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Bn Jan 13, 2017 Kimberley

On the 29the september, i went to pay off my edgars account at legit stores. I paid the full balance of r3100.00 as requested on the system, in cash. Only to continue getting fone calls from the edgars after a month saying i did'nt pay my account.
I went back to the same legit store early in november and was told they cannot see my payment on the system, and that their cameras can only show a month back. I was so devastated as that is a lot of money and the sales lady and manager say they cannot see my payment.
The sales lady whom i paid to (with a name tag of annie) says she can still remember me but cannot say what happenned to the money, that it might be paid in the wrong account and i have lost my receipt.
Is there really nothing that can be done to trace my payment, as that is a lot of money. Where am i going to get it again as i have waited until my bonus to clear my accounts. Please help me...
Contact me on [protected]@ncpg.Gov.Za

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