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No feedback on my cases!!

I'm so frustrating with the service of legalwise. I have currently 2 cases with legalwise and struggling with feedback and service from both cases. Thulani vama is dealing a case that I have regarding the plumbing certification that was made out when I bought my property in may this year. He had to send a letter of demand to the company but after two weeks i'm still struggling with him to draw it up for me to sign off.

Send email after email and even called the branch to speak to the supervisor robyn kleintjes to complain about the case. I also spoke to her about my other case that I have at the rental housing tribute and she informed me that she will take care of this for me.

Two days ago, thulani send me a letter of demand with no amounts in of any content. I have emailed him back to say that he needs to insert the content and the amounts in and then send it back to me. He have done so, but no the contend is incorrect and he have not broken up the amounts to state were they are coming from after I emailed him to state that. I phoned robyn again to complain about the lack of workmanship and passion that her staff have for there job.

She have apologized on his behalf and told me that she will speak to him and make sure that he send me the letter of demand.

Till this far I still don't know what is happening with my cases and still don't have the letter of demand drawn up.

I have no words.

Sep 11, 2019

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