L9700B6) loceted in107, sagar plazio, sakinaka andheri kurla rod and (e) mum-72
                                On dt 25.07.09 i contact the service cent & spoken to MR. SURESH he says some part is pending & company will get the part august first week but sir, i am not waiting long time, so i requested to you plz. replace the laptop as sson as possible.

                                I waiting your reply positive.

                                Regards & Thanks,

                                MOINDDIN Z. SHAIKH
                                MAIL ID IS [protected]@gmail.com

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                              Lenovofaulty laptop

                              Respected Sir/Madam,

                              I've purchased a Lenove 3000 N100 0768 HCQ Model laptop bearing Sl. No.L3-LW791 MFG Dt: 07/05 from M/s Newwave Computing Pvt. Ltd. vide bill no. BGL-0359/PSG/2007-08 dt: 5 July 07 .

                              Afterwhich i have given my laptop for repairing for almost 6-7 times and have been constantly following up with them for the rectification of the problem. My USB Drive intermetentaly stops working. On speaking to them, they always say that leave your laptop with us for 2 days and we will correct it, but it has never happend and now they say that they are awaiting for the new parts to come.

                              The laptop is still in warranty and now i seriously feel that it has to be replaced rather then just running around the service centre to get it repaired.

                              Pls. look into the matter and try to resolve this issue.


                              M/s thoughts,
                              #88 industrial suburb, 2nd stage,
                              yeshwantpur, tumkur road,
                              bangalore -560022
                              Mobile : [protected]

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